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Ghostwriting and Songwriting

blog6_time mgmt for back to school Why would you ever want to write something solely for someone else to take credit? It might seem like a far-fetched concept to some, but the truth is that many people enjoy this. Just like songwriting, ghost writing is a business that is based on helping others achieve success by letting them take the spotlight.

Ghost writing an essay is no different than what songwriters do for musicians and pop stars. In pop music especially, many hit songs are written by someone in the background and then performed by someone else. The performer is the one credited for the song when it is played on the radio or television. Hillary Lindsey is someone whose name might not be in the mainstream media, but her products are. Lindsey has written some of the mega hits that today’s pop stars have taken to number one on the Billboard charts. She has written songs for Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Miley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood, to name a few.

Sometimes a successful singer will write a song for someone else so they can make it a hit. For example, Prince wrote the Bangles’ hit “Manic Monday,” a song that one could argue put them on the map. Prince could have saved it for himself but instead he sold it. When an artist does this, they often believe that someone else would make the song sound better than they could. “Manic Monday” might not have become a mega hit if Prince had done it because it was not his style. In addition, the song itself would have turned out differently and likely not as he had intended it to sound.

The songwriter sits back and lets their song become a hit, often while the public does not realize they wrote it. It is purely a business model, and their songs are the products that they sell to singers. Ghost writing an essay is this same concept. The writer is selling their product so that someone else can become successful.

Ghost writing is also used in politics and other professional industries. In fact, political speeches are almost always written by someone else. Hilary Clinton’s 1996 book It Takes a Village was written by a team of ghost writers. The president’s speeches are written by ghostwriters. The politician serves as the face of the idea but there are always a team of professionals and experts to back them up.

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