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Online French Tutoring Lessons for Students

When you’re working on learning French as a second language, French tutoring online is a great way to sharpen your skills.

Learning any new language can be tough if you don’t have the right resources or tools available. There are plenty of apps and websites available, but they won’t have the direct communication and feedback you need to know if you’re on the right track. In fact, trying to complete this process alone is frustrating and can impact your ability to succeed.

Homework Help Global provides French tutoring online with private, 1-on-1 instructors who are fluent French speakers ready to help you improve. Education is our number one passion, and each and every member of our online tutoring team is dedicated to seeing you grow and succeed. Whether you’re learning French to travel to a new school and study abroad or are learning the language to adapt to the global world, we can help you get ahead.

The Benefits of Doing Your French Tutoring Online

There are so many benefits to French tutoring online that can be a major advantage in your success. In fact, virtual tutoring is more convenient and accessible than traditional in-person tutoring because you don’t even have to leave home and can schedule your French lessons within your lifestyle.

Online French tutoring is done right from the comfort of your home, so you don’t have to worry about fitting travel time into your daily plans. Additionally, with the privacy of your home, you’re free to ask your virtual tutor as many questions as you’d like without the intimidation of being in person with someone.

Another benefit to online French tutoring is the fact that you can access a 1-on-1 tutor from anywhere in the world. Many of our students often have trouble finding a good tutor in their local community, and distance should never be a deterrent from learning. Our goal is to break those physical barriers and help you access the support you need, no matter where you live.



Your online French tutor is here only for you, with one-on-one lessons that give you every single minute of your tutor’s attention. This allows them to give you customized assistance and guide you effectively with real-time feedback, constructive advice, and more. No more waiting your turn to ask a question or holding up the class.



Our French tutors are skilled professionals who genuinely love helping students learn more about the French language and hone in on their skills. We are dedicated to your learning process and will always adjust to your level, giving you the direct attention and assistance you need to refine your French skills.



Each of our online French tutors plans their lessons specifically for you, based on your own background and level of expertise. We go above and beyond in preparing plans and assessments tailored to you and your needs, so you get customized learning assistance every step of the way.



Our virtual French tutoring lessons can be done on your schedule, at your convenience. Whether you’re a busy student, planning to study abroad, or just want to pick up a new language, we’ll coordinate with you for lesson times that work within your lifestyle and your schedule at an affordable price.



The Homework Help Global team includes a selection of native French speakers who love to teach students their language. From basic French skills to advanced linguistics, our French tutors are ready to share their knowledge, help you from an insider’s perspective, and make you a French language superstar.

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Start Improving in French With a Private French Tutor

Working with a private French tutor can help you make sure you get the right support, resources, and education to learn the French language in a way that works for you. Most classes and courses are structured for a general audience, which doesn’t really help when every student has a different need or requirement to work with.

No matter what level you’re at, our tutors are available to help you with 1-on-1 support that meets your individual needs and education level. With our help, French tutoring students can:



One of the biggest advantages of our French tutoring online services is that they can be done on your own schedule at your convenience. You can book your lessons whenever you have the time or availability, and we’ll coordinate with our French tutors to make sure it fits your agenda.



Your tutoring lessons are for you. That means no one else is interrupting the class, asking questions that confuse you, or taking away the focus from what you actually need to learn. You can ask questions, get tailored advice, and structure everything your own way.



If you’re new to the French language, this is the perfect way to get the help you need to go from beginner to expert on your own timeline. Even if you already have a basic knowledge of French, we’ll meet you at your current level and design a lesson plan to help you grow.



We conduct all of our French tutoring online services through Zoom or Skype, so you can get the support and guidance you need right from your own home anywhere in the world. Learn right from your couch; all you need is a working computer, phone, laptop, or tablet.

How It Works

Our French tutoring services are flexible and can accommodate your schedule. You can choose to purchase one lesson at a time, or in a package of 10 lessons. Each lesson is one hour, and you can use them however you like. Whether you just need to have regular conversations to practice your French skills, or you want to learn everything from the basics up, our French experts are here to meet your own needs, no matter what they are.


1. Send us an email at or fill out the contact form below.


2. Our operations team will confirm what you need and schedule a time with you.


3. Your tutor will begin preparing your online English lessons.


4. You’ll meet with your tutor and start learning!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have some questions about our online French tutoring service and how it works. Here are some answers to some of our most commonly asked questions to get you the information you need faster.

Every one of our French tutors is an actual native French speaker who has either lived in a French-speaking country or has a French speaking background. They’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to get by in a French-speaking country, or to get the best marks in your French course or class.

Absolutely. At Homework Help Global, every single thing we do is to the highest quality, meeting the finest standards of credibility no matter what it is. Every one of our French tutors has gone through a strict hiring process where we screen applicants and select tutors based on their expertise, professionalism, experience, and, most importantly, credibility.

From beginner French and the basics to advanced French skills to get you on your way to bilinguality, our French tutors will tailor their lesson plans to your level, no matter what level that is. Our goal is to help you increase your levels and get you to the top in no time.

If you aren’t comfortable with Skype or Zoom, please let us know and we’ll work with you to find a solution that suits your needs. As long as we are able to use video and audio to contact you, we’re happy to look for an option that works best for you.


One of Our Success Stories

Jaspreet Dhaliwal

Studying English for over 10 months with Homework Help Canada

“I have been taking English tutoring lessons from Lesley at Homework Help Global since March of 2020. I am so lucky that I found Lesley for tutoring. I have improved a lot. I always wanted to be professional in English, and my dream is coming true because of Lesley’s help. Let me tell you more: I have tried many different tutors and always quit after a few lessons because I didn’t find them helpful. But Lesley has been improving my progress and taking me to the next level. Even though I am not in continuing education, I am still taking lessons because I always wanted to learn and improve myself. That is possible if I have right teacher, which I have now. My plan is to take lessons from Lesley for as long as I can and I hope she can teach me that long, or as long as possible.

She is very, very professional, organized, compromising, helpful, and understanding. She never makes fun of me and is always teaching me in a way that works for me. I could write many more pages about her, but I won’t because I want everyone to read this, and if I write more not everyone will read all of it.

Since I started I have improved a lot, but I don’t want stop because learning never ends.

She is the best teacher I have ever met in my life, and I don’t want to lose her. I always want keep in touch with her.

Thank you so much Lesley for being my teacher.”

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