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Perl Programming Services

Perl is an interpreted (similar to Python), high-level language and can refer to either Perl 5 or Perl 6 – which are maintained by separate development teams. It was developed by Larry Wall in 1987 as a general-purpose Unix scripting language to make reporting easier. Its original features include a powerful regular expression engine but have since evolved a pantheon of additional features, accessible from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

Perl borrows features from languages such as C, and shell scripting (bash & sh). Because Perl is also a dynamic language, it provides powerful text processing facilities without arbitrary data limits. Its syntax is slightly more difficult to learn than other languages such as Java & C++ however it is the preferred language for text processing and string parsing. Computer Science & Software Engineering majors are likely to encounter the Perl programming language during their undergraduate experience. Fortunately, the team at Homework Help Australia consists of expert programmers fluent in Perl and regularly deliver fully commented code and reports for undergraduate programming projects. Trust the experts at Homework Help Australia, get a quote now.


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