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Psycholinguistics is an interdisciplinary field in the area of psychology and linguistics that studies the psychological aspects of language, language association with psychological processes and phenomena, and the psychology of speech. The study of psycholinguistics explores the interdependence of language and thoughts, the role of language in social interaction, communication, memory, as well as linguistic abilities in multilingualism, and any associated problems such as difficulties in speech and writing on the basis of psychological disruption of functions.

In the study of psycholinguistics, special attention is paid to the adoption of psycholinguistic findings in speech and language development in children, in particular the gradual development of linguistic structures in the growth phases.

Moreover, this discipline studies the psychological benefits of bilingualism or multilingualism, applying research to advanced mental processes that occur when adopting two or more linguistic systems, their possible interference and idiosyncrasies of one’s speech and language maintenance.

Psycholinguistics can span over a number of areas of psychology (developmental and clinical psychology, neuropsychology), and research approaches (cognitive psychology).

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