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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What separates Homework Help Australia from other essay writing services?

At Homework Help Australia we always place quality first. Our writers are internationally recognized scholars and many of them have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. We offer extremely competitive pricing and a guaranteed grade of at least 70% on all assignments. Many of our previous clients have even complained about grades being too high!

Is all of the writing original and how can I be sure of this?

Yes. We carefully screen all of our writers, and have a strict zero tolerance policy for any type of plagiarism. In order to provide the highest possible quality product, we provide all of our clients with an originality report from Copyscape, at no extra charge upon request. Copyscape is a reputable plagiarism software, which will herald top quality results like Turnitin, Viper, and WriteCheck. You can be 100% sure that we at Homework Help Australia take originality very seriously.

If you run my paper through Copyscape, will this impact the search results when my professor runs it through their own plagiarism scans afterwards?

Absolutely not! When we run your completed paper through Copyscape, it will not impact the results of Turnitin, or any other plagiarism scanners that your professor/teacher uses. Copyscape does not save the scanned work to the internet, so there will be no interference in this regard.

How can I be sure that I will be given a quality paper, delivered on time?

We at Homework Help Australia make every effort to meet deadlines. When crunch time comes, you can be sure that we are able to deliver high quality papers under very short notice (even in less than 24 hours if necessary!). Our goal is to provide the highest quality work at competitive prices.

What if you can’t complete my work in time? What is your policy with rush orders?

While we always make every effort to meet deadlines, we require a minimum of 6 hours for rush orders. If you have placed a rush order and our writers determine that it’s just not feasible to complete the work in that short a timeline, we will notify you as soon as possible to cancel the order and refund it in full. Please note the following details:

i. Deadlines of six (6) hours or less are subject to Writer availability. If an order is placed with a six (6) hour deadline and cannot be completed, you will be refunded in full.
ii. Please note that we have limited availability between the hours of 12:00AM – 8:00AM ET. Any orders placed after 12AM may not be processed until 8AM the following morning due to Writer availability.
iii. Top Writers may not be available for deadlines of twenty-four (24) hours or less.

Are academic essay writing services prohibited by most colleges and universities?

Technically no. Though plagiarism is strictly prohibited within any academic context, we provide highly specialized writers at all levels to help our clients achieve their academic goals. This means we also help students edit their papers and provide critical and detail-oriented feedback. In most cases, we aim to enable students to better understand the material and help them work through whatever circumstances and conditions they face in the classroom.

Are there any discounts for returning clients?
Please subscribe to our mailing list as we have various promotional discounts throughout the year. You can also follow us on our social media channels, as we have special contests and offers throughout the year as well. Many of our clients continue to utilize our writing services throughout their academic careers, so be sure to take advantage of these limited time offers as they come up.

How many words are included in a 1-page order?

One page is approximately 300 words; therefore, our page rates reflect 300 words per page.

I ordered 1 page but the work doesn’t fill the entire page. What do I do?

As one page is approximately 300 words, we cannot guarantee it will fill the entire page as this simply depends on various factors such as length of the words used throughout, font, spacing, margins, etc. What we can promise is that if you order 1 page, you will receive at least 300 words in the completed work as our pricing is based off of the number of words ordered. If at that time you feel the work needs to be longer, you are welcome to order additional work.

How many pages should I order if I need single-spaced work instead of double-spaced?

All of our pricing reflects double-spaced pages at 300 words per page. If you require single spacing, you will need to order double the number of pages to get the correct word count. i.e. If one page double-spaced = 300 words, then it would take approximately 600 words to fill one-page single-spaced. This means you would need to order 2 double-spaced pages through the website if you needed 1 single-spaced page. If you are ever in doubt, feel free to ask for a free quote.

What’s the difference between a Top Writer? Aren’t all your writers Top Writers?

All of our writers are thoroughly screened and qualified. Top Writers simply mean that they are the most qualified writer in that specific field and subject matter. Our top writers often score the highest most consistently in their given field as well. Please note that our grade guarantee doesn’t change beyond 70% when you order a top writer option.

What are your rates?

You can review our interactive pricing page here: Our pricing starts at $25.99 per page and increases based on various factors such as grade level, service required, and deadline (whether it is a rush order or not). For any orders that require additional work (i.e. if the order requires charts, figures, appendices, or is in a subject such as maths, statistics, sciences, computer programming, commerce, economics, engineering, finance or other technical related fields, etc.) then a custom quote will be required through our Get A Quote page.

Do you offer revisions?

We have an extensive and detailed Free Revisions Policy that you can review here.

Who writes the paper?

Our writers are thoroughly screened and hold Masters and/or PhD degrees and come from all kinds of academic fields of expertise and backgrounds. The writers are from North America, and are the highest quality writers. They have many years of proven research and writing experience and all work is 100% original. To find out more about our writers, click here.

How do I know if I will get my assignment on time and that it will be done correctly?

When you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Once the order is processed, you will receive an order number and a promised deadline. If our writers have any questions or concerns (i.e. if materials are missing, or if you didn’t order enough pages), we will reach out to you immediately, otherwise the deadline will be met no problem and all instructions will be followed.

How do I pay?

We offer many types of payment options upon checkout when placing your order. You can pay thru Debit, Credit, PayPal, Interac Online, and can even pay by cash. Full instructions for payment methods are on our “How it Works” page. Please note that we do not accept partial payments and payments must be made in full at the time an order is placed.

What grades do you guarantee?

We have a Grade Guarantee Policy of 70%, however writers often score much higher. For more information of what this policy entails, you can review our Terms of Service in detail.

Is this legal?

Technically yes. We are ghost-writers. We provide a custom writing service to clients and then the clients are free to use/alter/add-to/change/study off of the work we complete.

Who is in charge of my order? How do I get in touch?

If you would like more information or have any concerns about an order, you can contact our Operations Managers via email at

What is your refund policy?

For Orders that come back with a grade of 59% or lower, we will investigate this in full by reviewing the fully graded work, marked rubric, and professor feedback with the writer. Once a refund has been approved, we will provide a 50% refund and a future 50% credit on a future order up to the same value in accordance with our policies. You can send the fully graded work and feedback to to proceed with a grade investigation. Our Terms of Service also outlines our refunds policy in greater detail.

How do I send an e-book or set of articles to the writer if they need my account information?

If you have an e-book or specific articles/course readings the writer must use that require your login information, you can simply include the link to the resource, your username and password information in the “Special Instructions” of the order form. Our writers will then be able to access this information no problem and keep all login credentials confidential. If you forgot to attach this information during your order, don’t worry. You can send all specific information and articles via email to

My assignment requires a specific textbook but I haven’t purchased the book. Can your writers still complete the work?

If an order requires specific material that is not freely accessible online or at our writer’s local library, it will be up to you to provide this material via online access or by scanning a hard copy of the materials. If you are unable to provide the necessary materials, our writer may not be able to complete the work as required.

Do you only write assignments? Do you offer tutoring?

We do offer online tutoring services in addition to essay writing. For tutoring services, we do not have standard pricing as it requires a custom quote from the writer based specifically on the tutoring you require. To receive a quote, please fill out our Get A Quote form and our team will get back to you accordingly.

I’m trying to place an order but the website isn’t working / Order form won’t let me proceed.

Thanks for letting us know! To diagnose a potential web issue and complete your order, please email a screenshot of what is happening when you try to place the order to and provide a detailed explanation as to what the issue is. Our Web/IT team can then review this and get back to you as soon as possible with a solution.

I placed a duplicate order but I can’t get into my cart to edit this.

If you cannot access your cart by clicking on the cart icon, you can visit and access your items there. You’ll be able to delete your duplicate order(s) by clicking the small red “x” beside each order.

How can I speak directly with the writer? Can they phone me?

To ensure client and writer confidentiality, we do not allow direct contact between writers and clients (unless it is an ongoing dissertation and both parties are comfortable with this). Therefore, if you need to share any additional information or materials with the writer, you can email as we will happily pass along your email to the writer. Similarly, if our writer has any questions for clients, they will let us know and our Operations team will contact you accordingly.

How can I become a writer? Do I need to be from Canada or the U.S.?

To be considered for a writing position and to learn more about our hiring requirements, please apply through our website: At this time we are only hiring Native English writers located in North America.

I applied for a job but haven’t heard back yet.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot always respond to everyone. If our team is interested in reviewing your application details further, they will contact you. If you are invited to an Interview, you will be notified. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Do you have any other job opportunities beyond writing?

Yes! We occasionally have new job opportunities posted on our website so check back often!

How will I receive the completed work? Will you email me?

When the work is completed, you will receive an email with a link to download your assignment. For more information, please see our “How It Works” page which outlines our very transparent processes from start to finish:

What courses do you have writers in?

We have writers available in most – if not every – course! We specialize in every academic field and discipline, and our writers are given strict guidelines concerning originality, research quality, and writing standards.

How can I see some previous work to know if this is a reputable company?

We understand that quality is the most important factor when considering if academic writing services are right for you. We have various samples written by our writers in several fields and disciplines for your viewing:

Do I need to order additional pages for a title page or bibliography?

No! As stated on our pricing page, we include title pages and bibliographies in all work at no extra charge (unless the instructions specifically state to not include these items.) Please note that we do charge extra for abstracts, appendices, charts, figures, annotations, etc. at our writer’s discretion. In these instances we would contact you to approve and make the additional payment before proceeding with the work.

What is included in “Editing” orders?

For editing orders, we check for spelling, grammar, proper referencing, formatting, sentence structure, and word flow. Please note that editing does not include altering the content or premise of the work as this would constitute re-writing (and thus standard writing charges would apply). Because of this, we do not offer any grade guarantee on Editing orders since the actual content and concepts being used are not that of our writers. We will however ensure that the work is edited in full as needed.

What is included in “PowerPoint Presentation” orders?

For PowerPoint presentations, we will produce however many slides have been ordered (title and reference slides are included at no extra charge) and produce speaker’s notes under each slide as required. Our PowerPoints are laid out in a professional manner that is pleasing to the eye and concise in content, as our writers have been producing PowerPoint presentations for years.

Will my school find out about this? How is my identity kept private?

We keep all client and writer information confidential unless legally required to share such information with the appropriate authorities. For more information you may review our Confidentiality Statement listed on our Terms of Service.

Can I provide my revision request or more detailed instructions over the phone?

To avoid any confusion or miscommunication, all revision requests and additional instructions must be provided online only via email only to As we do not transcribe any phone calls, we cannot pass along any revision requests or further instructions via phone calls. As such, it is best to take the time to write a detailed email to explain anything that is order-related.

Can I make a partial payment/deposit and then pay the rest when the work is completed?

In accordance with our policies, we do not accept partial payments and all payments must be made in full at the time an order is placed. If you have received a custom quote, the full order must be paid before we can proceed as well. For more information about our processes, please refer to our How It Works page.

Can I get the rough work for the essay that I ordered? (Outline, Rough draft, Research notes, etc.)

We can definitely produce and provide any rough work needed for an order, but please note that there will be additional charges for this based on how many pages are needed for the rough work. We do not include any rough work free of charge as this is considered additional work and takes our writer time to produce these items (thus we need to be able to compensate them fairly and as required).

What free resources do you have available to help me write my essays?

We are excited to announce that our FREE ebook, Making the Grade: A Guide to Essay Writing Like a Pro, is available now! This 150+ page ebook is packed with tips, tricks, and advice on how to write an academic essay, with all the tools you need to turn in an amazing paper from start to finish, no matter what class you’re taking. Click here to download the ebook and add it to your virtual library.

What are SMS Text Notifications? Will I be receiving text messages from Homework Help Australia?

SMS Text Notifications are text messages that you will receive from Homework Help Australia when your order is completed or when our writers require further information to complete your order. These messages prompt you to check your email to ensure that we have all the information we need to complete your assignment successfully and/or to ensure you download your completed assignment just in time for your submission deadline!

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