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Lisp Programming Services

Lisp is both a simple & powerful, function & procedural programming language with perhaps the most challenging syntax to learn, employing Polish prefix notation. For example, in Lisp expressions, the operator preceeds the operands, so “(+ 1 2 3 4)” adds the numbers 1 through 4. Expressions are embeded in parenthesis and executed inside-to-out. Functions can be predefined, or defined on the fly using a lambda function.

Originally specified in 1958 by John MccCarthy of MIT, it is actually the second-oldest high-level programming language in widespread use (following Fortran). Since its inception, it has been closely linked with artificial intelligence research, but has since evolved to find multiple applications. It is not commonly used and known by gurus and Computer Science majors. Regardless of where your studies take you, if you run into problems with the Lisp() programming language, be sure to let us know. Trust the experts at Homework Help Australia – get a quote now!


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