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Quick Beauty Fixes To Get Ready For Class In Under 5 Minutes

Student doing makeup for a night out So you missed your alarm and slept in, and now you only have a few minutes to get ready for class. We have some good news! These quick beauty fixes can take you from “I just woke up” to “I’m ready for the day” in no time.

Your Morning Routine is About to Get Easier

Some of us are content with going to class in our sweatpants and bedhead hair, but others feel more comfortable with a bit of a beauty boost from makeup and/or moisturizers. And that’s okay! In fact, a study done by Harvard medical researchers found that female university students who wore makeup had higher grades, higher self-confidence, and more self-esteem than students who went all-natural.
It’s your life, and your time at school should be the best it can be, so if you want to make sure you look your best for class, follow these essential tips. Even if you aren’t running late, and you just want to save time in the morning, these 6 beauty hacks will make your morning routine easier than ever.

1. Embrace Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a necessity for those who don’t wash their hair every day. It’ll also become your best friend when you don’t have time to shower before class or work. Use it to freshen up your hair and get rid of any grease, products leftover from last night, and to give yourself a bit of last-minute volume.

2. Use All-in-One Face Wipes

Face wipes are an essential go-to while you’re in university. Most beauty and skin brands make their own version, so you have plenty to choose from. Some have different features, like scents and designs, but they all include makeup remover, facial cleanser, and some type of antibacterial solution.
Use a face wipe instead of washing your face and you can cut down on so much time in your routine. They can be used at night or in the morning. Additionally, makeup will come off better than just washing your face because you can accurately wipe certain areas instead of splashing your face with water and hoping for the best.
Some of these brands also make smaller, pocket-size packs of face wipes that are perfect to stash in your bag to freshen up midway through the day.

3. Focus on One Area

If you’ve only got a few minutes, focus on one thing instead of trying to rush everything. For example, focus on your eyes and leave the rest. You can always throw something for your lips in your bag and apply in the washroom between classes, or on a bathroom break during your various activities.

4. Apply Eyeliner and Mascara at the Same Time

Here’s a makeup hack you need to try right now! Apply eyeliner to your eyelash curler along the bottom of the top piece- the part that goes over top of your lashes. As it presses against your lower lids, it’ll apply the eyeliner at the same time that it curls your lashes. Voila! Two in one!

5. Combine Tasks Whenever You Can

To save time, do as many things at once that you can do safely. For example, brush your teeth while you’re waiting for your dry shampoo to set in. Or put your makeup on while you wait for your straightener to heat up. Every minute is precious when you’re in crunch mode.

6. When in Doubt, Wear a Hat

When there’s really no time whatsoever, just throw on a hat and go. This makes it super easy to hide bedhead or greasy hair, and you still look put together. Just make sure your hat isn’t too big and won’t block your classmates’ view of the lecture!

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