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5 Top Podcasts to Expand Your Mind and Improve Your Knowledge

Mobile phone and headphones lay on a table ready for podcast recording The way that we consume content and information changed forever with the internet. New mediums of communication, and the universal availability of virtually free platforms has given more or less everyone a voice. Perhaps the most exciting new communication technology to emerge out of this new digital landscape is the podcast. The podcast has given intelligent, awe-inspiring, clear-headed, moral people around the world a platform from which to broadcast. The number of important voices that would not be around today if it weren’t for the podcast format is depressing to think about. Below are 5 mind expanding podcasts you may want to check out.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Many people dismiss Joe Rogan out of hand because they think that a bald, muscular, UFC commentator couldn’t possibly have anything worthwhile to say. While you don’t have to agree with Joe on everything, he is undoubtedly an intelligent, well-spoken, erudite, and generally sensible guy. His guest list is also incredible. The range of different academics, politicians, public intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, and comedians that he has on for 2-4 hour debates and conversations is staggering. The topics covered and the new information you will be exposed to make the JRE highly worth the subscription.

Waking up Podcast – Sam Harris

Neuroscientist, author, public intellectual, cultural critic and meditation aficionado, Sam Harris, is maybe one of the most well spoken, level headed and interesting voices of the 21st century, so far. Harris’ podcast tackles everything, from religion, to politics, to metaphysical arguments with leading philosophers, computer scientists, psychologists, even former world champion chess player, Gary Kasparov. It is truly inspiring, and humbling, to listen to some of the greatest minds in the world debate big issues, as well as many hard to grasp, more esoteric issues. Your understanding of reality and moral reasoning will not be the same after listening to Sam Harris.

Radio Lab

Radio Lab is a multi-media rich podcast that blends storytelling with science in an effort to explore physical reality. Their guest list is similarly broad and eclectic, with a wide range of scientists, and academics weighing in and lending their education and expertise to the explorations. Some of the more jaw dropping of the episodes include the ones on “colours,” “space” and “words.”

99% Invisible

You will never look at design and architecture the same way after you watch this podcast. Award winning producer, Roman Mars, enlightens the audience on how people have become, more or less, completely inured to the incredible feats of architecture and design that we see around us on a daily basis. The episodes are fast, relaxing and filled with mind expanding knowledge that is great for a commute because you can apply it to what you see out the window as you go.

Quirks and Quarks

This is a weekly podcast hosted by Bob McDonald and is essentially a current events podcast on what is new in the world of scientific inquiry and discovery. The mind expanding show is divided into multiple segments where the topic is discussed, and the host conducts a question and answer period with the scientist, or team of scientists behind the findings. So much is happening on a daily basis on the frontiers of science that its difficult to stay informed on all of the amazing discoveries and breakthroughs that are happening around us.

The truth is, there are hundreds upon hundreds of podcasts out there that you could, and if you had an infinite amount of free time, should be listening to. Only you can curate your own perfect list, but the above 5 mind expanding podcasts are a great place to start. If you liked what you read and want to find out more about how Homework Help USA can help with your studies, check out our services page today.

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