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Everyone’s an original, find a way for it to show!

blog1_getting the most out of an academic writing service When writing an essay, there are certain rules, and, it is believed in academic circles that they should be observed in order to achieve success. One of the principal rules is to produce original, individualised, and especially non-plagiarized work. Very often an essay is based on a critique or analysis of the existing published works and ideas and used for the purpose of building or strengthening own arguments or position. However, this just means that ideas are simply copied or given a different spin.

Creating an original and unique work obviously requires more effort. One approach is to avoid broad and generalized topics and focus on narrow, more specific subjects which can be defined after completing preliminary research to get an idea about what has already been written on the topic, and avoid reiterating the findings. The reasons for this lies in the simple fact that whoever reads the work can distinguish it from a number of others who also tackle the same subject, and gives them a reason for wanting to read it through, and possibly to learn something from it, or, at least, challenge their previous notions. At a recent Conference on Plagiarism in Prague, it has been discussed that the originality of the final work is generally based on individual ability to explain the topic and construct distinctive arguments, without being influenced by the prevailing literature, and especially repurposing it.

In an original work, the writer relies less on paraphrasing of previously published ideas, and in particular, minimally relying on the use of direct quotations. Being original in using own words, and especially proposing new ideas or fresh angles of looking at the issue is what truly makes the work stand out. However, still using some background material proves that the work is factual and that it respects the previously completed research, so attention should be paid on using a sufficient number of sources. At Homework Help USA we strictly condone plagiarism and

Finally, if the work is copacetic, the arguments will have been proven and they will have reinforced the thesis. Experts at Homework Help USA strive to complete all your academic or business-related needs in an excellent order and help you with the submission of an original work that will be distinguished from the rest. Our writers conduct thorough research that they base their facts on, however they love to write from scratch and form their own arguments. Their creativity and resourcefulness knows no bounds!

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