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Manifesting Your Dreams: Learn It From Manifest Mami

Manifest Mami shares how you can be manifesting your dreams on her Instagram Not everyone is aware of this secret, but manifesting your dreams isn’t the hardest thing to do. On the 27th episode of the Homework Help Show Student Influencers Podcast, Manifest Mami teaches us how to manifest your dreams, her personal manifestation methods, and how you can use the law of attraction to live the life of your dreams.

Full-time Student, Influencer, and Manifestor

A true jack of all trades, Manifest Mami juggles being a biomedical sciences student at the University of Guelph and being an influencer. It might be hard for some people to juggle many responsibilities but Manifest Mami has found her perfect balance. She shares on the podcast that she is a student first and foremost. She prioritizes her classes, assignments, and then her job at a local clinic.

Manifest Mami photo manipulation where she puts on her own graduation cap

Her manifestation journey started at her second year of university. Manifest Mami remembers not having a huge friend circle or much of a social life during that time. She was at home watching music videos and thought to herself what it would be like to be in that social setting. She must have visualized herself and started manifesting that life to be her reality. It wasn’t long after that that she started getting calls and casted in music videos and her modeling and influencer journey began.

For Manifest Mami, it’s not so much the money and the lifestyle that prompted her to share her life online. It was more so inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves. One thing about manifestation is that it has to come from a place of genuinity and positivity. That’s why for Manifest Mami, the law of attraction worked seamlessly. Because she was able to successfully reach her life goals, she now teaches ways for manifesting your dreams.

Manifest Mami navigating the influencer world

The Influencer World

With the rise of social media, we’ve seen a new generation of people we now know as “influencers”. We are so used to knowing celebrities from TV shows, movies, and other traditional forms of media. But with the emergence of online platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, we’ve cultivated a space for a new type of media personality and it has really changed the world as we know it.

Influencers can get notoriety for various reasons and mostly it’s their relatability and close connection with their audience that make them so successful. They are able to learn what their followers enjoy and don’t enjoy seeing because they are easily contactable through direct messages or the comments section. That’s pretty much how Manifest Mami has built a relationship with her followers. They were able to tell her when her content was good and when it wasn’t and she learned to listen to them.

As an influencer, you have the responsibility to be more conscious of the content you put out there. Because of social media’s easy accessibility, you can’t be too careful with the stuff you promote online because fans or followers can be very impressionable. This is where Manifest Mami found her niche. Inspiring others and teaching them how to manifest properly. She blogs about affirmations and how your subconscious mind can bring your ideas into reality through the law of attraction and the law of manifestation.

How To Get The Universe To Work For You

In theory, manifesting success or manifesting your dreams sounds easy enough but nothing will come to you if you just think about it hard enough. Manifestations sound magical but there is also a lot of work that goes with it. The mind is powerful, yes, and your thoughts can eventually become your reality. That’s why you have to practice mindfulness and being positive. Because just as easily as you can manifest goodness into your life, it can be just as easy to manifest the bad if you constantly have a negative mindset.

For Manifest Mami, affirmations and vision boards help her the most. She runs a successful blog, Manifest Mania, where her readers can get tailored affirmations for their specific goals. These goals range from getting accepted at a job, finding a partner, and more. She even has affirmations called, “14 Powerful Affirmations Every Student Needs To Recite”.

When you’re manifesting your dreams, think of the universe as a mirror. It follows the frequency you are in. If you constantly think bad about yourself, that’ll be your reality because you are vibrating at a lower frequency. One of Manifest Mami’s source of motivation for manifesting is Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He also runs a blog with a lot of manifestation advice.

University of Guelph graduate Manifest Mami teaches students affirmations

Affirmations For Students To Get Into The Manifest Mindset

Here are some of the affirmations Manifest Mami advises students to try out.

● “I’m proud and grateful to be a student.”

● “I wake up each morning feeling happy and enthusiastic about life and the material I’m privileged to learn every day.”

● “I possess a growth mindset.”

● “I believe in my mind and that can be developed everyday.”

● “My thirst for learning is alive and well in me.”

● “Learning is life.”

● “I love learning and I’m good at it.”

● “Education is my path to freedom. I will walk that path with confidence and perseverance.”

● “I’m eager to embark on my process.”

● “I’m willing to do the things others won’t do today, to have the things others won’t have tomorrow.”

● “I am an optimist and I believe that all changes have solutions.”

● “I strive to do my best and I am aware that I can learn anything and everything that I put my mind to.”

● “If I can conceive it and believe it, I can achieve it.”

● “I’m not someone who gives up easily.”

These affirmations are a great way to rewire your brain into believing you are deserving of better things. The thing about affirmations and manifesting is that you attract what you believe. You are what you believe to be. Not a lot of people know this but manifesting your dreams and goals could easily be achieved simply by believing you already have them. What exists in the subconscious mind today, can be in your reality tomorrow.

Manifest Mami teaching her followers how to work smart and not hard

Working Smarter and Not Harder

Manifest Mami has really mastered turning her life around. She might have started out not having the best grades in her first years of college and not having a social life, but she slowly found her people, path, and passions.

She tells us on the podcast that one of the secrets to manifesting your dreams is to work smarter and not harder. It is something that has successfully worked for her and now advocates to her followers. “There’s a solution to everything”, she shares, and positive manifestation is not too far from self-motivation. When you tell yourself you’re capable, you will it and you become it. If you welcome solutions instead of excuses, worry, and doubt, that’s exactly what finds you.

Ironically, when Manifest Mami wasn’t practicing the lessons she teaches her followers, her life was so different. She might not have been busy with work or social life, but she didn’t get good grades either. Now that she is a senior about to graduate, she has all these new work opportunities, a devoted following, and an even successful student career. This is all because she learned the secret of working smarter and not harder. She realized that when she did the latter, she would just be overwhelmed, overworked, and uninspired.

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Manifest Mami sharing healthy habits to master manifesting

Manifest Mami’s Healthy Habits

Manifesting your dreams can be easier once you adapt some of Manifest Mami’s healthy habits. These are just some of the things she does to balance all her responsibilities and keep a positive mindset.

1. Music Therapy

Music therapy is real and it’s this love for listening to music and watching music videos is what got Manifest Mami into manifestations. One good thing to try out when you want to relax and practice self care is listening to your favorite tunes. Sometimes, the music we listen to can affect us greatly and helps us be in tune with our higher selves. There are also certain frequencies you can listen to to help in meditation and manifestation.

2. Vision Boards

The best way to create a vision board is to just cut up some photos that inspire you and place them on a board that you can see everyday. It’s a great way to motivate yourself on days when you’re feeling low. It also serves as a reminder to what you are working towards. Manifest Mami personally loves using vision boards and they’ve obviously worked in her favor.

If you’re needing that extra boost of motivation, read our past blog How To Motivate Yourself in School or In The Workplace.

3. Trying Out New Things

One thing Manifest Mami loves to do as well is doing adrenaline-filled activities. Find out what you enjoy doing by not being afraid to try new things. You never know what kind of activities you’ll end up loving if you never try them.

4. Prioritizing Mental Health

To ensure that your mind is fit to manifest, you’ve got to take care of your mental health. It’s also important to be surrounded by people who understand when it’s time to take a break. People who understand that prioritizing your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Being around social media these days can be just as bad as it is good. If you want to learn more about how disconnecting from social media could be one of the best things you can do for mental health, read our past blog about it here.

5. Keep A Trusted Circle

Surrounding yourself with good people is one healthy habit people can overlook. For Manifest Mami who didn’t have a social life when she was younger, has now realized the importance of it. When you’re surrounded by inspiring individuals, you are more likely to follow suit. Similar to how you can be influenced by the wrong crowd. Keep a close trusted circle of friends who want the best for you and themselves and it’ll be one of the best things you can do.

6. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Because she is an influencer, Manifest Mami has to remind herself not to be hard on herself. She says on the podcast that an advice she’s learned in the business is “nobody cares.” Nobody looks at your insecurities the way you do, whether it’s a little zit on your nose or whatever’s making you feel insecure at that moment, nobody cares. Learn not to take yourself too seriously and realize that other people are too preoccupied with their own selves to even notice you. Just be confident in your own skin and don’t think too much about what others think of your personal journey. It’s a healthy habit not to care too much about insignificant things too.

7. Protect Your Energy

Manifest Mami also shares on the podcast that she is keen on being selfish in her twenties. As a young woman, she has learned to prioritize herself and her goals. This is why she advocates so much in teaching others how to manifest their dream lives. In order to help others, she’s had to help herself and one way she’s done that is by being selfish.

Selfishness isn’t inherently bad, especially when it means you’re protecting your energy. When you’re selfish with your time and resources, you’re more likely to filter out people who want to take advantage of you. You’ve got to learn to prioritize yourself before you can be good to others.

Manifest Mami shares her four C’s to succeed as an influencer

The Four C’s

Something Manifest Mami made up as her personal mantra for succeeding in the influencer space is the four C’s.

1. Confidence

2. Consistency

3. Courage

4. Creativity

To make it as an influencer, you’ve got to have thick skin. For anyone to even listen to you, you have to embody a trait not a lot of people have. That’s confidence. Especially for the type of content Manifest Mami puts out, she’s had to step into her most confident self in order to legitimize her platform.

For a content creator to succeed in any social media platform, consistency is key. The influencer market is highly competitive and lots of people put out lots of content. Trends come and go and you’ve got to be able to pick up on them quickly before the next trend arrives. Consistency when posting ensures you always stay relevant.

Putting yourself out there for people to criticize when all you’re doing is sharing your life takes a lot of courage. To succeed as an influencer, you’ve got to have a lot of courage.

And lastly, because of the nature of this job which has a lot to do with staying aesthetically pleasing for internet consumption, you’ve got to be creative. You’ve got to learn to come up with ideas no one else has to put you above the rest. Of course, Manifest Mami’s four C’s not only applies to being an influencer. These are all traits you can practice when you’re manifesting your dreams. You’ve got to have confidence in yourself and believe you’re worthy of the things you’re manifesting. You’ve got to be consistent with your affirmations and work towards your goals. You’ve got to have courage to rise above when people are trying to work against you and bring you down. And you’ve got to be creative to envision your dream life. No goal is too small or insignificant. Dream big and always aim to be the best version of yourself.

Listen In To Manifest Mami’s Full Interview On The Homework Help Show Student Influencers Podcast

Learn from the master manifestor herself all the ways to start manifesting your dreams. Watch the full episode on YouTube or listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more!

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Manifest Mami (“MM”) [00:00:00] Literally, if you want to be successful in life, you look around you and the closest people to you that you relate to on an everyday basis, whatever characteristics that they have, you are probably going to adopt.

Lesley [00:00:14] Hi, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Homework Help Show Student Influencers podcast. I’m your host, Lesley, and today we have a special guest, Manifest Mami. How are you today?

MM [00:00:26] I’m good. How are you? How’s everything?

Lesley [00:00:28] Good. Good. So to get started, we do a couple little kind of get to know you questions. So why don’t we start with where are you currently located and where were you born and raised?

MM [00:00:41] Sounds good. Well, I would like to say Vancouver raised me, but Toronto made me. These are like really key points in my life. I spent most my life in Vancouver as to how I said it raised me. But I just recently started to like- I just- I found my path and I found myself in Toronto and I figured out what I wanted to do as to why I said Toronto made me.

Lesley [00:01:08] So how- when did you- did you move from Vancouver to Toronto then?

MM [00:01:12] Yes, I moved about three years ago.

Lesley [00:01:15] So you’ve been in-.

MM [00:01:16] Four years ago now. Yeah.

Lesley [00:01:18] Perfect. That’s actually where our company is headquartered, too, so.

MM [00:01:23] That’s so cool.

Lesley [00:01:24] We also love Toronto.

MM [00:01:27] Horray, honestly you gotta.

Lesley [00:01:28] Yeah.

MM [00:01:29] There’s a lot of great things happening here.

Lesley [00:01:30] Yep. Did you- did you go to university and if you did, what did you study?

MM [00:01:37] Yes, I’m currently in university. I go to University of Guelph. I’m currently studying biomedical sciences and I graduate this year.

Lesley [00:01:46] Nice!

MM [00:01:47] Yes. I’m so excited.

Lesley [00:01:50] Yeah, definitely. I’m assuming you’re home right now because of the pandemic and everything though?

MM [00:01:55] Yes, yes.

Lesley [00:01:57] Yeah. It’s kind of unfortunate, but…

MM [00:02:01] I mean, like we got to find our own positive outcomes in everything. The whole situation is obviously not as ideal, but I found a proper way to cope with like how everything’s going on.

Lesley [00:02:17] Yeah. I mean, everyone, I think- I feel like that’s like a big thing is everyone is trying to figure out their own coping mechanisms right now. And it is fortunate that there are a lot of online technologies. So you can still do some schooling instead of just missing out on like a whole year completely.

MM [00:02:37] Exactly, that would be crazy. I couldn’t even imagine that.

Lesley [00:02:41] Yeah, I can’t imagine either. So how did you kind of- I know right now you are an influencer and a model, so- how did you kind of- it’s kind of funny because you’re also studying at U of Guelph, so how did you kind of get into- like was- is that- is that kind of something that’s been like- I’m trying to word this properly, but how did you kind of get into that from, like one thing to the other?

MM [00:03:18] Exactly. Well, I wouldn’t really necessarily separate them. I’m always a student first. I mean, I always prioritize my assignments, exams, all that good stuff. I also work in a clinic, like, you know, I’m a really busy person. But I found that, like, if I set my mind to something, like, it’s really possible. So I use my platform to bring awareness and help my community just learn the things that I came across and it became natural. So basically, this is a little story. So my second year of university, I was just so bored. I was a biomedical student and I was still trying to figure out, like, OK, like I don’t have any friends. I don’t know what I’m doing, you know? And I was just sitting on my brown wooden desk. I remember this. And I was just watching music videos. I was just basically visualizing, like, what it would be like if I was like, you know, out there. Just like basically out there socially and honestly, the thing about manifesting as to like why I’m really strong about it is like when you visualize things, your mind subconsciously just take the action. So it’s not like I was trying really hard. It was just like, I was just visualizing, like oh, that would be so cool. I was watching a lot of music videos and then I just started getting cast and people started calling me. It’s like okay, it comes through. So that became another stream of income for me, but was also really fun because it’s like the stuff that I like doing, like I like putting on makeup to look good. I’m like, you know- obviously none of these videos are derogatory, none of them are explicit in nature, but they’re just things that I love to do and like it’s fun. And yeah. And being an influencer basically, I don’t really call myself a model. I call myself more of an influencer because it’s an umbrella that streams into multiple things. So sometimes I’m a muse, sometimes I do video campaigns, photo shoots, and these things are all for things that align with my goals obviously. I won’t just randomly go for things just because they’re paid, because all money’s not good money, right?

Lesley [00:05:24] Right.

MM [00:05:25] Yeah, right. But yeah. I just really love being an influencer, inspiring others to be the best version of themselves, like, you know, just dig deep within themselves and just find things beyond their own surface, but just things- You know what, long story short, I just love doing it. It’s just like something that came from my subconscience and now it’s reality.

Lesley [00:05:52] I think that’s the best reason to be doing that, because there’s a lot of people out there who, you know, just do things for the money and they don’t really like think about this stuff that they promote. And half the time it’s like something that could be dangerous or just- I keep thinking of like when, like, there’s those celebrities that keep promoting those really unhealthy like products that can lead to self-esteem issues and stuff like that, so there are good and bad reasons. So those are good reasons to do it.

MM [00:06:32] For sure. Thank you. And honestly, I remember I started off by just like not knowing what’s great and like, my community was nice enough to reach out to me. Like multiple people were like, okay we don’t like it when you promote these things because like X, Y, Z. So that’s where I figured out, that like, hey, there’s people who actually listen to what I say. And I need to be careful, especially in terms of branding and image. You really need to be careful because those things can come back and bite you when you want to do other things.

Lesley [00:07:03] And it’s just sometimes things can genuinely hurt people. And that might not be the intention you have, but it could end up coming back to the fact that, OK, I promoted this and now this thing hurt people and there’s that whole other like, psychological aspect of that too. Good to avoid that.

MM [00:07:23] 100 percent. Yes, yes, yes.

Lesley [00:07:27] So that’s kind of what kind of work you do right now is kind of just like music videos and promoting things that mean something to you and kind of encouraging other people to manifest their own dreams kind of thing?

MM [00:07:45] Yes. I wouldn’t necessarily put music videos at the forefront because it’s just like a side hobby I would say. I really enjoy- I’m a blogger as well. I don’t know if I mentioned that. I blog like different affirmations that people can use to basically bring into the reality, it’s just basically the subconscious thing. Like, it’s a really big deal but because it’s so simple, people overlook it as being something so simple, where if you actually place emphasis on it, it can really change things. So like besides being a student and having the job at the clinic, the time left that I use is for branding. And this can range from like blogging and YouTube videos. I don’t know. I do a lot of things.

Lesley [00:08:31] Yeah, it sounds like it.

MM [00:08:31] I have my hand in a whole bunch of cookie jars, I would say. Right. But I love it. I love it. It motivates me every day. It puts a smile on my face. And I also love- another thing that I love doing is I love, you know, like the people who put- my community has put so much into me, so I like putting it back into the community. For instance, a couple weeks ago I did a clothing drive and I like supporting smaller businesses within my community because especially with what’s going on with the pandemic, really crazy, it’s very unfortunate. I know a lot of smaller businesses are just feeling for it because they’re unable to, like, create means for themselves. And I don’t know, it’s like- it’s- it’s a really touchy subject but it’s like, a lot of people right now, like, really just don’t know what they’re going to do, especially because it’s like a shock. Like nobody knew that their income was going to stop all of a sudden. Fortunately for me, I’ve created all these streams of income. So like what I like to do is I like to see what my community can do. So a couple of weeks ago when I was like- I’m really, really proud to say this. A couple of weeks ago I did a clothing drive. And the thing with the clothing drive was like it was helping those people who needed clothes within, like, you know, shopping isn’t everyone’s priority right now. So me and a couple of people on my team, we went to go pick up used- some of them were new. It was like, people were actually donating new clothes too. Pick up some clothes from different people in the Greater Toronto Area. But the catch was like, if you were donating, the incentive was we would give you a list of small businesses who are willing to give you a discount for like the holiday season. So we’re both supporting both the people, like, you know, the people who are unable to provide for their kids. And obviously nobody wants to be able to say that. So the fact that clothes are available to them so their kids are happy, like at least feel content. Because I don’t know, as a kid, I did not have a lot of clothes. I used to wear the same clothes and like, people would get at me for it. So I’ve been there, done that. And I just wanted to help those people who are in that position or who did not have any clothes, just like feel like someone loves them. Because, you know, obviously during this time of ambiguity, everybody needs a little bit of love. Both the small businesses, kids and the parents who also want to provide but can’t. But.

Lesley [00:10:50] Yeah, that’s- that’s like- all of that is really… One, that’s a really awesome initiative that you’re doing. But I mean, that’s really important for a lot of reasons. One, because local businesses are really struggling right now. So you’re helping them out, but also too, like it’s- it’s- clothing is really important in that sense and a lot of people kind of just look at it like, oh, all you care about is clothes or clothes aren’t that important. But the impact that your clothing has on your self-esteem, your feelings of self worth, even your identity is way more relevant than people think.

MM [00:11:31] Yes, yes, especially because in high school, you know, kids are ruthless. They say whatever they like. You know, at least when you’re an adult, people look at you, but they don’t always say what they mean outside. Kids are like, didn’t you wear that last week? Even though we did have- you know, even though we did have uniforms, I went to private school like most of my life. Even though we can all see these days non uniform days, like, you know, when you’re supposed to wear outfits. I dreaded those days because I was like no, I already wore this. But it’s so crazy. I feel- yeah, I feel like I manifested this moment because literally my closet is like full of clothing. I have like two bags full I still need to donate and like, I’m literally going to my closet right now. And it’s just like clothing that people sent to me to wear. And it’s just such a blessed thing that I’m able to say, especially looking back at like where I came from. And yeah, I just wanted to be able to help other people who have that those feelings, because it’s not the best, especially if you look in the mirror and you don’t really like what you see because you feel like other people. Yeah.

Lesley [00:12:36] Yeah. And even like there are some days, like even I’ll find like I’m wearing one thing or I’m going somewhere and I’m getting dressed and I just look at myself and I’m like, I’m not really feeling how I look right now. Like I kind of look- and then I change my clothes and all of a sudden it’s like, Whoa. I feel really good now! And like it’s just those little differences, so like that that makes a really big impact on someone’s life.

MM [00:13:00] It does, it does. 100 percent.

Lesley [00:13:04] How did you kind of get into the biomechanical stuff, too? Like you kind of always a science person, too?

MM [00:13:13] Oh, OK. So, yes. I literally already know what I want to do after I finish university. And I’ve been knowing since, I think first or second year. I’ve always been great at sciences. I’ve always been like top notch student. I guess it’s not- no, you know what? Let me stop. I’m not naturally good at science. I’ve just always been persistent. So I would always like, bug the teachers and you know, like, be the first one in class, be the last one out of class, or just ask for extra hours because I am a slow learner. I don’t want to manifest that. So I, I take a little bit more time learning things, but I get it, I guess. So after that I just seen that, like, I’m really good at science and science makes sense. So I went to that for university and honestly I just already knew what I wanted to do. I started to work at a clinic that was in- that was aligning with what I wanted to do after school. So everything just kind of clicked into place and I still- I’m still feeling like I still want to do that after I finish. So, yes, I just like science.

Lesley [00:14:23] Makes sense. I mean, and that’s the thing, too, is like a lot of people think that just because you’re not good at something doesn’t mean you should… Let me rephrase that. Just because you’re not good at something doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and you shouldn’t just avoid it completely. If it’s something you’re still interested in, you can easily practice and train yourself and change your perspective and get it done.

MM [00:14:50] Oh, for sure. And I feel like that’s why everything I do is just, like, I wouldn’t say perfect, but everything I do is just like, I would say more potent, because it’s a lot- it’s the product of trial and error, I would say. Trial and error, trial and error, my homework, my exams, my content. I deleted a whole bunch of my beginning content. But the content that you see now is like a product of trial and error. And, yeah.

Lesley [00:15:22] I think that’s definitely a big thing with the Internet.

MM [00:15:24] I definitely would. Like I agree with you 100 percent.

Lesley [00:15:27] Definitely. When you first kind of got into all of this, when you started going into putting yourself out there on the Internet and stuff like that, what kind of struggles or challenges did you kind of face doing that? I’m sure there were some obstacles you had to overcome.

MM [00:15:47] Well, honestly, I’m going to say that, like… At first I would say the biggest struggle was the lack of support. But obviously, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you. So the first- I thought I wanted to be a model at first. That’s so crazy. Today I go I’m not a model, I’m an influencer. I started off by wanting to be a model. I got rejected a couple of times and I’m like OK, so I’m going to create my own brand. I’m going to build off of my own brand. And I think the second biggest challenge was the lack of support from the people I would support a thousand times and beyond. Like every post I’d like, even though they don’t do it. But if they were in my position, every post I’d share, like I’d share their content to other people. And honestly, I just realized that I needed to change the circle that I was in to people who were more uplifting and would inspire me to do better, as opposed to people who would tell me to delete content that I thought was creative as opposed to people like would see my content, but not like her comment. Because like and comments are really- like, that’s the biggest thing you can do to support somebody just to say that, like, hey, like I like that you did this, you spent a couple hours doing this for me. But I feel like those were my biggest challenges because… And the third biggest, you know what? Third biggest challenge out of this whole thing was my first guidance counselor in university. I’m so glad she was not my last. So I talked to her maybe two times and she was so discouraging. She was trying to tell me that I was going to- I was fumbling my future. Like she was saying that, like, if I wanted to do social media, if I wanted to be present on social media and still be in university that my university grades would suffer. But here I am about to graduate. The second one was super duper supportive. She gave me all the resources she could. Literally I’m in contact with her a couple times a month and she literally puts me on track and then she supported the whole vision. And honestly, I would say maybe two and three, those two challenges that I said kind of intertwined in the fact that you need supportive people around you in order to be able to carry out these things or even just standing by yourself. Like, the company that you keep around you, does depict or does determine what you end up doing as a person. Because if you’re around a whole bunch of people who don’t support you, you’re going to be like, why am I even doing this? They’re going to make you second guess yourself as opposed to people who uplift you, inspire you and support you, and basically help you out with different resources that you can use in order to be more successful. You feel empowered. So- and I just wanted to put a little insert here for anybody who’s trying to be a content creator or an influencer or anything in that realm. Is people will not support you at first. Maybe you might get a little bit of support in the beginning, but in the middle where like, you know, you’re still in the process of branding and building, it’s going to be quiet. But they’re watching. Everyone’s watching just to see. You might not get support, you might not feel like nobody’s watching, but everyone’s watching. And honestly, you just have to be consistent. You just have to believe in yourself.

Lesley [00:19:16] I think that’s something that goes both ways too. Like being aware that everyone is watching you, because going back to, you know, posting things that are genuine and authentic and that help people, you have to know that everything you post, everyone’s watching in a good way and in a bad way. So when people are watching, you need to be careful that you’re saying things that are productive or healthy and stuff like that. As well as how you present yourself.

MM [00:19:46] Exactly, and just a little insert here, like, for instance, you guys reached out to me and I’m so grateful by the way. Like, I’m pretty sure you came across some of my content. And, you know, that’s a really big example of, like, people are watching that you don’t even know because I didn’t know you and you come across, like it was just crazy. I just was so excited when I got that email. So thank you for reaching out to me.

Lesley [00:20:08] Thank you for responding to us and joining us today, because-.

MM [00:20:12] No worries. Yeah. So, like, I mean, that is a lot of- like I said, there’s always a lot of obstacles and stuff like that, especially if you’re going to do something like creating content and things like that. So surrounding yourself- and I think that the concept of surrounding yourself with people who support you, I think can apply to almost everything.

MM [00:20:37] Everything. Literally. It’s, like literally if you want to be successful in life, you look around you and the closest people to you that you relate to on an everyday basis, whatever characteristics that they have, you are probably going to adopt. So if they’re narcissists, they’re negative, they’re pessimistic, you’re probably going to be pessimistic as well. It kind of interwines with all of those sayings where your network- if no one’s going to do anything in your network, then you’re probably not going to aspire to do that either. And yeah. I go by a whole bunch of these sayings, like I don’t know if you can see right here in the mirror, that’s my vision board. And I have just a whole bunch of those sayings that I stare at every morning.

Lesley [00:21:28] Those positive affirmations. And speaking of those like positive affirmations, because I did actually look at your blog and I did look at some of the blogs that you have about the positive affirmations and stuff like that.

MM [00:21:44] Thank you.

Lesley [00:21:46] So a lot of students, not even just right now, because obviously stress is very high right now with COVID. But in general, a lot of students suffer from burnout and depression and stress and stuff like that. So do you have any kind of maybe like little positive affirmations that students could practice themselves, like at home or any other kind of advice in that sense for those stressed out students?

MM [00:22:14] Yes, I thrive for this question. I have a blog,, where I post a whole bunch of affirmations people may want to check out for different- you know, different situations in your life, such as student related competence, just basically anything you want to bring into your life. The goal is that I have like hundreds and hundreds of different- lots of different things for different moments in your life. For instance, if you want to get married, this affirmation for that. If you want to go look at a job or go drop off some resumes. I want it for every single situation, but there is one for students. It’s called 14 Powerful Affirmations Every Student Needs to Recite. And I could actually read a couple off for you if you’d like.

Lesley [00:23:05] Sure.

MM [00:23:08] So the first thing- I actually say these when I feel like- I say these affirmations from this blog, when I feel a little bit stressed, like more pressure on me. So these are really great. So number one was I’m proud and grateful to be a student. I wake up each morning feeling happy and enthusiastic about life and the material I’m privileged to learn every day. I possess a growth mindset. I believe in my mind, and that can be developed every day. My thirst for learning is alive and well in me. Learning is life. I love learning and I’m good at it. So these things that are in that first affirmation is basically bringing your vibration up to being grateful that you’re in that position. So you’re more- like, you know, sometimes we all forget that it’s so great that we’re in school and that we can learn all these things that we can use to accelerate ourselves. So the first one was just to bring our vibrations up to realize that, hey, this is a good thing you got going here. And just because you didn’t get the greatest mark last time doesn’t mean we can’t get the greatest mark the second time. And I’m just going to read two more because there is 14. Your viewers can go back and read them out for themselves if they’re interested.

Lesley [00:24:29] Yeah, we can link them later too.

MM [00:24:32] That’d be awesome. Thank you. The second is education is my path to freedom. I will walk that path with confidence and perseverance. I’m eager to embark on my process. I’m willing to do the things others won’t do today, to have the things others won’t have tomorrow. So basically, this is just basically adding to a subconscious of hey, if you do this work today, things are going to be easier for us later on as opposed to just not doing anything today and just having to work extra hard tomorrow. And I really like that because it basically taps into the hey, I gotta do it now phrase. And the third one is I am an optimist and I believe that all challenges have solutions. I strive to do my best and I am aware that I can learn anything and everything that I put my mind to. If I can conceive it and believe it, I can achieve it. I’m not someone who gives up easily. Now, this is one of my favorite ones because it’s saying that there’s a solution to everything, and I believe that’s how I work, so I don’t necessarily work harder, I work smarter as to why I’m able to do all these things on my plate. I’m not spending extra hours at school because I find when I do, like first year, my grades weren’t as well as they are right now, fourth year. And first year all I was doing was just school. I wasn’t- I didn’t have a job and I wasn’t doing this influencer stuff. As opposed to fourth year, I have a job, fourth year advanced studies, getting ready to graduate. And I’m doing all these things on the side. So I learned that there’s a solution to everything. So if you want to learn smarter, if you want to do anything smarter and faster, there’s a solution to that and you just have to find that. So I really love that one. And the fact that we’re basically enabling ourselves to say that we don’t give up easily is also very important, because sometimes when we say things like, oh, I’m not smart, oh like, you know, it’s too hard, we’re basically giving in to basically saying that we give up and that’s- it’s not but- it doesn’t give us motivation to keep going. So when you say I’m not someone who gives up easily, you subconsciously think, OK, so we can’t give up now or ever.

Lesley [00:27:01] Yeah, definitely. It’s super- like, all of it’s super important because- yeah, like that whole- even like the whole work smarter, not harder concept is- I think that’s a really important concept to remember when it comes to avoiding that burnout and stuff, too, because like you said, you could spend so much of your time just like doing all of your schoolwork and dedicating all of your time to your schoolwork, but working harder in that sense might not actually help you as much as you think it is, and if anything, it can be hurtful because you’re not giving yourself that self care that’s so important.

MM [00:27:44] Exactly, you hit it on the nail there. It’s so important and that’s something that you know, like when I really do think back to it, I was spending all my time in first year on my first year courses. I did not have a social life, so I was spending all my time on my studies. At the same time, I wasn’t getting the grades that I desired. So it is kind of detrimental to your grades as well because you have a good attention span, right? But when you exceed it you’re just basically wasting your time, and you just feel bad about yourself at the same time. So it’s very important to take breaks and do other things that you’re passionate about. And that’s another thing I wanted to say. It’s so OK to be passionate about a whole bunch of things. You were that you can have so many passions and you can excel at all these passions. Just because other people aren’t does not mean that you should.

Lesley [00:28:39] I think that that’s important, too, because there’s a lot of people who you might be studying one thing, but you might have a lot of interests in other sides of the spectrum. And it’s not necessarily like just because you’re a creative, artistic person doesn’t mean that you can also not enjoy math related things or logical things or stuff like that. Like it’s not just one or the other. It’s whatever you want to do.

MM [00:29:07] Exactly. Life is what you make it. So exactly.

Lesley [00:29:11] Definitely. Do you have any other kind of stuff that you do for your self care? I know that positive affirmations are a big aspect of self care, but is there anything else you kind of do to make sure you keep yourself in check normally?

MM [00:29:25] Like I said, that vision board is very important because it reminds me you need a constant motivator and honestly motivating yourself once isn’t enough. You’ve got to constantly do it in order to have the discipline. So I would say motivating myself is like one thing, so like affirmations can fall into that category. I love self care days, I love going to the spa and just basically forgetting about everything. I tend to do that a lot when I feel pressured and when I say pressured I mean like anytime I feel like things can get a little bit stressful, I slow down and, OK, stop it. Like literally, I say stop and I do things like self care. The spas are open right now. I would still be in the spa right now, but I guess I’m just doing things like listening to music. Music therapy is so real. I love listening to music. I love creating content. I love basically calling up my old friends just saying hi. Like, you know, different things that just basically put a smile on my face. I like doing new things like almost all the time. So basically I, I wouldn’t say I’m an adrenaline junkie, but I love doing things for the first time and I love doing that. As to why I love moving around. I love moving cities. I find it very easy to network and connect with people and talk to people. And those are just the things I love, honestly, I’m just listing things I love. And that’s what I do for self care. If I feel like a little bit of pressure or in the equation I try to mix it up a little bit so I don’t feel overwhelmed or drained.

Lesley [00:31:01] I think that is a good point that you mentioned, too, is that learning to recognize when you start to feel that stress coming instead of getting to the point where you’re- you wait for it to come and then all of a sudden you’re already overwhelmed with stress and you’re leaving it kind of too long. And by the time you recognize that, you’re just like piled with all this stuff. So learning to kind of see those little signs ahead of time and staying on top of it, being more proactive instead of reactive to that stress is key I think.

MM [00:31:29] Exactly, it’s so key, especially in my experience. I found that when I get to that verge of like just like, OK, so this is a roller coaster ride. It’s good to start at the beginning of the roller coaster, like going all the way up here because the fall. You know, you don’t want to fall. So, like, trying your best not to get to that point is the best thing you can do for yourself, because everyone’s fall looks different and you’re not the best version of yourself when you do fall. So always taking that extra precaution, that extra what do you call it, preventative of the fall can do wonders for you.

Lesley [00:32:10] I think that’s a cool metaphor-.

MM [00:32:11] But it’s also really- sorry, you can keep on going. I’m so sorry.

Lesley [00:32:15] I was just going to say I think that’s a cool metaphor because like falling from the distance, because it’s like yeah, like the higher you go, the longer you wait until- the higher you go, then the harder it hurts with the fall.

MM [00:32:29] Right. It’s so crazy I just came up with it on the spot. But literally, that’s exactly what it is. And honestly, it’s OK. You can literally message your professors and be like hey, like, you know, this thing right now is not my priority. My mental health is. So I’ll catch you in a couple days. And they’re going- none of my professors have ever said, hey, like your mental health isn’t important. They always are understanding. If the people around you aren’t understanding, then that’s a perfect way- like that’s a perfect flag. That’s a perfect little- what do you call it- perfect little signal to leave them-.

Lesley [00:33:07] Yeah, like a red flag.

MM [00:33:08] Because it’s really important. Exactly. It’s really important to be able to tell the people around you, hey, this isn’t serving me right now, and I’ll come back to it when I feel like I’m up to it. It’s very important to have people who understand that because that’s where toxicity rises, right? People who are like, oh, no, you have to do this right then and there.

Lesley [00:33:31] I was just going to say, if the people around you don’t seem to care about your mental health or if you say something like, oh, I’m stressed and they don’t really care, then obviously they’re not supportive and they’re not good friends in the first place.

MM [00:33:46] I do keep in contact with a lot of people, but when I notice that they’re doing things like characteristics of things that aren’t going to serve my purpose, I write them down in their contact. And when I see that there’s a trend like- you know, I could separate myself because one thing I noticed is that I tend to forget when people do these little flags. So like when you make this little- what do you call it? When you keep a log of things that people do- not in a- not in a bad way, like in a way that it’s going to let you know that whether or not that you should continue keeping contact with this person. I feel like that’s important for me, because I get to see, OK, this is why they’re not- like it’s- there’s evidence there. There’s receipts as to why the person should be kept at arm’s length as opposed to being relevant.

Lesley [00:34:42] I think that is a really good way to filter out toxic and negative people from your life, because it’s one thing to see, you know, say you have a friend and they say maybe, maybe they say or do they post something on Instagram or something that’s like a little bit questionable, like, why would that person say that? And then- but then if you kind of just like forget about it, then the next time they do something, you’re going to just be like, oh, well, maybe it’s a one time thing. But if you start to actually, like, recognize that that person’s doing that over and over again, that’s obviously them showing their character. And it’s probably a character that you really don’t want to be involved with.

MM [00:35:24] And just being able to keep the notes, you see a trend. Once you see a trend, you catch it before anything drastic happens or anything that’s going to be of any impact to your life. So I really like that method. I just wanted to share that.

Lesley [00:35:40] Yeah, I think that’s a good technique. And it’s- I mean, it’s the same concept as if you’re you know, if you have to- I don’t know. If you have to start watching what you eat and then you kind of write down everything you eat or if maybe you’re having some kind of like symptoms, you want to keep track of what you were eating to check that. So then you can actually visualize it and see it in front of you and compare it to one to the other. I think it’s the same. Not the same thing, but the same idea.

MM [00:36:08] Exactly. But it’s it’s honestly the people you contact with, it is an intake. So you know, if it’s bad for you, you can see it there. The receipts are there. I like that.

Lesley [00:36:19] Yeah, me too. So I know you kind of mentioned a little before, too, about kind of like presenting yourself and building a community with where you are at school, as well as with your audience and things like that. And I know, like a lot of those kind of networking type of skills can really apply to students in general just while they’re adjusting to school or making friends and stuff like that. So do you kind of have any tips or advice on how you kind of do that for yourself that maybe students could learn from to help themselves kind of make friends or anything like that?

MM [00:36:58] The number one thing I’m going to say is- the number one piece of advice I’ve learned. I’m going to give you a little bit of- like a little life lesson that like kind of confirms that is that I realize nobody cares. And when I say nobody cares, I mean, nobody cares about the zit on your nose. Like, honestly, you know the little things that we obsess about ourselves? Nobody notices that the first time around, right? Those things that make us go like, oh, no, I’m shy. No, no- like people don’t care about the things that you think that they care about. They care about your character and that how are you going to exhibit your character if you’re shy? So basically, the advice I really want to reiterate is like nobody cares. And the thing is, everyone is shy. So why don’t you just step out of your comfort zone and just be confident, because the second you’re confident people notice that. People realize that okay, maybe there’s something I need to watch out for. Maybe there’s something that I need to focus on with this person. Like, why do they exhibit this level of confidence? So when I say nobody cares, I mean, nobody cares about the outfits you wear. Like, for instance, the outfit- the clothing that like I was saying, it really depends how well the outfit obviously works. But some people are like, oh, no, I don’t really know how to dress x, y, z. Nobody really cares. As long as you exhibit good character, as long as you exhibit confidence, as long as you’re- you’re- you’re pleasant to be around, people will be magnetized to your personality. People will literally be drawn to you. But it’s really, really what comes out of your mouth and what comes out of your brain obviously. You need to be able to understand that your character weighs a thousand times more than the pimple on your face, the- your hair. For instance, like I know there are some girls who are like oh yeah, like I’m not happy with how frizzy my hair is and I have to toss out scanty, blah, blah, blah. Just- I’m just throwing different things that people may be insecure about, like oh I’m not pretty as her but the whole time the her that they’re talking about romanticizing what the features the other girl has, like nobody really cares at the end of the day. Just basically walking in your confidence can do wonders for you.

Lesley [00:39:20] Yeah. And I know for- go ahead.

MM [00:39:24] For sure and I said I was going to give a little story time. So a lot of times like this, like nobody cares, it keeps reoccurring. And the last time it reoccurred, I literally loled so hard. So I was upstairs at the guidance counselors floor at the University of Guelph and my music was playing a little bit loud on my earphones and I’m like oh my God, you know, I’m causing so much attention to myself. Oh, my gosh. Like, oh my gosh. I’m probably- like people are probably looking at me as like, oh, I’m unmannered, I’m ill-mannered. Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing. Oh my gosh. Like, I didn’t notice this. I don’t- I don’t remember why I didn’t notice that my earphones were playing so loud. Actually I don’t know how to say this in the least offensive way, but there were all hearing- like they- they were deaf. So like the fact that I was stressing out about people who were deaf in the first place was an lol moment because I’m like- I’m flustered. I’m basically on the verge of like- my face is feeling hot because I’m thinking that, like, people here are thinking ill of me. But the whole time the person was deaf, like, you know, like that was just basically my little aha moment that, like, nobody really cares.

Lesley [00:40:38] Kind of like one of those, like, why was I so worried about this thing? Kind of one of those moments.

MM [00:40:44] Exactly. Exactly.

Lesley [00:40:48] Yeah. And I mean it- that can happen. And I think that’s the thing is that like people don’t really pick up on those really small things, like you get a zit or you get a weird haircut or something like that. It’s about- people- people are more inclined to notice the way you present yourself as a whole. And like when you show your confidence and stuff like that, I think it’s a lot more- or even when you’re saying- when the things you’re saying are more constructive or positive, like people pick up on that a lot more than they do one little tiny thing.

MM [00:41:19] Exactly. Exactly. And I wish almost everybody knew that because I’m going to say when I learned that, I feel like I was invincible. I’m like, wow, nobody really cares. Like, I can literally fumble right now. And if I acted like I was supposed to do that, people would be like, oh my gosh, I love that not knowing that I fumbled because, like, nobody really- I don’t know, it’s just crazy. I wish everybody knew that, that nobody really cares. Obviously people care about you as a person, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about, like, people don’t really care about your little flaws that you obsess about.

Lesley [00:41:52] Yeah. And people don’t really care like, oh- so- and I think too, a lot of times people notice things about ourselves that no one’s even going to notice at all. Like if you notice you have a zit, just using that example, if you notice that you have a zit, somebody might not even see it, let alone care about it.

MM [00:42:11] Exactly. Exactly, exactly. I never see it. People will be like, oh, I hate my skin. I’m like, where? Right? Literally.

Lesley [00:42:22] Yeah, or it’s like, oh, I got a haircut and I hate it and I’m like, I didn’t even notice you got your hair cut.

MM [00:42:28] Exactly. Exactly.

Lesley [00:42:31] Yeah, I think that’s- I think that’s a good way to think, especially when, like, you’re in- even in high school or in university, when you’re trying- like, people can- you can feel like people are so judgmental. And in high school in particular, they are judgmental. But I think moving past that is a lot- is an easier way to kind of build your own self-confidence and, you know, talk to people and make these friends.

MM [00:42:58] One hundred percent. And especially because my last couple of years of high school were pretty toxic. I had like a culture shock when I moved to Ontario. I moved from Vancouver, like I said before, and the people in Vancouver were so… How do I say? They’re less- like they weren’t as confronting. So like, say I was doing something wrong. In Vancouver, they’d praise me like, you know. So I guess could still get compliments at least, and like the last year of high school, like if I did something wrong, like it would go through a megaphone. Like literally everybody would be talking about it. And that’s another reason why I moved out to Guelph. Just like, you know, a change of scenery changes- because like that whole surrounding was just toxic. And I feel like just moving out to Guelph was an amazing- was- it was an amazing thing for my own career because I realized that like, people aren’t the same. Not everyone in the world is the same.

Lesley [00:43:55] Yeah. I mean, I went through kind of the same things, like my- a lot of my high school experience was pretty toxic, too. And like, people will just take one thing and kind of run with it and not think about how it impacts your life. And just getting away from those people makes a world of difference.

MM [00:44:17] It does.

Lesley [00:44:17] Even if it means you lose some friendships. They weren’t- like those friendships weren’t worth it.

MM [00:44:22] If it was meant to be, it will always come back.

Lesley [00:44:25] Yeah, and if you feel like your friends are toxic, they probably are. And you probably should find better friends.

MM [00:44:32] Right. If you feel like it, then it’s probably a sign.

Lesley [00:44:37] Yeah. I mean, you know.

MM [00:44:40] It’s a flag you need. Yeah.

Lesley [00:44:42] And you need to be able to identify that. I was kind of going to ask what- what kind of like qualities or life skills you kind of need to- to step into kind of like an influencer role, but I feel like we did kind of cover that like confidence and not letting people get to you and all that kind of stuff. Like I feel like we did pretty much cover that. So.

MM [00:45:10] For sure, but I wanted to input the four Cs for me.

Lesley [00:45:14] Sure.

MM [00:45:15] So the four Cs include confidence, consistency, courage and creativity. This is the major things you need in order to be an influencer. I kind of made that up, but it’s so important. All those things are very- they make- they make or break you, I would say.

Lesley [00:45:36] Yeah, I mean, I think that’s- I mean, I’m impressed that you just made that up off the top of your head because that’s pretty clever.

MM [00:45:44] Right?

Lesley [00:45:44] But it’s true, though. I mean, from everything I’ve heard from every influencer I’ve talked to, it’s kind of a similar thing. Like all of those things are important and it takes the right kind of mindset to be able to get past those toxic people or the haters or whoever.

MM [00:46:02] Oh, for sure. For sure. Tell me about it. Sometimes- but it’s like the thing is, the haters, like until up until a couple of months ago, I started just feeling grateful for the haters. I remember one time I was listening to someone. And she was basically critiquing a whole bunch of people, and honestly, I love being critiqued. Like, I love, I love, love, love, people showing me what I need to work on. That’s such a blessing. So there is a whole bunch of people with a whole bunch of like other micro influencers. So we’re on the same level. But they’re still building their platforms, right? She was just basically sending positivity their way, just like giving constructive criticism. When it came to me, she was like very cold and she didn’t say one good thing about my platform. And she was basically telling me to get rid of my hair color and that I need to wear less makeup and I’m like, I’m not even wearing foundation sis. We’re- I was like, honestly, it was like she was just bashing my whole image. And honestly, I just smiled and I’m like, that is such a blessing because like- like I don’t need to make other people feel insecure, of course. But the fact that people are hating for their own personal reasons should be an indicator to you that you’re doing something right. So for all those other influencers, you know, those people who aspire to create content is you are not popping unless you got haters.

Lesley [00:47:37] Yeah, I think that’s so true. And like that- there’s a lot of things like it depends on- sometimes people will just hate on you because whether they’re jealous or they just want- have their own stuff going on and want to project it on to someone else. But if someone’s hating on you for something, there could potentially be an opportunity to take a look and be like, OK, well, how can I improve myself or what can I do to improve this that this person has pointed out? Or is this something I can work on? Or is this just this person being rude?

MM [00:48:11] Exactly.

Lesley [00:48:13] Yeah, I think that’s a very-.

MM [00:48:15] Insecure because I feel like if I was happy and I think I wanted to find something on someone else, I would find the best way to do it where you, like, both of us are uncomfortable. Because obviously I’m here. But when I come down here to tell you something where we can both be up here. So that’s just basically my thinking when I do see those trolls.

Lesley [00:48:36] We were talking before a little while ago about when you were- we were talking first about working smarter, not harder. And then we were talking about how you were taking your degree and also doing all these things on the side, like kind of like a side hustle with your platforms and stuff like that. And that’s a lot of commitments and responsibilities and things you have to manage on a regular basis. So what do you kind of do in terms of time management or keeping yourself on track? Like what kind of things do you use to to stay on top of that?

MM [00:49:15] Well, honestly, I did a lot of trial and error to realize what schedule works the best for me because on an everyday basis I like to feel good, right? So things that make me feel good, top of the list are accomplishing things, working out and eating great. So it’s hard to- like, especially because if you’re a student cooking is so hard if you want to make sure that you’re on top of everything. So I try to figure out- at first, like it took me a couple of years to figure out what schedule worked the best for me. So that’s the first thing. And then after the trial and error, I started to adopt like I have four different agendas, don’t even look into all of them. Like I just always been keen on scheduling an agenda and actually being intentional and specific with the time I’m supposed to be doing things. For instance, second year I started waking up at five o’clock in the morning because I realized I needed more hours of the day in order to basically implement everything that I needed. So from like waking up at 5, I worked out and then I realized that I can’t work out at the end of the day because it’s not going to work. So I have to do it the first thing in the morning. So from doing that, I realized like, OK, schedule that works best for me is this. So I started writing in agendas. I started basically Apple calendars. So I schedule both all my due dates, essay due dates and booking dates, due dates, exam dates. I put everything in the beginning of the semester in both the agenda and all my devices. So that’s when I started because I was obsessed with agendas, and I could really see it was making a difference. It made my life easier. Honestly I was just so excited I got myself this- I don’t know if you can see it. Okay, I guess that won’t work. But I bought this three month agenda because I feel like the next few months will be like the most potent in my life. I change cities, I graduate and I want to implement all these projects. So like, I just basically got myself a three month agenda, and it’s just basically it’s three months because it’s very big. Basically each page is specific. So I wanted to use that for me in terms of just being super duper specific with my goals, my financial goals. Like, you know, obviously that’s something that you also have to plan out. School goals, personal life goals, relationship goals. basically I’m writing all my goals in the schedule and the agenda just to see how that goes. But I will definitely say agenda scheduling and just being on point between realizing what works for you, not works for other people, what works for you is important because the second you start saying yeah I can do this and like not checking your schedule, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

MM [00:52:05] One thing that I also am keen about is being selfish in my twenties. And I basically recoMMend that for everybody, because in your 20s, that’s- those are years of growth. Like you want to be able to grow at your fullest capacity with minimal influence. And when I say influence, I obviously mean negative influence. You want to surround yourself by people who inspire. You want to be a sponge. You really want to take everything that you can from this world because 30, 40, obviously you can still do these things when you’re 30, but you might have more responsibilities. So you might not be able to do it at your fullest capacity. As to why it’s so important to just be selfish with your time, being selfish, selfish with your energy in those years because is it will literally I won’t say make or break you, but it can definitely make you.

Lesley [00:52:57] I think that is super relevant because I mean, I went through- I kind of think about that sometimes, too, because, like, I’m- I’m almost 30 and there’s a lot of things that, like, I wish I did that were more for me when I was in my earlier 20s. Like, I think about it sometimes and it’s like yeah I wish I did more of that stuff for me instead of all this stuff for other people. And I mean, it’s never too late to do stuff for yourself, but there is a difference between when you do it when you are in your early twenties, when you’re in school, or whether you just graduated and you don’t quite have a lot of those, like bigger commitments and responsibilities that can get in the way.

MM [00:53:39] I agree 100 percent. But the fact that you notice right now, you haven’t even hit your 30s, congratulations. Like, you know, like a lot of people don’t realize that until later on in their lives, and it’s really sad. So the fact that you realize that now is a great thing.

Lesley [00:53:57] And it means there’s still like there’s still time, there’s still a lot of things. And if anything, it just kind of makes me more aware, like, hey, you should do more things for yourself. Let’s get on that.

MM [00:54:07] Exactly. Exactly, exactly.

Lesley [00:54:10] It’s more motivating. That motivation is important, I think, for a lot of students, too. I think we kind of already talked about this a little bit, but I was going to ask kind of what your short and long term goals are. And I’m assuming short term is like graduating that kind of stuff.

MM [00:54:24] My long term goals are I want to be a household name in the spiritual realm as Manifest Mami. I’m slowly grinding towards that. I’m starting to bring out more content towards that. I really love that niche and the people in are amazing. I can talk to them forever. So that. I want to be a dermatologist. That’s what I’m going to med school for. I want to specialize in that. I’m currently working at a dermatologist clinic as a medical clerk, so I just feel like things in my life just snap into place seamlessly. And three, I just want to be an influential- I just want to be an influential figure around the world, not necessarily my face, but the things I said or did. Like you know, I want people to know that these things really work. And like it’s worked for me. And I really wish that more people knew about them because I- like I came from a place where I was really pessimistic where like now there’s a smile on my face almost every day. And there is multiple things that people need to do in order to get to that, because, like, just being happy all the time is amazing. Like it’s amazing. Like, I can’t believe that this is a thing, but it’s great. And I just wish more people could be at this state because it just enables people to be able to do more things as opposed to feeling bad for themselves.

Lesley [00:55:52] I think that some people don’t realize how actually how much of a skill it- not even a skill, but how much of a factor it is to just be happy all the time, because it’s- it is definitely an important thing but it’s- it’s kind of hard for a lot of people too at the same time. So it is something to be like that sets you apart too.

MM [00:56:15] Exactly. But one thing I would like to like input is that a lot of people do say it’s hard for them. I do understand that because a lot of times they’re still stuck in a situation that’s making them unhappy. For instance, like a lot of people who are unable to move out of their households just yet, like I do feel for you because I know a lot of us have been in that situation, but like it’s like basically trying to separate yourself from the situation. So trying to get out the situation is like the first thing you do before you say I can’t. Then your mindset is going to dictate. Like a lot of times I look at poopy situations and I basically try to find the best twist to it. Like it’s- it’s all a mindset thing because it’s basically how you perceive it and basically how you decide to react to it that’s going to basically just decipher your mood.

Lesley [00:57:09] I think it’s to that there’s a lot of the concept of focusing on the things you can control and the things you can’t. So like let’s use that example of there’s someone maybe who desperately wants to- like they’re living at home and don’t want to- and they want to move out. But they don’t- they can’t because either they’re still in school or financial isn’t there yet or there’s not anywhere available. Whatever the situation is, then it’s one of those things where it’s like OK. Well, I can’t control a lot of these factors right now, but what I can control is my own space here where I already am. So then you could kind of take some of those things in consideration and maybe like, OK, maybe I’m going to redecorate my room or maybe I’m going to do something that makes me feel good right now. And then at least there’s some sort of not control, but there’s some sort of factor there that’s like- let’s- kind of like the concept of making the most of a bad- not that that’s a bad situation, but kind of just making the most of your situation.

MM [00:58:09] Right. Exactly. And one thing that I did, though, is like- I remember when I was living at home, I first thought that there was no way I could ever fight- find my own means, like pay rent and X, Y, Z. The thing that I found about human nature is that regardless of whatever situation you are in, humans adapt. So you may think that, OK, I might not be able to pay for rent, but you’re going to find a means. Whether you like it or not, because you don’t want to be on the streets, you’re going to find that extra motivating factor. And I thought, like literally the place I’m in right now, a whole bunch of people told me that, oh, it’s high priority students. Like, you know, the team is usually are prioritized for these condos because it’s a student condo. And they go like, oh, yeah, you’re on the waitlist, it takes years to get on. But because I was so optimistic, I was able to find a place like in a couple of weeks and I found two in the same condo, like one person- I had to turn down- I had to turn down a condo. But it’s just basically you have to just assume that, like, you’re going to get it and not just think that you’re not I guess.

Lesley [00:59:26] You kind of have to keep your thoughts on the positive things and kind of use that especially.

MM [00:59:33] Exactly, exactly.

Lesley [00:59:35] That makes sense. I mean, and that’s pretty- that’s a pretty good accomplishment, especially too, like there’s a lot of things that if you don’t have the right mindset to look at them, there’s a lot of things that you could look at, especially like even the state of the world right now, wherever people live and things that are like, oh, well, this is crappy or this is- this sucks, I give up, blah, blah, blah. And it’s like, well, how can you kind of change your own mindset so you can at least start to think more positively about things? And I mean, some things really do just suck. But there are positives in all the negatives.

MM [01:00:12] Oh, for sure. And honestly, I would say affirmations helped me. And you know what? It’s not like it’s not like I just jumped into affirmations. I first started listening to motivational speaking. And then I’m like, OK, I really like this, but let’s kick- let’s kick it up a notch. Then I found these affirmations, which are so much more potent than motivational speaking because motivational speaking is OK. What if? And speaking of the theory, whereas affirmations are there I am, like this is me now and it’s just, you know?

Lesley [01:00:45] Yeah, definitely. It makes it- it’s- I think that’s different too and with positive affirmations because that’s more of like within yourself. So you’re like- so there’s a difference between listening to somebody say, like, you can do this, you are smart. Because there’s a difference when you’re like, I am smart because you’ve accepted that within yourself. And it’s not just telling you.

MM [01:01:07] Exactly. Exactly.

Lesley [01:01:10] Yeah, important. So what’s kind of been one of your favorite memories so far in school?

MM [01:01:19] One of my favorite memories in school so far, if you believe it or not, is just basically being by myself and being able to find myself and just reflecting on all the things that I can do because all the alone time that I was blessed during this year. Not just this year, my time in school was so crucial because I was so honest with myself and basically where I was and where I wanted to be, I basically was able to create a map. And it’s- it’s like- it’s an uninfluenced map. I don’t know if that’s a word, but it’s a map that that wasn’t influenced by the people around me. It was a map that was influenced by me or like my friends or family. See a map that I believe is the best for myself and honestly, the reason why I was able to do this is because the University of Guelph is the most beautiful place I’ve been. When I say the most beautiful, I mean like the people here, like they literally warm my heart. I feel so blessed to even come to this school. And funnily enough, I was so mad I was coming to Guelph. I remember I wanted to go to another school. I got the acceptancy to school, but I just decided to come here. And honestly, this was the best decision ever. The people here wake up in the morning. People say good morning to you, like people offer to buy you things like coffee, even though you don’t know them, just the little things that are really privalent in Toronto, it’s just like Toronto culture and Guelph is just like- in all my years here, I have not been in an unpleasant situation. Literally, the people, the way people talk to you is just pleasant. I’ve been so lucky, like so many people, I’ve gotten so many free things. I remember one time I just didn’t have the means to pay for my phone. I don’t know why I went to a phone repair shop, but literally the guy said he would do it for free. And it’s just like another thing about manifesting is like I didn’t know my phone was going to get fixed for free. I thought I was going to have to bargain a bit, but he said for free. And, you know, just like the things that I’ve experienced here in Guelph have been- and along those lines, a lot of people are very generous. And they taught me the beautiful thing, the beautiful magic and just being benevolent and just giving to people because like, literally it makes people’s day. Like literally the culture here changed me, like it changed how I relate to people. It changed basically my outlook in life and that there are different types of people and that people that I do want to surround myself with.

Lesley [01:03:53] Yeah, that’s definitely like. I think that I actually went to the U of Guelph campus one time and I kind of got that same vibe where it was like a big campus with a very small town feel.

MM [01:04:07] Right.

Lesley [01:04:08] Like everyone was like super friendly, but it’s like a big- it’s a big school, but everyone kind of is like, hey, how are you doing? That kind of thing.

MM [01:04:16] Exactly. Exactly. And just like sometimes in Toronto, I’ll be like hi in the morning and people look at me like, do I know you? I’m like no.

Lesley [01:04:26] Just like oh all right, bye.

MM [01:04:28] Right. And I’m like.

Lesley [01:04:31] OK.

MM [01:04:33] Yeah, it’s just awkward.

Lesley [01:04:34] I get it. One of the questions that we like to ask everyone on our show. It’s one of our final few questions. If you could go back in time to your 15 year old self, what would you say or what kind of advice would you give?

MM [01:04:51] Honestly, if I could go back and talk to my 15 year old self, what I would say is something along the lines of beauty standards are very temporary. Because like in Vancouver, do you know what was reigning back then? It was a thigh gap. It was the era of the thigh gap. And what I didn’t understand was that in order for my body to get a thigh gap, I would have to be at a very unhealthy weight. See, I was eating significantly less. I just was doing things like measuring my waist. I was doing the pencil tests. And like, I was like, you know, I just wasn’t as healthy as I could have been working out every single day. I just don’t think- it’s beyond me how I was able to eat, like I was basically able to work out every single day, have that energy, but still, like, you know, not be- like I was eating things like the the Nutragrain bars. Like I wasn’t- like I wasn’t really eating because I wanted to achieve those desired beauty standards at the time. And it’s crazy how far we’ve come because now being thick is embraced. So like all these things that people change their bodies for are very temporary. And that’s what like everybody wants you to know that, like, OK, thin eyebrows might be in so don’t tattoo your eyebrows super thick. You know, just be content and confident in yourself because beauty standards come and go, but your confidence stays. So instead of working on these beauty standards, work on your confidence because like, you know, like- your confidence, if you wear it on your face, that’s so much more beautiful than being insecure about the things that you have. So yeah, beauty standards come and go where your confidence will forever stay with you and they just serve you.

Lesley [01:06:31] Yeah, that is so important. Even I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately too, because like when I was in high school, I had the same issues, like I had body- like body issues. I had. I always thought I was just like, like I wasn’t skinny and I always thought, like, oh, I’m not skinny, blah blah blah. And the other day I was looking at pictures of myself from when I was 16. And I like was looking at these pictures and I’m like, how in the world did I think that I looked like ugly or whatever? Like, how did I think that?

MM [01:07:05] And beats me, right? Honestly, it’s just like I don’t know what goes through your mind at those ages, but we are very, very, very imaginative. We imagine things that aren’t there. And I remember I was taking this class and we learned about the ego and that basically kids who are between the ages, I think 17, 16, 13, I think 12 don’t call me on that. But that’s the age of the ego that I’m thinking that everyone’s watching you like they’re all in a spotlight. And I believe that’s kind of what it is, because we just think everyone’s watching, even though not really.

Lesley [01:07:43] Yeah. And I think it goes back to that whole people don’t really care about those certain little things.

MM [01:07:52] Exactly, exactly.

Lesley [01:07:55] Yeah, I think that’s- that’s relevant. So one fun question we like to ask is, what is your favorite social media platform and why?

MM [01:08:06] Well, OK, so my favorite social media- my favorite social media platforms, I’m going to split them up into two, is TikTok and Clubhouse right now. My favorite apps are these because the organic reach is substantial. It’s phenomenal. Like literally I was able to grow about five hundred followers just being on Clubhouse for like a day. And I say five hundred followers, 500 followers in my niche. Like I was able to talk to people who are like in the spiritual realm and they’re able to resonate with what I’m saying so now I have authentic people. I’ve added authentic people into my community. That’s like, you know, growing. And TikTok is amazing as well because the organic reach is amazing. So the reason why these apps are doing so well, because they connect people with their niches. Like these apps are for them. For instance, if you’re on TikTok, TikTok is going to show you a whole bunch of videos that are for you, like, you know, it’s specified for you. They have a for you page based on the things that you like and your interests. And that’s kind of similar to Clubhouse, which is like a major networking app. I was able to connect with a lot of important people from like my favorite app curators probably follow me right now. I was able to speak to my favorite artist, so I was able to speak to like doctors that went to Ivy League school who were willing to mentor me like it’s crazy. The amount of people, the amount of interest that I have there available on the app, and now be able to network with people within the things that I would like to further myself on is just crazy. It’s beyond me. It’s definitely going to be an amazing app for Clubhouse. It’s definitely going to be amazing year for Clubhouse, as I think they’re launching in forty two days, meaning to the public. And like everyone’s going to finally get to see how amazing this app is because it’s just crazy. I just can’t believe an app like this exists. And I was- I was almost not going to get it because I thought I had too many social media apps. But the apps that actually promote organic reach are the best, because unlike Instagram, these apps connect you with people who you want to be connected with, the people who at least have the same interests as you. And I use Instagram more like for like a portfolio as like I post pictures there. I engage with people there. But it’s not a lot about the stuff in my niche just yet because I haven’t dropped that content, but those are my two favorite apps, TikTok and Clubhouse. And if you guys want to add me on there. Right.

Lesley [01:10:45] Yeah, go ahead drop your handle.

MM [01:10:46] Sorry if you guys want to add me on there is TikTok is Manifest Mami and my Clubhouse is Golden Tokyo. Spelled just as you hear it, Tokyo the city.

Lesley [01:10:59] Well, we’ll put those in the description, too, so that people can just click them. So that they can follow you. And, yeah, that makes sense. I mean, it’s- it’s not really about how many followers you have, it’s about how relevant they are and whether they’re your right people. Or your right audience.

MM [01:11:20] Exactly, exactly, see quality over quantity.

Lesley [01:11:27] Definitely. So one last question we like to ask, and that is, do you have a favorite motivational quote that you’d like to share? I know you share- because you shared a lot of positive affirmations, so I mean.

MM [01:11:43] Right, thank you. Well like honestly, the ones that live rent free in my mind right now. One of them is within all of us is the divine capability to manifest dominance by Dwyer. And the next one is from one of my favorite artists. He actually tweeted this. So it’s not really an official quote, but I learned a screenshoted that quote and I added it to my laptop’s vision board is he said you- he said that- he said something along the lines of you are not going to change unless you are officially tired of your S-H-you know. Yeah, I just don’t want to swear on here.

Lesley [01:12:30] Your stuff.

MM [01:12:32] Your stuff. Yes. I love that. You won’t change your ways unless you’re tired of your stuff. And honestly, it lives rent free in my head, because sometimes when leave I’m like, OK, I’m tired of this. Like, you know, let’s get back to that. And like, you know that that tweet lives rent free in my head as to why I consider it a motivational quote. But that was that tweet was by Tory Lanez and the other was Dwyer. I could search up Dwyer’s last name if you guys want to learn a little bit more about him. Let’s see if I can copy from the cell for you guys. Wayne Dyer. I said Dwyer. That was a hybridization. Within all of us is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire. Wayne Dyer, really important and inspirational to me.

Lesley [01:13:18] Yeah, it is inspirational to everyone I think. So. Yeah. So thanks for sharing those.

MM [01:13:24] No worries.

Lesley [01:13:26] So is there anything and just- that’s all my questions. So if there is anything else, is there anything else that you’d like to add before we kind of wrap up? We just shared a lot, so don’t feel obligated to pull something else out of your brain if you don’t want to.

MM [01:13:44] Right. No worries. Honestly, I just wanted to, like, share for the last time that everyone has the capability to do whatever you want. Like, for instance, I get a lot of people- like I think like because I don’t put that enough on my social media that I’m a student as well. But a lot of people hit me up and they’re like oh, I want to be an influencer like you, but I have no time and I’m a student. And they’re basically, when you say but, you’re adding the but yourself. Like nobody else put that but but you. So that but is an excuse because if you’re like, I’m an influencer and I’m a student and you’re going to start acting that way. But I want to be an influencer. But I’m a student. You’re basically telling yourself that you can’t be an influencer, you can’t be in a content creation realm because you are a student, which doesn’t really have anything to do with your motivation. You basically determination to be able to do these things, have everything in regards to what you’re going to accomplish. So I just want to let people know that. It’s hard, but it gets easier because you start being passionate about this. You know, it’s really fun. I really, really urge everybody to get into the things that they’re passionate about because they’re going to put a smile on your face and everyone needs- like, we all need more people with smiles on their faces. But that’s all I really wanted to share. I just wanted to thank you for reaching out to me again. I really enjoyed this conversation and it was so fun. And I just I watched some of your videos, and they’re amazing. They’re so spot on. Thank you so much.

Lesley [01:15:12] Thank you so much. And I really appreciate- I know this this particular I know we had some technical issues, so took a little longer than we normally do. So I want to thank you also for hanging in there and of course, sharing all of these amazing insights with me, because it is a lot of this is very uplifting and positive. And I think that’s really what we all need to hear right now. So thank you for participating today.

MM [01:15:40] Thank you so much again, like I’m so grateful to be able to have this conversation with you, especially with the platform that you guys have put together. I know students are going to be likely to be watching these videos and thinking these are the videos I’ve been looking for this whole entire time. So I just want to say thank you again for reaching out to me. Like, I feel very honored and I really hope that you just have a great rest of the quarantine, I guess, or lockdown, I don’t even know. Like, I feel like we’re going to be in here for a bit.

Lesley [01:16:14] Yeah, I know. So, yeah, definitely. Have a good rest of your day and stay safe. Stay perfect.

MM [01:16:22] Thank you so much.

Lesley [01:16:23] Thank you.

MM [01:16:24] Bye.

Lesley [01:16:25] Bye.