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How Stress Affects Your School Work

blog1_getting the most out of an academic writing service It’s a vicious cycle: school work makes you stressed, your stress makes it hard to complete your school work, and then the put-off work makes you feel more stressed.

In a January 2015 study by Western University, researchers found a majority of all students felt higher than average stress levels during school, and it was their biggest barrier to performing well in their courses. Nearly 58% of students said their stress levels were somewhere between “more than average” and “tremendous.” As a result, this had an impact on how well each student did in school. In fact, stress levels were found to have a direct negative effect on academic performance.

The study states that, “amongst post-secondary students, stress is inherent, significant, and adversely affects academic performance.” Heavy workloads and financial difficulties were two common reasons many students reported feeling so stressed out. Once you’re doing poorly in school your stress only increases, your grades get even worse, and the cycle continues. While eliminating stress altogether is an impossible goal, the study says students need to learn coping mechanisms and schools need to create less stressful environments for their students.

Since stress is so prevalent among college and university students, it’s best for people to learn coping strategies early. Students who adapted to university life early, later reported higher feelings of competency and self-worth, the study said. So not only will minimizing stress improve your grades, and day-to-day life, it will also make you feel better about yourself in later years.

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