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Anthropology Coursework Services

Anthropology is a social science that studies humans as individuals, as well as all aspects of human life and behaviour. It is sometimes referred to as the ¨science of man.¨ Anthropologists study human cultures, traditions, and interactions across the world. There are four main areas of study within anthropology: archaeology, cultural anthropology, anthropological linguistics, and physical anthropology.

Archaeology is the study of humans in the past, usually through methods that include digging for remnants of past societies or studying already-found objects and artifacts. The archaeological process includes research, excavation, and analysis. Cultural anthropology focuses on the study of various cultures. This includes the comparison of cultures across regions and areas, and studying the difference between them.

Anthropological linguistics is the study of linguistics, or language, and how it relates across cultures and shapes human society. Physical anthropology is the study of human behaviour and action as it relates to interaction within society. It can be referred to as the biological study of human beings. Anthropology is a research-based social science that is offered at many leading institutions across the world and is relevant in any discipline that studies society.

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