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Freshman Year Of College: How Coby Russo Navigates USC

Your freshman year of college can be daunting and nerve-wracking. No one really knows what they’re doing and no amount of preparation can really tell you what it’ll be like during your first year of college. For Coby Russo who is a theater student at the University of Southern California, his first year was extra challenging as it meant moving states. However, it also meant him following his dreams of becoming an actor. Find out how he navigates being a new college student and learn tips you can hopefully take with you as you enter your new life as a college student!

Coby Russo in his freshman year in USC

What Is College Like As A Freshman?

Coby was originally from South Florida, born in New York but he now lives in Los Angeles, California after he enrolled in the University of Southern California as a theater major. He has since called his move “hectic” because he had only two months prior knowledge beforehand. Because he had originally been from the east coast, moving to the west coast was “somewhat of a culture shock” for him. Regardless, he knew that it was the right move for him personally and that he was on track to achieving his goals, and that to him felt like a security blanket.

When you’re in your freshman year of college, you’ve got to take it upon yourself to be the one to reach out and make your mark on your new stage. Coby took the brave route of setting out to meet people even though the risk was meeting people you wouldn’t want to be friends with. He advises those who are starting out just like he did to not sit in their rooms alone all day and learn to adapt to their new environment. Making friends isn’t just an essential part of college life, he says, but of life in general.

Coby Russo during the winter time

How Coby Found His Passion For Acting

Finding out about his love for acting started out for Coby when he started participating in school productions. Midway through it, Coby began imagining what it would be like if he did this for a living. When he was a freshman in high school, he was nominated to represent his school in a national high school theater competition which had an awards show ceremony called the Jimmy Awards. He realized how amazing the whole process was and thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with people who otherwise wouldn’t have if he wasn’t part of the show.

Being a part of an acting guild also did wonders for his personal life. He recalls that whenever he would have troubles at home or with his friends, oftentimes it would only take him immersing in the role he was playing and he would immediately forget all his worries. For Coby, acting was a way for him to step out of his normal life and it felt like taking a break from his regular world. The great thing about the art of acting is that he was not the only one being transported into a different world. Through acting, he was also letting the audience experience something new.

Today, Coby is living in the City of Angels where most people go to pursue acting careers. There truly is no better city for him to hone his schools especially when he is being trained at such a prestigious school as The University of Southern California where he gets to be part of The School of Dramatic Arts. In the short time that Coby has been enrolled in college, he has already met producers and said that “I can already feel that, like, I’m going to be set for life coming out of this college.”

Coby posing on the plane steps

How To Survive Freshman Year

The best people to get college freshman tips from are the freshmen themselves. If you’re an incoming freshman in college, here are Coby’s tips to surviving your freshman year.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

One of the first and most important things Coby Russo advises is to get out of your comfort zone. For starters, you could probably benefit from joining extracurricular clubs that aren’t necessarily related to your major. That way, you can meet students who are from different courses and learn different things from them. For example, Coby joins a business-related club even though he’s a theater arts major. His goal is to network and expose himself to different things. When you constantly put yourself out there, you will be pushed into spaces you normally wouldn’t be, which is great if you want to widen your social circles. He also advises that when you are finally in these new circles, do not be afraid to introduce yourself to people you look up to or eventually want to work with. Your freshman year is about figuring out who you want to be and what you want to do so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

2. Find a work-life balance

Coby doesn’t believe that your college life should just be you holed up in your dorm worried about assignments, quizzes, and curricular stuff. He says you need to learn the balance of maintaining good grades while still having a social life. College should also be a fun experience. For most young adults, this is their first experience having independence. How freshmen use their time in college is vital and teaches them all about balancing work and a social life which will always be a relevant skill. He realizes that he might be one of the more fortunate ones who realized this early on and luckily for Coby, finding that work-life balance came easy. Despite that though, he is constantly looking for more ways and opportunities to help him grow. Don’t be confused though, you shouldn’t just go out and party during your freshman year of college. Instead, you should build sustainable habits that you can bring with you in the future. The habits you build now will be the same work ethic you’ll have after college so it’s better to be realistic as early as your freshman year so that you’ll be ready to face the real world. You might be asking “Do first-year university grades matter?” and the answer is yes, but making sure you’re prioritizing your well-being by giving yourself the time to enjoy yourself is equally as important.

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Coby enjoying a day at a west coast beach

3. Create a sustainable schedule

The best way you can follow through with balancing a social life and good grades is by knowing how to use your time wisely. One of Coby’s advice is if you can, give yourself a Monday to Thursday class schedule so you can have Fridays off for extracurriculars. He says you have to be realistic with yourself and create a schedule that you know you can follow. Every second, minute, and hour matters in between your classes because it can be time to do homework or rest.

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4. Have different options

While acting is Coby’s ultimate dream and goal he is also realistic and wants to get the most out of being in college. He’s been thinking of the possibility of doing a double major or getting a minor degree in something completely unrelated to arts. Similar to how he said you should learn to go beyond the circles you’re used to, that is also applicable to your studies. He says for example, if you’re a business major, you can consider getting a minor in the arts to broaden your horizon. Because his major has a heavy course load, Coby has had to learn to prioritize what is actually important for him. But that didn’t mean he didn’t first weigh out his options. There will always be things that don’t go according to plan but that doesn’t mean you can’t have options. In your freshman year, it’s good to know what your options are in case your first few plans don’t go your way. Coby likes to live by saying, “I’ll never say, ‘if I make it’, I say, ‘when I make it’’.

Stay determined he says, but have options just in case the plan doesn’t work out.

5. Stay positive

In college, it’s inevitable to feel a little burned out. If you don’t feel like you’re doing too much, you must not be doing enough. Everyone, especially during their freshman year will feel a little deflated and overwhelmed. Despite that, it’s important to stay positive amidst the chaos. While you can give yourself time to rest and recuperate, Coby says it’s not healthy to stay in a negative space. College students will always be susceptible to stress, anxiety, and even depression but when you can, it’s important to take yourself out of that dark place.

Coby advises that if you’re really in a bad place, to not be afraid to reach out for help and to talk to professionals. “You can’t live with such negative energy”, he says. Coby personally lives his life with a positive outlook, energy, and attitude about everything which he advises first years to follow.

Coby Russo at the peak of a mountain

Listen In To Coby Russo’s Full Interview On The Homework Help Show

The 36th episode of The Homework Help Show is now available for you to watch on YouTube or if you’re more of a listener, you can stream it on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify. Learn more about how Coby continues to navigate his new life in California as he goes after his dreams of becoming an actor.

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Coby [00:00:02] When encountering an opportunity, any opportunity that can help you grow as a person, take it, even if it pushes you way out of your comfort zone, just take it. You never know what can come out of it. You need to take every opportunity given to you because one day you won’t get it back.

Patricia [00:00:27] Hi everyone, and welcome back to The Homework Help Show. I’m your host Patricia, and this podcast is your one stop shop for advice, motivation and inspiration. So whether you’re in the journey of your educational career or have finished that season in your life, there’s always a lesson we hope to impart. Today our guest is USC student and one of Homework Help Global influencers, CobyRusso. Hi. How are you?

Coby [00:00:52] I’m good. How are you?

Patricia [00:00:53] I’m so good. Thank you for asking. Thank you for taking time out of your day and talking to us today. So we usually just like to start our interviews by asking where you’re from, where you’re currently in the world right now. Can you tell us about that?

Coby [00:01:08] Yeah, I am from South Florida, and right now I’m currently living in L.A..

Patricia [00:01:13] Lovely, because that’s where you’re going to school. You’re in USC and Southern California. And what course are you taking, actually?

Coby [00:01:20] Well, right now I’m majoring in theater, so I’m taking an acting course. I’m taking courses that studies shows, you know, average general education classes.

Patricia [00:01:31] I love that. I don’t think we’ve ever had an influencer here on the podcast that took theater. So I think that’s going to be really inspiring. I feel like a lot of people could listen to you and learn something from you today. Have you lived all around and different states because you did say you’re Florida, You.

Patricia [00:01:47] California?

Coby [00:01:48] Yeah, I was born in New York. I lived there until I was around like ten years old and then moved to South Florida. And then I moved to L.A. four months ago.

Patricia [00:01:58] So you’re you’re a freshman. You’re like, really new to L.A.

Coby [00:02:03] Yeah, no, I’m fresh in L.A.

Patricia [00:02:03] Like you’ve never been to L.A. before in California.

Coby [00:02:08] Maybe like, once, but, like, nothing significant. No.

Patricia [00:02:13] How’s the move been? Because I know that’s like, such a huge thing for, like, students who go out of state and go to different colleges. Like, how is the move for you? Are you in a dorm? Are you how are you right now?

Coby [00:02:22] Yeah, no, I’m in a dorm in. My move here is kind of weird because most kids knew that they were coming either to this college, like, let’s say, like late March or April. I only found out that I was moving here in, like, May. So I knew two months before I was moving. So everything’s kind of hectic and it all just happened. But it’s like, don’t get me wrong. Like, it’s been hard. Like it’s moving, moving from, like, everything I know on the East Coast to, like, West Coast. It’s kind of like a completely different environment and somewhat of a culture shock. But it was the right decision, at least for me personally. Like I knew I made the right decision. So even though, like, it’s hard, a little bit like the fact that I know I’m where I’m supposed to be is like, like a nice security blanket.

Patricia [00:03:03] You know, So nice. You never really know when you’re doing the right thing. And until you’re there doing it. And it’s always scary. Like big moves like this is always really scary. Did you have any, like, help with family or how have you adjusted to California life? Because it’s like two separate coasts. Like it’s like you said, it’s such a huge culture difference. Have you been adjusting well?

Coby [00:03:23] Yeah, No, I think I’m adjusting well. Like the weather in L.A. is perfect. Like, I love it. It’s like 60 degrees and you have the mountain air and it’s not like so humid, like in Florida or so cold in New York. Like, it’s perfect. So, like, honestly, like, that’s a little help. Like, because I’m very big on, like, feet and, like, niceness. I don’t know. I went home once for, oh, actually not too long ago over like our Thanksgiving break. And then I saw my sister’s in New York, so I went to go visit her. So you just staying on the phone with your friends and family at home? And like, if you’re able to to make that, like, quick visit if you can, if you can squeeze into your schedule, it’s worth it. And honestly, like, it gives you like a nice refresh button. And it’s just like when you’re in college, like, like it’s so important to reach out to people and just like, be social, even though if you’re not the most comfortable doing it, like being social is like, so important because like, if you’re just sitting in a room alone all day, it’s like you’re not going to enjoy yourself, you’re not going to adapt wherever you are and you need to meet the people. And even if it means going through people that like you could be friends with and then not friends with, like whatever, like you just need to talk to people and it’s just like maneuver your way until you find like your friend group. And I think friends are just essential to like, just like living life.

Patricia [00:04:39] So true. And that is such a nice mindset to have. Honestly, just put yourself out there and like not be afraid to network. Like you’re taking the time to still reach out to your friends and family that you’ve known forever, but still put yourself out there to be able to meet new people because you’re in a new state, a new school and all that. So that’s really happy to hear about that. You did say there were like you pretty much found out just in May or August that you were moving to California. Did you have any other schools that you had in mind or were you supposed to go to a different state?

Coby [00:05:11] I was supposed to stay in Florida as well. Yeah. I was going to be moving to Orlando until found out in mid-May that I’d be moving in August. So I had like two months, but practically. So I feel like go get up and move across the country. But you know it. You just. You need to do that. When life throws you these opportunities, like you need to take it. You can’t have that. You just have to.

Patricia [00:05:32] Absolutely. That is so true. And was like theater always the main course that you wanted to take it. I was not changing.

Coby [00:05:39] Yes. No, no, I. I moved to L.A. to study theater and to study acting because, like, where else better to do it in L.A. And, you know, and I’ve also started looking at some other majors just to see if I can add on with my theater. But like, theater isn’t going anywhere. Like, that is my passion in life. I know that that’s what makes me the most happy and like have me live the best life. And if I’m able to do that, then that’s what I’m going to be able to do and I will do everything I can to do it.

Patricia [00:06:07] Well, you know what? I feel like you’re one of the lucky ones who just like, realized really early on what their passions are, because like some students really just like they take one course because they they think it’s like the right choice or maybe their family said so. And, you know, you ask them and they they tell you they don’t really know what they want. So when did acting as a dream profession start for you? Like what age or what prompted you to like while in love with, like, theater and acting?

Coby [00:06:34] I mean, through high school, I would like I haven’t had so much experience in it, but through high school, like I would participate in like just school productions. And I think when I really started like realizing that like, oh wait, I could actually like be doing this for my entire life would be I. In my freshman year of high school when I was nominated as like basically an ambassador for my school at this basically regional competition that would that like highlights like high school theater talents and like just people. And so I was nominated to participate in and just like represent my school and basically this regional competition leads into it’s called the Jimmy Awards, which is basically the National High School Theater competition. And it’s a very big deal. Like, I didn’t go to that. I didn’t I knew I was going to go to that from the get go because you can go to that from like my nomination. But I thought like, just like having that whole experience performing with like a bunch of people that I didn’t know, It’s like, I don’t know, it was amazing. And then like, just like the way the roles I’ve played in the shows, it’s just like I was like, Wow, I really like this. And like, if I was ever going through anything troubling or like any problems with a friend or family, I really like that. Like whenever I would act, it was like all my problems was like, go away and like, I just like focus on this person. And it kind of just for me personally, like just acting as someone else, like allows me like to take a break from like everything in the world and just like, be in the moment. So I was like, Wait, let me just do this for the rest of my life.

Patricia [00:08:01] You fell in love with that. Wow, that’s so amazing. And I feel like maybe one of the things that could have, like, made you fall in love with, like, that whole the theater life is like the production that goes behind it. You realize, you know, it’s not just the actors. There are so many people behind the scenes that are involved and all these people just like focus on this one project and you create art and it’s like you, you easily fall in love with like experiences like this. I totally understand. Like when you get to embody a different role, it takes you away from like your life right now and just like, transports you to a different world and like letting the audience experience that as well. I think that’s just like, so magical. I can definitely empathize why you fell in love with this. And is it everything you’ve dreamed of so far? Like being in L.A. and learning how to be an actor and like one of the best cities in the U.S.?

Coby [00:08:50] I mean, like I got coming in here, like, I didn’t know what to expect to expect. I didn’t know. I didn’t really know anything. I didn’t go to the school before. I like I said before, I believe it to L.A. once, and I didn’t really know anyone going here. So it was kind of just like I had no clue what to expect. But all I knew was that, like, I knew I needed to go. But I’m very pleased. The University of Southern California’s campus is like, insanely gorgeous and like, what I didn’t realize is, like, the amount of opportunities like I’d be given, like, so easily and so quickly, like I’ve met with producers already, like, even if it’s a school or like me reaching out on my own through like, I don’t know what connection, but this college especially, it just it sets you up and like I can already feel it after only three or four months, I don’t even know three or four months of being here. Like, I can already feel that like I’m going to be set for life coming out of this college. Because being in L.A., you’re just exposed to like so many people and like all of these people, or at least most of them are willing to help you and willing to talk to you or willing to give you advice. And that’s what I’m learning in my through my experience here, through like talking. And I want to say to a lot of people, but like to like the few that I have, like you can already tell like the whole atmosphere of the thing, and especially in the entertainment industry, these people, they understand where you’re coming from. They understand that you love to do the thing you do. And their mindset, at least in my eyes, is that we want to help you and we’re going to do it. We want to do whatever we can. But I don’t know, it’s just being in L.A. it just it sets you up with so many opportunities, whether you want to do acting in the entertainment industry or if you wanted to do like biomedical engineering. Like it’s just it’s just a city full of opportunity.

Patricia [00:10:25] I could definitely see that. But like you said, you know, I feel like you specifically are just like in such the right environment because you’re not just in this amazing school. You’re also able to network and you’re so close to all of these like production companies and all these talent people. We’re always looking for like fresh faces and fresh talent. And I feel like you really are like, so lucky. And I can tell just you give off that vibe of just like, you know, I’m in a good place, that I have the all these opportunities. And it’s so nice that you’re very open and happy about where you are because a lot of people like really stress in college and like, you know, they make the move and then they just like they spiral. Sometimes what really happens to a lot of people I’ve rarely really met people like yourself was just like really set on and passionate. And that has really gotten, you know, you had to, like, move out of your state and like, you live alone, basically. And you know, it’s such a big thing for such young people as well. It’s like a huge responsibility. I did want to ask, like, since you’re pretty new to being in university, what have you found are like the main differences like they’ve been through in college and in high school?

Coby [00:11:34] Or you go to USC, you’re going to find a lot more parties. It’s fun. Well, I went to a very small high school, so we never really got like the like there was 150 kids and like from ninth and 12th grade total, like they’re like 30 or 40 kids for grade, but so we never really got like the typical high school experience. And like, it obviously didn’t help with that because we practiced. Oh yeah, it’s like personally, like, I just miss, like the heart of my high school years.

Patricia [00:12:03] So yeah, pretty much I lost that.

Coby [00:12:05] But with the years I had in, in person, we still didn’t really get so much of that typical high school experience. Like with, like the football games. Like, we didn’t really our homecoming was that like a trampoline park? I guess it was.

Patricia [00:12:20] It wasn’t like it didn’t have, like, huge pep rallies or anything like that.

Coby [00:12:24] Like, No, but I’m not that I’m complaining about it. Like, I love the school I went to because, like, we were just like a big family. Everyone, everyone knows everyone at my school. But when you’re here, like going to the football games, it’s if you think like a high school football games, insane and crazy when you go to a football game, especially when you’re just recently ranked number four in the nation for your football team. It goes crazy. Like everybody goes crazy. Like, the amazing thing about USC specifically is that the alumni association, everywhere I go, if I’m wearing any USC merch, I always can get like a fight on or like someone would come up to me and just mention USC. Like before I even came to the school, I was wearing like a gold Trojan shirt in New York City. I was I was getting on the subway on the way back to the airport to go back to Florida. And this guy just have so my shoulder and, you know, like it’s New York City. So like someone’s like tapping on your shoulder like, like, what are you doing? And you go to USC and I’m like, not, yeah, but like, I’m about to go in August. And he goes, I’ll fight on. I just graduated from there. So I was like, okay, But um, and also just like the college life is just like, it’s like a lot at times, don’t get me wrong, but like, it’s so different and like, I think everyone just like, needs it. Like you need to, you need to have the disgusting communal bathrooms. You need to have the dorm room with like, God knows who your roommate is. But like, I love my roommate, but oh, that’s so nice. Like, we were around and like, who? Who is he? Like, how do you know everything? It’s just like, it’s so different than living in high school. Like you are living on your own, but you are also not fully on your own. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, you still get like.

Patricia [00:14:05] Like the first step to adulting.

Coby [00:14:06] It’s like you’re.

Patricia [00:14:08] Going on internship, adulting.

Coby [00:14:10] Like you’re still being, like, taken care of a little bit. Like I get like all the freshmen here have like a limited swipes at the dining hall. So if I ever know, like, I’ll just go go get me some food. Like, I don’t I don’t need to worry about not having food in my in my dorm room.

Patricia [00:14:24] So it’s really fun. But it’s like I think the biggest thing about being in college is like the newfound independence. And I want to ask you, like, how do you manage this? Like newfound independence, enjoying it and still being able to prioritize school?

Coby [00:14:39] Well, like I was saying before, like, especially when you’re in a city full of opportunity or even if you’re in a place with like not as so much opportunity, like L.A., New York, Chicago, Miami, you know, all those big cities in my eyes, you need to know what you are. And when you know what you want, you need to take it. You need to do everything you can to get what you want. So since I’ve been here and join clubs that could like, somewhat help me like that can help me either network or like expose me to different things or like even like just party and meet people. Like, honestly. So for me, I want to have fun. So I join a club that could help me meet new people and party and tailgate before football games. But then I’ve also joined more of like a business, an entertainment club that can allow me. To meet new people and network of people that want to go into the same industry that I want to go to. And also they bring in a producer. They bring in people that have worked in set on TV. Like for me, that’s like insane. So I’m like, okay. And then you instead of just like leaving right after you wait, you sit after a meeting till everyone goes and then you go up to the person, shake their hand, introduce yourself, be like, I would love to meet with you someday. You think we could exchange emails once you know what you are in? Like that’s your freshman year of college figuring out what you want. But once you figure it out, you need to go a lot of headstrong you. You need to stay determined and it requires you to, like, lay back a bit and like, do do what you need to do and then have fun. That’s that’s kind of my go to. But I don’t think it’s smart for people just to, like, cramp up in their room all day and do their homework and do this, make sure they get one hundreds on every single homework assignment, test quiz, whatever, whatever you name it. Like, am I even in that stupid? Like it’s What are you doing with your life? Like, you need to find that well balance where you can maintain a good grades in your class on top of a social life, on top of like achieving your dreams and unified. You need to find that balance between the three. Personally, I think I’m like, I’ve just been fortunate enough to like finding that like, a lot quickly, a lot quicker. But I’m still working at it and I’m still trying to find that perfect balance. I’m still trying to find like new opportunities that can help me grow. And that’s also another big like factor into this, like living independently and like living trying to live your own life. So I’m sorry in this stage of your life, once you figure out what you want, how determined you are, how you’re going to be social, you need to figure out now how are you going to grow yourself? And I think that’s where I’m at in my college experience.

Patricia [00:17:07] That is so amazing. Actually. That’s really good advice and it’s makes so much sense because even though you say you also want a social life and it’s really important for you as a student to have that. It’s not like you’re just like not you’re just like spending time partying. You’re also spending time meeting new people, networking. I feel like college life is like it’s like practicing for like real life and the things that you practice now while you’re in college. These are the same work ethics that you’ll bring with you once you graduate, and this is how you’re going to operate in the real world. So it’s really great that you say that, because students do tend to think that, Oh, I just need to be cramming. I just need to be in my dorm room studying and going to the library, all that stuff like, yes, you do need good grades, but that’s like maybe 50% of it. You also need to learn how to have social skills. You need to learn how to sell yourself out there to like your employers are like build yourself up. If you want to be like anyone in whatever industry you want to go into. I feel like a lot of students will really benefit listening to that. And I did actually also want to ask you like about those extracurricular activities that you joined. Were these strictly like theater type clubs or were they are there also like different types that you join?

Coby [00:18:21] So honestly, the ones I joined weren’t even seated or theater at all last year. The cinematic arts school was very big here. So one of the clubs I’m in, it’s basically a business of the entertainment industry. So you got a lot of people from the dramatic arts school. You find a lot of people from the cinematic arts school and you also find a lot of people from the business school. There’s so many clubs that like based on like what school you go to just based on who you are as a person. So you’ll find mixes of different people who are studying of different all different majors, like unless you’re in like a very specific club, like if you’re dramatic arts, like a cappella groups are going to find either people from school, dramatic arts are like the music school necessarily. Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m like, You always have your exceptions, but you’re not going to find people from your engineering school or school of medicine. Like, maybe like when you’re on like.

Patricia [00:19:08] You’d rather, like, branch out and meet other people from different majors.

Coby [00:19:12] Yeah. No, no. I think becoming friends with people in their major is very important and like, I’ve done that and I’m still continuing to do that and meeting new people. But I think it’s more beneficial to oneself to go beyond your circle of people to like me diversify your palate a little bit, you know?

Patricia [00:19:29] Oh, that’s so nice. Yeah. Diversify your palate. That’s like really good. Yeah. You learn so much from people who are so different from you, teaches you so many things. It like puts everything into perspective and you see points of views that you would have never thought of had you been friends with, like people who lived such different lives from you. So that’s really amazing that you do that. So every student have like specific tips and tricks for like survival or like go diving in college and you’re pretty new. So I feel like you found some stuff that have worked for you. Do you mind sharing some of them?

Coby [00:20:03] My most important tips to anyone who is fresh into college or like about to be fresh in college is just even if you’re nervous, even if you’re afraid, like go out there. And I think meeting people is number one. That’s priority, though. Meeting people will keep you sane or keep you less homesick if you’re far away from home and you just go. To do it like it’s a very valuable thing to learn in life to if you don’t know how to meet people in life, like no offense, you’re not going to get you’re not going to get anywhere. You need to be able to like just like to say hi. Mhm. And yeah, that’s like, that’s as simple as I think you just add up. You don’t need a hundred friends, but you need.

Patricia [00:20:42] Someone, you need people, you need like your trust, you need to find your tribe in college. Like I feel like you got.

Coby [00:20:49] Yeah. Sorry. You’re going to go, you’re going to go through people. You’re going to go, you know, be friends with people that you think, Oh, I’m set for life. And then one day it’s going to be like, Oh, like we’re not friends anymore. And then you have to go out again and find a new people. And it’s just, just a whole cycle. And that cycle is going to be going for a while because you’re not going to have your friends that you’ve known for years, like you’re just going to keep on going and going and going through the cycle until you find new people.

Patricia [00:21:13] Yeah, and you need to like just adapt. And it’s it’s really good advice because like when you go to a new school, like, you never know, like the campus is so huge. Like, where do I go for like, you need friends for that. You need like people who mentor you in college, so. Yeah. Diversify your palette, be social. That’s like one of your top things in surviving college. I love that. That is so true. It’s like community. That’s the whole point of of this whole experience is like learning from each other and like, leaning on each other. It’s like the community spirit. That’s like the best thing about college. Like you said a while ago, it’s like the college pride, you know, it’s like it’s it’s such a different thing. I can’t even explain it anymore. When I went to college, that was just like, so amazing. You always just want to wear shirts with, like, the school merch. You’re just like, so proud. And it’s like it’s this environment of just like learning and growing. It’s amazing. College life is so amazing and and people should really, like, grasp these like few years before real life hits you. It’s like, really, this is a really enjoyable experience. But besides that, there are also a lot of challenges which I wanted to ask you. Like so far, what have been like the biggest challenges going into college?

Coby [00:22:29] I mean, besides your classes? Like, I mean, I’m like so many classes are going like they’re going to be a pain, but like, you’ll pull through. But I think the biggest challenge for me at least, because it’s moving completely across the country, it’s a different time zone, a completely different environment. It’s hard being far like a year away from me. I’m like, I’m away from my family. I’m away from my my friends that I’ve known for my entire life. I’m away from the roads I drive on. I’m away from the restaurants I normally go to to eat. I’m just away from my the dynamic of my life. That’s the only thing I’m known. And being put somewhere practically alone and you’re finding a new dynamic of life. It’s it’s hard. It’s very hard at times. Like, don’t get me wrong. Like, I’ll, like, have my day where I’m like, just like, don’t leave my dorm. Like, everyone’s going to have those days. But it’s it’s kind of just like finding a new path in life and starting your next stage in life. It’s always going to be hard. But I think to overcome that challenge is your outlook on it. So if you’re looking at it as a way of this is this sucks, I hate this, I just want to go home and back to where life was like one. That’s never going to happen because like, like you grow up and too it’s just like you’re playing so much of that, like negativity, like into your head and like, just into yourself. Like it’s, it’s not a good way to live. But if you’re looking at it as this is something that’s pushing me out of my comfort zone might be something that I need me like I’m not saying move across the country and do something that like you don’t know if you fully want to do. Like you don’t need to do that. But like, even if you’re just going to college, if you’re college, you are an undecided degree. Like it’s not going to be like really hard. But if you’re looking at it is like, I need to push myself in order to grow, in order to like find new opportunities and possibly find new interests in life and find new passions. I feel like looking at it in that way is a lot more positive that my looking at it so negatively be like, I just hate this and curling up in a ball for like months and like just not doing anything.

Patricia [00:24:31] Yeah, just having a positive outlook immediately changes the way you see a situation because homesickness is a real thing. Like for some people they go to a different state. I completely went to a different country and so I had no family during college and I exactly had those days where I wish I could just like go back to my home country and just like, you know, live my life there. Why do I have to do this? And I was I’ll admittedly say that I was in a very negative headspace. And had I known all these things now, like what you’re saying, I wish I would have just like said, you know what? Like how many times when when you’re young, especially, how many times have you wished to just have this like independence where you can, like, stay out, You can literally make new decisions without having to ask like your parents or your guardians for like approval or anything, because, you know, you’re navigating this like new time in your life. Where you’re growing. Like you said, it’s like growth is always going to be super uncomfortable. You have to constantly like remind yourself this is a good thing. Like, I’m struggling right now, but this is all for, you know, my betterment. So having that mindset just like really puts put things in perspective and instead of just like wallowing like you’re being punished for going to college, like it’s not really like that’s going to be hard out first, but that’s all for your good. Well, speaking of like challenges and all that, did you have to, like, sacrifice any hobbies or like stuff that you like to do on the side besides your love for acting?

Coby [00:25:59] Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s obvious. Like personally, I’m a bit hesitant about having, like pursuing a career and a degree as an arts major almost because, you know, like, like there is a lot of opportunity that can come from it. That’s exactly why I’m doing it. And it’s also because I love it. But it’s a bit nerve wracking sometimes because it’s like as much as I’m very headstrong about pursuing a career and acting like you always have to look at it realistically. And if this doesn’t happen, what are you going to do? And you’re just going to be you and stuck with your degree in theater. And if you don’t necessarily want to teach theater or like want to do other options in the arts, it’s it’s a bit nerve wracking. So coming here, I knew I wanted to do theater and I’m going to keep theater because that is my number one priority. But I’m looking into some other things that I can possibly do a double major or a minor with so that I can have like some background in like a different field. You know, like I was saying before, it’s always good to go beyond your circle. So not just with friends, but maybe even your studies. Even if you’re a business major, maybe do a minor in art. So like, you know, like, I think it’s you want a full circle in every aspect of your life. And some of the things I like might have been, like, really interested in doing. I’ve been unable to do it because a theater degree, at least at USC, is it’s a heavy course load. So I’m very limited to what the things I can also add on because it just happens to be like just a lot of credits. My major I have had to give up some of the things I’ve wanted to do and I’ve had to sit down with myself and I still sitting down by myself, like right after this. Like I’m going to be like, don’t through majors again because like, I need to figure this all out. But sometimes you have to give up things for the things you love. Like if I think like, Oh, I really want to do this, this also sounds cool, but wait, I can’t. Because of this, you kind of have to do here’s A, here’s B, which is more important to you. And it so throughout this whole process of figuring out what else I want to study, because I also just want to study other things in theater. But you kind of have to like be like, okay, theater and you have option B, which one is it going to be? And if it’s like this, change your major to option B and then figure out something else. But if it’s for me, it’s this. This is why I moved across the country. This is why I’m going through all of the there are all the challenges through all of this, the that and going alone and just being five hour flight from home. It’s because of theater. So this prioritizes all of this. The things I had planned did not go as planned, but I’m figuring out a new way and I’m making writing a new plan for my life and just going with it and rolling with the wave.

Patricia [00:28:33] You’re doing such a good job, though, because this is such good advice for learning how to prioritize because like people, not even young people, older people still do this. Like, I want this to happen. I want this to happen. I’m just going to do them both. I don’t think that works. You you need to do. If you’re going to do one thing, you need to put 100 into that and focus on that before you get to any other goal. And for you, like you said, this is what you moved across country for. This is why you’re in L.A. So even if you have to sacrifice certain things to get your theater degree and that’s where you’re going to do it, I think that’s such an amazing lesson for prioritizing. There’s there’s going to be the right time for those things. And that’ll be when your goal right now doesn’t work out. And then you go to plan B, but still pretty smart, actually, that you’re thinking of like other majors or other alternatives.

Coby [00:29:25] Yeah, you have to like I’ll never say if I make it, I say when I make it, like you need to stay determined, but at the same time you need to have a realistic, like a realistic scope on life. I think because like the industry I want to go to, it’s extremely difficult. And there’s a lot of fields that.

Patricia [00:29:42] Like really competitive as well.

Coby [00:29:44] Yeah, very competitive. And it’s like it’s not only like the entertainment industry, like if you want something specific, like it’s going to be hard and if you’re going through majors that are more popular and that there’s a lot more people doing it, you need to figure out how to like sticking to one thing, like you want to stick to your thing, but like also like take your finger and like some other things like around that because like, you want it to complement each other. You don’t want to do something the opposite because that’s like, What’s the point? I’m doing that, but like, pick your finger the thing. Like, okay, if I do theater, hey, maybe marketing might help me, Hey, maybe communications might help me. Hey, maybe this can help me. You need to look at all those maybes. This can help me. And figuring out what? Works best for you and your schedule, what you can do realistically. And don’t push yourself over the edge. Like look around. You’ll never know what you can find.

Patricia [00:30:34] It’s a lot of things to juggle, but I feel like you’re really having a good time doing it. You sound like really you really sounds like you know what you’re doing, which is, like, so amazing to see. You’re right, focusing on one thing, but like, also not putting all your eggs in one basket, you’re like being your number one fan and really working hard on your goal. But knowing when is when and exactly that’s like you found the amazing balance. I’m so happy to hear that actually. And you’re I am learning so much from me. I feel like our listeners are going to learn so much from me. This is really inspiring, actually. So in the end, the topic of like taking care of yourself and all that, we at Homework Help Global always advocate for taking care of not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. Especially since we have a student audience. We want to ask from one end like yourself, what regimen do you follow to stay in your best shape mentally and physically?

Coby [00:31:26] I think the most important thing in life is to have a positive outlook on anything and treat any bump in the road, any situation that you encounter with a positive attitude and positive energy and just positive everything. Because once you bring that negative in, it’s just not going to work like nothing’s going to be solved. Nothing’s going to do this. Like if you’re frantic, if you’re angry, if you’re like holding grudges for so long, like, what are you doing? Why, why are you stressing out so much about something that in the long run may not even be so important to you in life and you’re going to forget about it like in six months? If you look at everything with a positive, calm outlook, enjoy yourself. That’s my go to and to stay sane, to stay mentally and physically able.

Patricia [00:32:11] I think those two are like interconnected. Like you can’t really focus on your physical health if you don’t have that right mindset of positivity and wanting to be better. Like if you’re stuck in like all these grudges, you’re just like mad all the time. You just like wallowing in sad all the time. It really manifests into your physical reality. I really, truly believe that it makes you feel sick physically. Well, you’re always like having a lot.

Coby [00:32:34] It does like you just keeping that positive outlook on life and like any situation, your end will help you not stress about anything, will help you not speak out about anything. Like, like I said before, just roll with it. Like you’re not going to go through life without like stressing over things, but like.

Patricia [00:32:51] Try not to so much.

Coby [00:32:52] Try not to. Yeah, try not to so much because it’ll eventually just take over you and you have zero clue what to do.

Patricia [00:32:58] Yeah, I like to think of like the five minute rule or something like that. It’s like it’s not going to matter in 5 minutes, five months or five years. I’m just going to let it go. You need to, like, learn to pick your battles and be like, Okay, where does my energy go to? Is this worth it? Is this worth being mad about, being stressed about? Or is there something I can do that’s like a really good thing to redirect your like anxious or like negative thoughts? Like if because people are like problem solvers, they say if we don’t have a problem to solve, we create the problems. So actually, when you’re having stresses like that, the only thing you need to do is like, is there something right now I can do to like alleviate this or is there a solution to this? Always look for the solution. That’s just like my one advice. If there’s nothing that okay, you just about it. But if there’s nothing you can do, then do that instead of like being stressed and anxious, you know, you don’t actually want to go through burnout as well, which is like such a huge thing as well. When you’re a student, is this something you’ve ever experienced?

Coby [00:33:56] I mean, I feel like I haven’t been here so long enough to like, feel a complete burnout. Like I found myself at times being like, I have so much homework to worry about. So but I also have this and I have this tomorrow. But then what’s going on with that? And like, I just felt like so many things that like you just mentally and physically just shut down and like curl up in a ball and like, sometimes you may need that, but you don’t want to do that so often or do that for so long that it’s like completely draining and like you don’t, you don’t want that. You can’t live with that because I don’t even know why, but like, you just can’t like you just dude, it’s not fair to anyone just to live a life in stress and anxiety and depression like. And if you really feel yourself troubling, like you need to make your priority going out to find people and helping you like even if it’s talking to someone close and having them help you find someone probably professional. You can’t live with such negative energy. That’s like my biggest thing. That’s what I live by. That’s the whole thing. Like always keep that positive outlook, energy, attitude on everything.

Patricia [00:35:08] That’s so amazing. And you know, I wish that was like sustainable for like the long run, you know? But eventually it does really just like, happen. You burn out. But I feel like we can use that advice. You said earlier about learning to prioritize, just like proper time management and. I feel like what works for me at least, is like if there’s so many things that I need to do within the week or just even the day as to list them all down based on priority and then start with like the stuff that is hardest or most challenging. Start with the hard stuff first and then later. It just gets easier and easier so you don’t really burn out. And yeah, I think it’s also really important to just like stay positive. You know, it’s really not like this is not punishment for you. This is like if you go through like studying and like, think of it as like this beautiful thing, you get to experience this privileged thing that not even everyone can experience, just, like, feel like, happier and just like, more appreciative of what’s going on around you. And that’ll just like really put stuff into perspective, talking about learning and all that. I really wanted to ask you as well, like what do you think is your learning style?

Coby [00:36:18] I’m not more of a hands on learner, so acting it is very it comes very naturally to me because all my work in my acting class specifically is just working with a scene partner, working with your class. That’s my type learning. I’m more of like a physical learner because trust me, if I’m reading something, I’m going to fall asleep. If I’m hearing something, it’s going to go in this year out the other, so much.

Patricia [00:36:41] Less theoretical, more physical. Definitely.

Coby [00:36:45] I’m right. Yeah, I’m more of a hands on type of learning. So that’s why I like I take I also take a dance class. It’s a lot more.

Patricia [00:36:51] Oh that’s so lovely.

Coby [00:36:52] And if someone’s like coming up to me showing me what to do instead of just like, do that. No, I get like, What are you doing? Like, come, come and show me, come help me. Or, like, if I can’t receive that help, then, like, I’ll go out and try doing it on my own. Just kind of like a trial and error process until I could do it. And like, if I’m trying to memorize lines, I need to be holding the thing, reading line, pacing back and forth in my room until I can get it, because that’s just the way my mind works.

Patricia [00:37:22] That’s how what works for you.

Coby [00:37:23] Like, it just works for me. Like if, if I’m moving and keeping my blood flowing, go to the gym. Like getting your mind off things like.

Patricia [00:37:29] Reading lines on a treadmill.

Coby [00:37:31] Yeah. Like, do you need to do something, get your mind off something or learn something personally, rather than sitting down and like reading something or listening to something. I think taking your material and just like moving around if you’re able to, or even if it’s just like in, in your chair, it’s like going like this. Like I just need to keep doing something because like, that’s the way I learn things. Like if I’m able to physically hold something or touch something, like, then I’ll be like, Oh, I’m an expert at the whole thing. I remember growing up through middle school, like when when you do those like little, like science labs, like, I remember always, like learning, like, I don’t know, we dissected frogs. I don’t know why we’re learning the anatomy of frogs like me. But when we dissect the frogs, like, it’s like, I know it may sound like it’s just kind of like if you need to learn that. And like, at that time, like seventh grade, Kobe needed to learn that for some reason. But whatever. Like once you have like the hands on thing, like for me, like, that’s how you learn best. I don’t know, dissecting was my best example. But yeah.

Patricia [00:38:34] I bet it really taught you a lot about anatomy of frogs, though, because it was like very physical. You literally saw them. But that works really well for your learning though. That’s really funny because I was just actually going to ask you exactly how you use your study habits, and that’s really fascinating how you work and how you operate as a student and then having stuff needing to work with other people, or even if you have to work with yourself, having those like physical materials doesn’t really help you. That’s really fascinating. Well, on the topic of advice, what would you tell students who aren’t sure which course to take in college for? Like our high schoolers, our seniors out there.

Coby [00:39:14] Would be to look at all your options and just be like, Well, maybe I’m into this, so I’m just going to do that and that’s going to be my life. You can’t do that. I’m sure that most schools will have a course catalog of every major of every minor, every everything that you can do, and you can click on it and look at the specifics of the classes. And I think you need rather than just like being like, Oh, I kind of like this, so maybe I’ll do that. And like, no, you need to look at everything. You need. Look at all your options before you choose one. And if it means you going into college or applying to colleges undecided, then that’s that’s what If that’s what you need to do, then that’s what you’re doing. Then you can like I was saying before, like don’t just say in your circle, like, put your finger around and see like maybe if you want to find two things, what two things can complement each other. So like personally, for me it’d be theater with maybe marketing or communications that has somewhat in that realm of the entertainment industry or media, like two different things that I like. But they also can complement each other, like are trying to think like if you want, if you’re also into the entertainment industry, but you like more business. Kind of like maybe like a business with a minor in, like, some some other entertainment. Like, you need to.

Patricia [00:40:31] Grow.

Coby [00:40:32] And like.

Patricia [00:40:32] The research.

Coby [00:40:34] Is research exploring. And don’t be a lawyer. Don’t be afraid to do it.

Patricia [00:40:39] Mm. That’s, like, really good advice. How about Passion Project? Do you have any other stuff that you work on on the side besides school? Do you maybe have, like, a side hustle that you focus on currently?

Coby [00:40:51] I have. I’m not currently doing anything right now, but in the short time I’ve been here, I have been an extra in some things that I’ve had this like little role in this like minor TV thing that I just somehow stumbled across upon that. And there’s like, sure. Like, I’ll find I’ll find myself, like at random times be like, Oh, I’m doing this today, I guess. Then you just need to like I said, like if you take the advice of exploring your options, there’s going to explore your options, the job opportunities if you want like, or just any opportunity that you think that can help you. Like, why do you think I’m in? I’m an influencer for Homework Help Global or like helping with this like Attendings podcast is because I want to put myself out there, see what things I like, see what things I can learn and see what things I can bring to other people. To see it like that may be at a loss and like, look at look at everything. Explore all my options, see if I actually really do like it. And like for me personally, like I do love all of this. And now it’s just the sense of growing as an individual and trying to get every opportunity I can take.

Patricia [00:41:58] That’s so exciting to hear you doing like side projects besides school and being like extras and TV shows or anything. We can like hopefully see you on the big screen on. Are you not able to say it right now?

Coby [00:42:11] Not that I’m like.

Patricia [00:42:15] Maybe.

Coby [00:42:17] I’m like, I’m not. I’m not trying to be like, it’s just like, it’s nothing crazy. Like, it’s like I’m not trying to over.

Patricia [00:42:22] It’s a start. It’s a start.

Coby [00:42:26] And that’s how you have to look at you have to look at it is not as it’s like this little thing, like you.

Patricia [00:42:30] Don’t undermine this.

Coby [00:42:31] I don’t even know what it is.

Patricia [00:42:34] Okay.

Coby [00:42:35] On this. I don’t really know what it is, but we’ll.

Patricia [00:42:37] All be surprised doing it.

Coby [00:42:39] You need to look at it as a start, and that’s the way I’m looking at it. And you need to go from the bottom to the top. The majority of people aren’t going to have those connections to just go straight to the top. So you’re going to need to start from the bottom. And that’s where I’m at right now. But I’m starting to and that’s what I want to do. I want to get from here to here. And that, like most people, are going to start from here and just work yourself way up. But the only way you’re going to work yourself up is looking at everything with your positive outlook and being determined and being social. So all these things I feel like we’ve said in.

Patricia [00:43:18] More times in.

Coby [00:43:19] That’s kind of it just all ties together because all these things that you need to do rather than just like sitting alone and curling up and letting yourself become anxious and depressed, like you need to get out there with a positive outlook. And if you need help doing that, reach out for help. But if you want to get up here, then, like those are the things you’re going to need to do.

Patricia [00:43:40] You have to put in the work. Yeah. You’re in your humble beginnings right now. I feel like you’re like building momentum to get to the life that you want. And, you know, we all have to go through our humble beginnings.

Coby [00:43:51] That’s what that’s what I’m trying to make.

Patricia [00:43:55] So it’s like a realistic time management schedule for you because like, like you said, you really love what you’re doing in school, but you need a social life as well. And you you need to have extra time, you know, opportunities like being an extra. Like being cast in different shows. So what’s like a realistic time management for a student like yourself.

Coby [00:44:15] Personally when when you’re adjusting schedules, if you’re able to do so, I would 100% recommend giving yourself a monday to Thursday schedule so that you have your Fridays off. But then you’re also not packing up those three days because then it’s like crazy. But ah, so yeah, I know a lot of, a lot of my classes, like my the days I have two days where it’s basically my theater classes and my dance class. So that’s like the long dates and like an 8 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. So very long day with like obviously some breaks in the middle. But you know, you just kind of you need a rest. So I usually have my head to 11 and nap but my acting class and before my other class but it’s you rest homework wise you kind of need to fit what’s best in your schedule. And if you’re able to do that more during the week than the weekend because in the weekend you’ll be able to go out. So usually our betweens like for homework wise, our between Sunday to Thursday and my like Thursday night, Friday and Saturday a bit more open because like you know that’s when. Everyone’s going out. That’s when everyone’s like, What are you doing today? And like, so, yeah, I know if you’re able to work more during after classes or between classes and like, I also work. So I work at like a small job at like one of the USC affiliated organizations, but. So, yeah, no, I have that I like. I’m going after this. I have a class and then I’m going to work after and then I don’t think there’s any specific things I could advise someone to do. Mhm. Yeah. You need to be realistic with yourself and find what’s most efficient for you. Look at those gaps in time and like be like okay, I can make during this time, I can do it this time, but during this time I can also sleep, but I can do my homework. And it kind of, it also depends on the course. So to like that you receive like one of my classes is like it gives an insane amount of course load and then the other one has zero course load. So once you figure out those classes, then that’s where you act upon it. You need to look at your schedule, your classes, what other extracurriculars you may need to do or want to do, and then work work around it, but then also leave yourself time to like, go out again, like go out, meet, meet people, like enjoy yourself a little bit because you don’t want to revolve your entire life around your academics. That’s right. Yeah.

Patricia [00:46:43] Okay. So just have a well-rounded schedule. Keep it realistic not to a jampacked, but make sure all the priorities are there. Yeah. Okay. So this other question I had, I feel like it’s for you specifically because I want to know exactly as well, like how social media ties in with you in the future becoming like an actor. Like, how important is social media to you? My social media went away tomorrow. Would you be okay with it?

Coby [00:47:13] I don’t think that will be one of my times where I’d love to know that. But I think since quarantine, I don’t know what it is about it. And I know like a lot of people don’t like it, but for me, I just know don’t know what I honestly don’t know what it is about it, but I just love it for some reason. I love making goofy videos on TikTok and posting it. I love posting pictures on Instagram too. Like. Like I like sharing everything about me like that. I’m just like, I’m a very open book and it’s just like, I think like if you’re the type of person that, like, likes to be like, Hey, look at what I’m doing, or like, I just like doing this or like sharing the story or like posting something that makes people laugh. Like, I just love it and like, I just love the whole entertainment and media industry, even though, like, it’s known as a very toxic thing, like, which like it is, but like at the same time, like, I just find it really the entire environment of like, again, like there’s no specific thing, but I just love it. So that’s what I want to like. I also want to grow my not only grow myself as an actor, but myself as a grow my social media accounts. And if I’m able to do so, that’s why I might be looking to more communications and media PR as another option. So yeah, no, I have to. Yeah.

Patricia [00:48:34] So it’s really important for social media. Yeah, I mean, I feel like it makes sense. I mean, in the future, I mean social media is going to be the way for you to market yourself.

Coby [00:48:43] Yeah.

Patricia [00:48:44] There’s just so many opportunities. Yeah, it really is complimentary to your industry and all that. And I feel like it’s also like a generational thing, like the younger people just like love oversharing, to be honest. Like, I don’t think, oh, I don’t think we’re supposed to be sharing every single thing on social media, but like the Gen Z, for example, they make it’s such an art, honestly, like the over the trauma dumping on social media.

Coby [00:49:09] I mean, not funny. I actually I’ve seen a lot like there’s definitely a line that like I myself like there’s like some things about me that like I’m just going to be like.

Patricia [00:49:20] That’s not going to that’s it. It stayed in the draft.

Coby [00:49:23] But like sharing past the surface of you to a point that’s not inappropriate to post or like you don’t want to over overshare, but like sharing yourself past the surface a little bit, showing people who you really are, I think is so important because there’s so many people that like, are lost and like are looking for that help, trying to get that positive outlook on life. And I think that social media access like such a good like helping tool to like allow people to be like, wait, these people are also experiencing what I’m experiencing, but like this is how they overcame it. Maybe I can try that and it’ll work for me. And like, I think for a lot of people that’s what can happen. And if I’m able to help with that and along with also growing me, myself and my reputation in my name, that’s my goal in life is to help people while also growing myself a name and a reputation for myself that could allow me to get more job opportunities personally. Kind of killing two birds with one stone.

Patricia [00:50:22] Yeah. Like it’s important to stay with. A little girl and like, help other people who might be going through the same thing as you are. I definitely understand that in the sense that I feel like social media has also changed, like we were very like into esthetics a few years ago, but now we’re just like more so relating with each other. And just like I think that the face of social media has changed. It’s becoming this like tool that changes every, every few years. You never just, you never really know where it’s going to go. But yeah, it is, it is super important. But like building yourself up, but like, you also have to be really, really careful because like, employers always check social media, like, you know, you have to be really careful.

Coby [00:50:59] You know, you really anything you need to watch yourself on social media like your own.

Patricia [00:51:04] Like what? It’s on the internet that’s there forever.

Coby [00:51:07] Oh, yeah. Like 100%. Like once you post yourself, that’s it. Like, I’ll find a TikTok really, of mine on this random website.

Patricia [00:51:15] Oh, no.

Coby [00:51:16] I was like, okay, but like, you do need. Yeah, like I was saying, you do need to watch that line and you, like a lot of people cross it sometimes and very big backlash. Like if you look at media today, you’ll find certain celebrities crossing this line. Yeah. And it’s really defaming their reputation and it’s honestly, it just sucks for them because it’s like you did just cross the line and now you have to live with it because it’s going to be on the Internet for forever. Even if you both did for 2 seconds, there’s always going to be someone with that screenshot and.

Patricia [00:51:48] Yeah, so just like be careful to be careful. You know, we love social media.

Coby [00:51:53] But I don’t like.

Patricia [00:51:54] Boundaries. I mean.

Coby [00:51:56] Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and I plan to continue using it for the rest of my life and growing myself and I’m on it. But yes, you.

Patricia [00:52:04] Have a favorite platform as a tech stock.

Coby [00:52:07] Niche. I’m a big tech guy. I mean, I’ve got like I got views on some videos like that. Like once I start to be like, Ooh, I could do that. And like, like when they call a lot of them like, wait. And then another one got a lot of views. So it’s like, Oh, that’s cool.

Patricia [00:52:22] So I really.

Coby [00:52:24] Like, I feel like also like another thing about social media is that like the thrill of having so many people look at what you post is like. For me, it’s heartwarming for a lot of other people and maybe a little bit nerve racking. So but for me, I just think like, Oh, that’s like so cool.

Patricia [00:52:39] That is really cool. I love that. Thank you for sharing that. So if you weren’t in your university life path right now, if you were taking theater, what else do you think would you be possibly doing?

Coby [00:52:50] I would probably look into a more business side of. So maybe I know USC at least has like a specific degree that’s like business administration and cinematic arts. So that’s probably what I would be looking at more, more still going into the entertainment industry, but more of the business side of it rather than like more behind camera than in front of camera. And that’s like, I love all the aspects of it. So that’s why I’m trying to explore all the different things I can do here and figure out, Hey, I don’t like acting in the end, or if it just realistically, like just doesn’t work out, then like, Oh, but I can also find jobs behind camera that are not as necessarily as competitive as being an actor would be. Not not saying that it isn’t competitive, but like maybe not to the same extent, if you understand what I mean. But yeah, so I think I would be doing more business marketing.

Patricia [00:53:44] But still pretty close to like media. So yeah.

Coby [00:53:46] I know it’s still pretty close. Like, Yeah, I know. Like that’s, that’s what it’s always except like maybe it’s.

Patricia [00:53:51] Like you’re a North Star right now. That’s like where life is finding you. I feel like, where do you what is like the ultimate goal for you? Like, what do you see? What Like if you were to envision the ultimate goal life, what does that look like for you?

Coby [00:54:05] Ultimate goal life would be living in Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Hills as a famous actor with a family living in L.A. and walking, going and going to my own movie movie.

Patricia [00:54:18] Premiere.

Coby [00:54:18] Or red carpet like that’s what I want to do. And I honestly like the roles I like is like I feel like I fall inside. There are two categories I could do that. It’s more naturally I fall into more of like the comedic category, but like other types of roles that interest me are like the dark roles like, like, like roles like The Joker. MM I find it so fascinating and like being able to portray such like, are you complex? Like it’s like, yeah, that’s like, that’s like a complex role. It’s so like, like once you’re like if you achieve something that’s cool, but like for me, like there’s, like levels and like, like a comedic role, like it is a very high level, but like, that’s such a complex mindset type of role. It’s just that like that little level of that’s like and like once you’re able to do it, it’s like, I don’t know what it is like. It’s just like it’s, it’s insane because like, you would never think of a person actually acting like this, but like once you do it, it’s like, whoa. Like, that’s like, it’s a weird about, like, it’s cool. Like, I don’t know, I wouldn’t say cool in the sense of. Cycle people. But if I think you understand what I mean. Like, yeah.

Patricia [00:55:28] It’s, it’s like you really love him or by yourself and he’s.

Coby [00:55:31] Fun. It’s fun because it’s it’s really pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Patricia [00:55:36] Yeah, exactly. And it’s challenging.

Coby [00:55:38] It’s thrilling. Yeah.

Patricia [00:55:39] I really hope that you eventually get there. I hope one day we get to see that on like a future interview or we’re like, Look at look at us. Yeah, where you are right now. That would be like, amazing. Yeah. So you did say a while ago how it you basically feel like you’re set up for success being in U.S.. I did have the say question for you which like ties really really well with that I did want to ask like, do you think getting a college degree set students back because of that or it sets them up for success more than if they didn’t have a college degree?

Coby [00:56:12] I think in today’s world you’re going to need a degree to do anything you want. That’s my opinion on it. There’s obviously some things that like people work around and some people honestly just get lucky and they don’t need to go to that because they’re already set for life. But personally, I think that like I don’t know about acting specific, but like a lot of things in today’s world, you’re going to need a degree and like you need to go into debt. Like I’m doing that too. But like if it’s going to set you up for your future, then like you need to do whatever it.

Patricia [00:56:43] To.

Coby [00:56:43] Figure out figuring out the other side problems at a different time. And when it comes, you’ll deal with it and you’ll figure out a way. But you can’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do.

Patricia [00:56:53] I love that. That’s actually like I wouldn’t have expected that most young people these days. I feel like when you ask them, they can be like, No, you don’t really need a degree. Or you know, you can just like try. I mean, for some people it does work out.

Coby [00:57:08] But yeah, I know my mindset on it is that like if you’re really good at something, like you could be like the best of the best. But if you’re applying to the same job and it’s between you and someone who’s also insanely talented and you guys as the equal amount that person has a degree, degree is getting it not, not degree. Like that’s that’s it gives you it gives you a one up on everything else. That’s my opinion. And I’m not saying you necessarily need it, but it’s extremely helpful. And you also learn about everything you love to do. So like you might as well expand your knowledge on it rather than just like being hardheaded and thinking, you know at all. Because I can bet you that you don’t.

Patricia [00:57:48] Yeah, I totally agree. And like I said earlier, like it’s not just about getting the college degree. You get like this very unique experience when you go to college. And I don’t think there’s anything that like rivals that or if there’s anything similar to it, like I guess you can like take internships or like you can you can learn from other people through mentorship or whatever. But I feel like going to college just like changes you like and it’s I can’t explain it and you’ll, you’ll realize it. The more you know through the years is when you get closer to graduating. But yeah, I totally agree. It is really important. That was like one of my last questions, like how important do you think being college educated is in our society?

Coby [00:58:29] I think it’s very important in my opinion. I think it’s very important that people may have their other opinions like, hey, like they could work out their life the way that they want to do it and like I’d be full in support. But if you’re asking my personal opinion, I think a college education is crucial.

Patricia [00:58:44] It really sets you apart. Yeah. I love asking all of our guests this question. It’s just a little cheesy. I hope you don’t mind, but if you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Coby [00:58:54] I would tell my younger self anything and I look out like it’s going to be a rollercoaster. You’re going to go through it. You’re you’re going to do great things and you’re going to be in places that you thought you may never even go to or may go to. But in a lot later time, you you’re ending up the planets are aligning for you. And like I would have never expected myself to be here.

Patricia [00:59:16] So you would tell yourself, like to be excited and prepare.

Coby [00:59:19] For what’s.

Patricia [00:59:19] Going to.

Coby [00:59:21] Be bad for a lot of impromptu decisions. Oh.

Patricia [00:59:25] I love that. That’s so sweet that you were going to tell yourself, you know, all of these opportunities you didn’t even realize. But now you’re living them and you’re going to continue living your dreams one by one for sure. Yes. Do you have a favorite motivational quote?

Coby [00:59:40] I don’t think I have any specific quotes, but it’s the way I live my life, like I said before, is keep that positive energy, attract all the positive, be that positive magnet. There you go. A positive magnet. You want to be that. You want to attract all that energy. You have that positive outlook, you want everything positive you want in and all the negatives you want out. And that’s that’s the way I live my life.

Patricia [01:00:01] I love that. Stay positive. You just read your own quote right there. So is there something like a one major thing that you can use this platform now to speak to all our younger student audience? And like anyone else who like listening right now, what is that one thing you can share with them, like to incoming college freshmen or existing college students to help motivate them? Help them keep going When.

Coby [01:00:24] Encountering an opportunity, not you, not necessarily for your job, but like any opportunity that can help you grow as a person, take it even if it pushes you way out of your comfort zone. Like just take it like you never know what can come out of it. And worst case, nothing comes out of it. But like you need to take every opportunity given to you because one day you won’t get it back. And so seize the moment. Seize every opportunity you can take.

Patricia [01:00:48] I love that. And don’t be afraid to take those leaps of faith. Well, that’s really amazing. I feel like I had such a lovely conversation with you today. Definitely brought me back to, like, being a freshman in college. I feel like you have this amazing future ahead of you, and it was such a joy to talk to you. Would you like to plug in your social media accounts? To our lovely viewers, we can put the app. You can just let us know.

Coby [01:01:15] A lot of my accounts on my Instagram account, I’ll give you my Instagram and TikTok. That’ll be my Instagram is underscore Colby, Russo. So, Colby, why are us so underscore so underscore Russo. Underscore is my TikTok is just Coby Russo.

Patricia [01:01:29] Okay, I love that we will be linking all of your social media links and the description when we put that put out this podcast. But I did want to say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day. You’re college student. I know this must have taken a lot. It it’s the middle of the week. Oh, thank you so much. And we just wanted to thank you also for being one of our newest influencers. That means the world for us to have you on here and, you know, share your amazing advice. You I couldn’t have expected you to, you know, be this, like really optimistic person with such you have this light and positivity about you. I love that and I hope you get to share that to more people. And of course, thank you to our amazing listeners. Like I said, we will be sharing Kobe’s links and everything social media wise, down in the description. Please follow us as well on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. That’s at Homework Help Global. And thank you again, Koby. And thank you, everyone for joining us on this episode. I hope you have an amazing day ahead and good luck on everything.

Coby [01:02:35] Thank you.

Patricia [01:02:36] Thank you. Bye.