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Writing to Sell Yourself: How A Tailored Resume Can Help You Land the Job You Want!

Writing to sell yourself and to get your resume noticed Wading through pools of applicants and sifting through piles of resumes are necessary evils for any employer when searching for the perfect potential new hire. Studies show that recruiters will spend just seconds on an applicant’s resume before accepting or rejecting what they see. They are looking for individuals who have the necessary skills to contribute to their organization—hopefully one who will stay for the long term and who will grow and develop over time.

In order for an employer to take your application to the next level, you must first give them a reason to stop and take a look at you. When you individualize your cover letter to a particular employer, you show that you are committed to being part of their team; you’ve invested the time researching their company and what they want, and you can highlight why you are the perfect person for the job.

A common problem when writing a cover letter is simple: most of us don’t want to sound too boastful about our skills, talents, and accomplishments. But wait! If you don’t, who will? The job market is a competitive place and there are plenty of other candidates who are ready to play. Remember, you are essentially selling yourself when applying for any job—so don’t be afraid to stand out. If you want to succeed and go far, the first step is to provide an appealing written representation of your employability.

Writing a cover letter is hard work, but the writers at Homework Help USA can help get you where you want to go. A well written cover letter crafted by our talented writers will help you in your search for a new full-time or part-time job; if the job search is stressing you out, get in touch with us and let us offer you some relief on the writing side.

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