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Logic Writing Services

Philosophical Logic (from the Ancient Greek: λογική, logike) refers to the study and use of reasoning as a way to generate arguments in rational and empirical ways. As a sub-discipline of philosophy, the study of logic was developed in the ancient civilizations of India, China, Persia and Greece. A central aspect of logic is the classical trivium, which gave rise to include grammar and rhetoric, extended by the Ancient Islamic philosopher Al-Farabi who categorized logic into idea and proof. Contemporaneously, logic is often divided into three parts: inductive reasoning, abductive reasoning, and deductive reasoning. Our experts at Homework Help UK are able to examine the role of logic and formal reasoning while also acknowledging the role of syllogistic and propositional logic as fundamental to the sub-discipline. Given that the concept of logical form is central to logic proper, our experts at Homework Help UK understand how the study of natural language arguments and fallacies can take place, using forms of inference and rules to analyze and represent schematics around language structure and argumentation.


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