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Human Resources Coursework Writing Services

Human Resources, or HR, refers to the personnel of a business sector or organization, especially when regarded as a significant asset. It also includes the department or division of a company that is focused on the hiring, administration, training, and development of personnel and employees. Human resource management – the professional business function which oversees and delegates an organization’s workforce – is a broad field of social science with associated applied and theoretical components, and involves a process of recruitment and orientation, establishment of employee benefits and retention practices, and the overseeing of compensation packages.

Human resources is sometimes used synonymously with human capital, which typically refers to the skill set and knowledge that individual agents bring to the table and can contribute to an organization so as to promote their mission statement, achieve their objectives, and embody their philosophy. The governance and overall management of human resources involves the consideration of trends and statistics which may affect the presentation and appearance of an organization’s workforce. These can include demographics, characteristics of a population such as gender, nationality, and social standing; diversity, general variation within the workplace or population; and skills and qualifications, the incentives individuals offer to industries and sectors of business economy to hire them. These major trends are considered in relation to strengthening and diversifying the workforce and aggregate skill set available to an organization through its human resources.

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