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Types of Data Coursework Services

There are limitations on the information and inferences we can make about a data-set imposed by that data’s type. In statistics, employed data-types are generalized as being numerical, categorical & ordinal.

Numerical data is quantitative and can be made up of subsets of the real number system (see Algebra). Additionally, numerical data may be either continuous (such as measurements) or truncated, discrete values. Categorical data has no particular quantity associated with it (such as gender or favorite color). Ordinal data mixes the previous two — for example an opinion poll that rates a local politician having categories 1=disapprove highly, 2=mildly disapprove, 3 = ambivalent, 4= approve slightly, 5= approve highly. Knowing data-types in advance allows the researcher to know what descriptive tests and inferential models will be valid and applicable. Wherever your studies take you, we have an expert to help you accomplish your goals. Trust the experts at Homework Help UK and get a quote now.


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