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Why You Shouldn’t Skip out on Frosh Week

Group of students having fun Frosh Week has become synonymous with drinking, partying, and wild students. But the reality is that this is an important time of year for every student, and you shouldn’t skip out on these events just because you don’t want to drink or party. Whether you end up joining an online tutoring group, a club, or a student organization, you’ll be happy you went to Frosh Week and made the connections that you did.

Frosh Week and What it Means to You

Frosh Week is so much more than parties and bar hopping. This is a time when you’ll form relationships, meet the right connections, and find other classmates. The events are designed to help you become more comfortable in your new environment, and to help you get used to your new life. Here are some of the reasons it’s important to make sure that you attend Frosh Week and that you participate in all there is to offer.

You’ll Get Out of Your Bubble

Frosh Week activities get you out of your bubble and help you get out there to meet new people and try new things. Sometimes there are activities you would have never dreamed of trying! But trying these things helps you adjust and become more comfortable in your new school life, and helps you adapt to the new world around you. It’ll also help you find the confidence you need to start making new friends and joining groups or organizations on campus.

You Can Make Tons of New Friends

Frosh Week is full of activities and events designed to get you out and meeting your other classmates or schoolmates. You’ll be put on a team with new people, or be placed in a group with strangers who you’ll easily get to know as you complete your tasks and activities. At this time, everyone is in the same boat. Many people are trying to form new friendships, so this will be the easiest time to approach people, and these friendships will be important moving forward.

Meeting More Classmates Means Support With Your Assignments

The more people in your class you meet, the more opportunities if you need assignment help or help with your homework. Maybe you thought one of your assignments was hard, but another classmate had the same project and didn’t think it was too bad. You’ll know enough people to form a moral support circle around you and your assignments will be better than ever.

It’ll Help to Cure Your Homesickness

Feeling homesick is common and happens to many people when they first move away to school. You suddenly find yourself in a new town, by yourself, not sure what to expect or how to go about doing things. It can be scary, and that’s when the homesickness can creep in. Frosh Week is designed to get you out and help you adjust to this new environment so you don’t have to worry about feeling homesick any longer. With all the activities and events going on, you’ll forget you felt like that in the first place.

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