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Boost Your Professional Writing Skills With These Helpful Tips

Young professional woman in the workplace Professional writing is quite different from your typical college essay. It’s a skill you don’t necessarily get to practice until you enter the working world, but it’s something you’re going to use quite often.

From sending client emails to speaking with management and reporting on tasks and projects, you’re going to be doing a lot of professional communication. That’s why it’s important to take the time to hone in on your skills now— so you can only get better from here.

Try some of these tips and tricks to help you develop your skills and ace your new job, wherever it takes you.

Make Emails Personal

When writing emails, whether you’re speaking to a client or the CEO of the company, don’t be stiff and robotic. Use their name, address their specific situation, and don’t sound like a walking marketing slogan. Ask the recipient how their weekend was, or if they are going on vacation wish them a great trip. This shows you care and want to form a professional relationship with them.

Avoid Slang

You aren’t talking to your best friend after class. You are speaking to your employer, your clients, and the other people who are running the business that pay your bills. Don’t use emoticons, happy faces, “lol,” or any other informal, unprofessional methods of speaking that will potentially turn off all of your audience members and possibly flag you as unfit for the job.

Read Your Document Out Loud

Don’t just rely on Grammarly or your word processor’s built-in spell check. Read your document out loud and hear how it really sounds. If it sounds funny, revise it. Computer technologies don’t always catch those awkward sentences that your brain can, so make use of every tool available to you— even your own mouth.

Give Examples and Specific Details

The more specific you are, the more you can show that you know what you’re talking about and that you have done your research. Give examples wherever you can. Point out something specific that people may have not realized, indicating how much thought you put into your job.

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