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How to Get Back on Track After a Break From School

Female doing her homework in her dorm room So, you’ve had an amazing summer and you’re probably still reliving those memories you made. Getting back to your school life routine can be hard when all you can think about is the fun things you did over the break. It’s hard to get excited for school after having so much fun. However, your school routine is extremely important, because it has a direct effect on your productivity, energy, and ability to digest information in your classes.

Getting Back Into the School Life Routine Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Switching from holiday or summer mode into your school life routine takes a bit of getting used to, especially if this is your first year away at college or university. With so many exciting things going on, it’s easy to get distracted and become unmotivated as time goes on. These 4 important tips will help you make sure you make the most out of this year and get on track for success.

1. Unpack And Settle in as Soon as Possible

The longer you wait to unpack your bags or settle in your new dorm room, the more those suitcases and boxes are just going to sit there, and the longer they sit there, the less productive you’re going to be.

It might seem silly that a packed suitcase would affect this, but it does. Those packed bags are going to remind you about the amazing break you had, and they’re going to hold you back from focusing on the tasks at hand – your schoolwork. You’ll also find it’s easier to find things when you actually unpack!

2. Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track

For many of us, summer or holiday breaks mean sleeping in and turning off the alarm clock. While not having to wake up early is an amazing feeling, the closer you get to going back to school the more you should focus on getting your sleep schedule on track.

According to WebMD, most people need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep to be fully rested. Get into your sleep routine early, before you get back. Your body needs time to develop a sleep schedule, and if you go into your school life already getting enough sleep, you’ll be able to stay on track because your body will start giving you those cues.

3. Organize Your Schedule and Put it on The Wall

It’s one thing to have your schedule planned out and in your iCal, but it’s another thing to check it often. Have your schedule written on a whiteboard, or even just printed out and attached to your bulletin board. This way, you can look at it every day before you leave and you’ll always be able to make note of events, classes, work shifts, and anything else you need to do. Having your schedule in a spot like this, where it’s easy for you to see, is also a good way to remind yourself of the responsibilities you have to avoid slacking off.

4. Give Yourself a Break

If you throw yourself back into a busy school routine after spending your whole break being lazy and relaxed, you’re going to burn out fast. While you’re still adjusting to school life, make sure you give yourself enough breaks- whether they’re for snacks, meals, or simply just to go outside and get some fresh air. This way, you don’t overdo it and you’ll be able to gradually go back to your peak productivity levels.

When your school life routine is starting to become overwhelming and you feel like you can’t handle everything, there are options. Homework Help Global can help you with your coursework writing to take some of the stress off your plate. We’ll help you with the hard stuff so you can focus on getting back on track.

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