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Get to The Point: How to Write The Perfect Thesis Statement

Student trying to write his thesis statement for his paper One of the hardest parts of writing an essay is coming up with the perfect thesis statement that will set you up for a strong argument. Sometimes, we find ourselves wasting time staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what to write about. A thesis can make or break your grade, too. Most instructors and professors look for your thesis statement and a large chunk of your mark will be based on whether it was strong enough or not.

Why is it so Hard to Write my Thesis?

Your thesis is so important because it sets you up for the organization and development of the rest of your essay. If you don’t create strong enough points to argue about, you’re just making it harder on yourself to fill up your paper with good information. It doesn’t even have to be something complex. You can create three basic points and expand on them within the paper to form a strong argument.

Consider What Type of Paper You’re Writing

A good thesis is different depending on what type of paper you’re writing. Every essay needs a strong thesis statement, but there are so many kinds of claims and arguments. For example, when writing a research paper, you’re explaining something to the audience, so your thesis is used to structure the paper. When you’re arguing your opinion about something, you’re making a more general claim that you’ll be backing up with specific arguments.

Do a Quick Google Search

Wikipedia and Google aren’t good resources for an academic paper, but they are a great place to start to get a general overview of your topic. Once you’ve read a little bit about it, you’ll start to notice there are certain patterns or common themes. For example, let’s say you’re writing about the Enlightenment. You’ll notice all the inventions and ideas that occurred. So, your thesis could argue that the Enlightenment was important to modern history because of the societal, political, and religious developments of the time.

Ask a Question

A good thesis statement answers a question. It could be something basic or complex, depending on what subject you’re discussing. For example, if you’re writing a paper on World War 2, you could ask, “why did the United States enter the war?” Then, your thesis statement would list 3 main reasons and you would proceed to answer the question throughout the paper.

If You’re Truly Stuck, Use an Essay Writing Service

Even if you just need basic writing help, there’s nothing wrong with asking for some homework help, and there are tons of resources available to provide it. An academic writing company can provide you with the right resources to really break down that argument, and a professional can help clarify what you’re trying to say.

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