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The Rise of Study Drugs Amongst Millennials

Students studying late at night In post-secondary school, many students carry a full-time course load. Of course, with other commitments such as work, children, extracurricular activities, and social opportunities, this can leave little time for studying and school work altogether. Because of this, many students have turned to “study drugs” to gain more hours in the day strictly dedicated to studying; Adderall and Ritalin are medications that have been used to treat attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD) for many years, but are now being abused by students to stay awake and cram for final exams, essays, and group projects. In fact, 1 in 5 millennials has admit to using stimulants to enhance their studying.

Gaining Access to Study Drugs

So, how do students gain access to these drugs? Some will fake ADD-like symptoms to their doctors whom will willingly prescribe them this medication unaware that these displayed symptoms are actually fabricated. Alternatively, many students will find and purchase Adderall and Ritalin through classmates, friends, and even family members.

Gain Versus Loss

Obviously, many students try study stimulants as a means to focus on studying, stay awake, and really cram a large amount of work into a short period of time. Some see this as a last resort while others see this as an advantage to which they use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are a lot of downsides to taking these drugs if you truly don’t need them for medical purposes.

Since Adderall helps to keep you awake, it can make it very difficult to fall asleep even after you’re done studying. Insomnia often occurs after taking this drug and as a result, you may end up performing poorly the next day due to the extreme exhaustion that is sure to hit.

Non-prescription use of Adderall or other study drugs can also have extreme adverse effects on health including irregular heartbeat, seizures, high temperature, and even heart attack. It also eliminates appetite which can result in low-energy once the drug has worn off including the onset of fatigue, dizziness, and fainting.

Finally, taking a drug that is not yours is illegal. Many students forget this simple, yet obvious fact and although the term “study drug” sounds innocent enough, it is still drug-use and can get you into serious trouble if you aren’t prescribed for this under honest medical supervision.

Study Drug Alternatives

Clearly, the problem with non-prescription drug use is a growing concern. Like any drug, study drug stimulants can become addictive, cause many health problems, become financially unsustainable, and get you into serious trouble.

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