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Biology Coursework Services

Biology is derived from the Greek word βίος (bios), meaning ‘life’, and λογία, (logia), meaning ‘study of’, and is the science of life and the study of living organisms. Biology involves the examination of organismal structure, growth, origin, and distribution, and is divided into many specialized fields that cover said organisms’ morphology, taxonomy, and evolutionary history. Modern biological studies play a key role in society through contributing to biodiversity conservation efforts, agricultural improvements, greater understanding of ecological systems, and the study and treatment of diseases.

In general, biology research centres around the concepts of cell theory, in which the cell is recognized as the basic unit of life; gene theory, in which the gene is recognized as the basic unit of heredity; evolution, the process which results in the creation and development of new species; and homeostasis, the process by which all organisms survive involving the transformation of energy to regulate their internal environment.

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