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The Top 5 Ways to Live Life Simply and Happily

A simple tree symbolizing happiness sits in the foreground In an age where we are constantly adding more and more to our daily lives, i.e. stuff, and where we are told that stuff actually matters, it is worthwhile to sit down and think about what you really need to live simply and happily. The transcendentalist philosophers like Emerson and Thoreau believed that a connection with nature, a roof over your head, and adequate simple food was really all you needed to live a good life. Below are 5 ways to simplify your life and be happy.

Complain Less

Complaining can feel good, but it is often counterproductive. The reason that reducing the amount you complain is a good first step to simplifying things is because it increases the feelings of control that you have. When our lives begin to feel out of control, that is when stress and anxiety take over. This is a very easy step towards simplicity and happiness.

Don’t be Afraid to Say No

Many people find themselves stressed and unhappy because they feel compelled to say yes to everything and everyone. The fear of disappointing people close, or important to us, often forces us to do things that don’t truly make us happy. The act of considering how you feel about something, whether it’s a party, date, or an event and making your decision based on that will help simplify your life. It will do so by eliminating wastage of your time, and maximizing your enjoyable experiences.

Pay Less Attention to the Media

The media can be energy vampires. That means they suck up a large amount of your time without really giving you anything in return. One of the biggest ways by which people over complicate their lives is spending too much time thinking about the future, or the past. This kind of thinking is exactly what too much media encourages. Cap your daily and weekly media consumption and spend more time living in the moment to maximize happiness.

Learn to Appreciate What you Have

This is an old cliche, but people who understand what it means keep saying it because it’s true. If you are someone who is attending university, has a roof over their head, enough food to eat and is receiving a life altering education, you are better off than the majority of people on this planet. Be appreciative of the good things in your life and spend less time wanting, or lusting after things you don’t need. Let simple living, and gratitude guide you to happiness.

Eliminate Toxic People

This is a skill that people often don’t learn until it is too late, but being able to avoid, and cut out people who make your life more stressful, and less happy is a necessity. Friendship and love is incredibly important, but that doesn’t mean you need to lie to yourself if when it doesn’t exist. Don’t let toxic, or negative people slow your growth. Simply move on and realize that it is the quality of your interpersonal relationships that counts, not the quantity.

Living simply, guided by simple, powerful principles is the best route to happiness. Acquiring more “stuff” and being obsessed with what is going on in the world around you, especially the lives of your peers is not healthy. We spend so much time worrying about making a good impression and doing what other people want us to do, that we eventually forget to spend time on our own growth and development. Keep in mind the above 5 tips to simplify your life and live happily and you will quickly find that there is a lot to get out of life by simply cutting out the unnecessary. If you need a boost of happiness, get in touch with Homework Help USA and let one of our professional writers take care of what’s stressing you out.

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