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Manvika Reddy on Pivoting Mid-Degree, Following your Passion and Being Open

Manvika Reddy on The Homework Help Show Podcast On this episode of Student Influencers, we had the pleasure of meeting with Manvika Reddy, a young woman who currently attends school in Buffalo, New York.

Manvika grew up in a business family in India and moved to New York for college. She pivoted from a major in engineering towards business, in order to follow her true passion. Manvika inspires other young people through her Instagram account where she is working on developing her personal brand by focusing on fashion and makeup. In our new podcast series called Student Influencers, we deep dive into the lives of current and former university and college students. We speak with young people from across the world about their wisdom and life experiences.

Manvika Reddy on Pivoting Mid-Degree: From Engineering to Business

Yellow bus on street in India

It was an early rise with a cup of coffee to speak with Manvika, who was 8 and a half hours ahead in South India. Manvika’s gentle, upbeat voice came through the phone lines and instantly put me in a good mood. She laughed as she introduced herself and we quickly got to talking.

As a young woman Manvika was inspired by business. Growing up in a business family in South India, she was exposed to commerce at a young age. As she watched her parents invest in their lifestyle via their business acumen, Manvika quickly developed a passion for entrepreneurship.

As she went through high school, though, Manvika was pushed toward engineering as a future career path. Many of her friends were pursuing an academic journey which included a definite career like engineering, and Manvika fell in line. Manvika believes that her limited exposure to career options led her to “go with the flow.” She saw many of her friends signing up for engineering in college, and she followed suit. After her second year of engineering in Manipal, India- Manvika was ready for a change. She knew that engineering was not for her. She took the chance and applied to several universities in the United States. Manvika was nervous about making a degree pivot, halfway through her program, but she knew it was the right decision

“I’ve always wanted to go to the United States, So I applied to a few colleges. Then I chose Buffalo because that was the first college I got into. Yeah, I think many of my grades were transferred,” she told us.

She felt fortunate to be accepted into University at Buffalo, and soon she travelled a long way from home to attend school. University was an eye-opening experience for Manvika, particularly living in another part of the world. Making one of the biggest decisions of her life was challenging, but Manvika’s positive outlook eased the transition.

Moving across the world was not the biggest change for Manvika. She told us that it was her pivot from her major in engineering to business that changed her life, “The university made me go into marketing which I’m passionate about. That changed my entire life.”

Girl in pink dress with pink bag

Manvika is grateful for the opportunity to attend university in Buffalo, New York, and she is thrilled that she has the chance to pursue her true passion for business.

Not only does Manvika fuel her passion for entrepreneurship through education, she is also working on establishing her own personal brand on Instagram as an influencer. She told us that being accepted into the Marketing program at Buffalo, led her to begin her blog, YouTube channel and Instagram page. Manvika integrates her learning in marketing into her online business, creating an inspiring online presence that reflects her positive, bubbly personality. Take a look at Manvika’s instagram page to see her fun-loving presence which she is translating into an online brand.

Manvika’s message: Follow Your Passion to Fuel Your Long Term Goals

Manvika feels that changing her major came at a crucial point in her life. She recognises now that she would not have been happy doing engineering for the rest of her life. Although it was difficult, she followed her passion and she hopes to inspire other students to do the same: “Know your passion and then work towards the long term goal. Just don’t be like, there’s my goal and then leave it. Work every day towards your long term goals. And then whenever you feel like you feel low, just know that you have a long term goal to achieve.”

During our conversation, it was clear that Manvika lives by her own words. Her passion for business and for developing her online brand came through the phone line, despite the long distance.

Manvika encourages young people, even in highschool, to figure out their passion, before they attend university. Although she has had the opportunity to change her major, Manvika feels that she has missed out on some time working on her true passion. In highschool it is important to take the time to hone your interests and find out what you truly love. Although you may feel that you have all the time in the world, time goes quickly once you get out into the working world. Manvika has it right when she says, “Don’t just go with the flow, know your passion.”

Follow your passion neon writing

But, how do you discover your passion? What is a ‘passion’ anyway and how does a student go about finding it?

If you’re hoping to find your passion like Manvika, consider these questions:

● What could you do everyday for the rest of your life without getting bored?

● If you had every abundance in the world and you didn’t have to worry about making money, what would you do with your time?

● What could you read 100 books about but never get tired of learning?

Take some time to write down the answers to these questions. Perhaps you can draw some themes and take some time to reflect. This process may point you in the right direction of your passion. Exposing yourself to a diverse array of activities through volunteering and on-campus engagement can also help you to find your passion. Check out this blog post on how volunteering can lead to happiness at university for more inspiration!

Remember, not everyone is going to find their passion in their work. Hunter S. Thompson, the gonzo journalist and novelist, once said: “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” Perhaps your passion is for drawing, but that does not mean you have to make it your career.

Be Open to New Experiences – Don’t be a Frog in the Well

Girl in plaid skirt and red hat

Alongside her advice to follow your passion, Manvika also shared a story about her experience in high school. When she reflects on her high school years, Manvika describes herself as “closed”, “of one mind”. As a young person, she was not exposed to the diversity of the world and she therefore grew up with a limited worldview. As a student she was very focused on her grades and her life centered around going to school and then returning back home to study.

Manvika used an interesting expression to describe her highschool self, “I was like a frog in the well”. I took this to mean that she was a small frog at the bottom of the well who could only see one opening, straight up. This metaphor implies that Manvika had a limited view of the world when she was 17.

Fast forward to 4 years later and Manvika has blossomed from being the frog in the well to an animated, influencer, travelling all over the world. Although she still identifies as an introvert, her new life in Buffalo and her education have led her down a path of vibrant self expression and exploration.

Manvika motivates other students to see outside their inner circle and expose themselves to the world, culture, and people around them. Opening up to the world allows you to explore parts of yourself you may not have known were there.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Manvika did not have a motivational quote to share, rather some advice from her mother, “Everything happens for a reason.” Manvika lives by this advice on a daily basis, believing that it is essential to move forward with a positive mindset despite pitfalls. Everyone gets down and this can be particularly poignant when you experience rejection like not getting into the school or program you desire. However, getting back up and recognising that there is a reason for everything, can help you to maintain a positive mindset and work toward your long term goals.

Manvika believes that the universe has your back and that each day should be a positive one. Each experience provides an opportunity to learn about yourself and about the world around you. Everyone is a work in progress, especially in the midst of challenging transitions like the one from high school to university, or a mid-degree pivot in another career direction.

Students sitting in park

Manvika is a bright, creative, and bubbly young person with a passion for business and online marketing. Throughout our conversation she left us with many tidbits of advice to pass on to students:

● It is never too late to make a change.

● Follow your passion and do what you want to do in life.

● Be open to new experiences. Don’t be a frog in the well.

● Foster positivity and remember that the universe has your back.

This article captures just some of the amazing insights into business, online presence, and university life that Manvika shared during our conversation. For more on Manvika’s perspective on life check out our Student Influencers podcast.

We hope you continue to join us on this journey of talking to successful student influencers who tell their stories of struggle and triumph! To follow along, please visit our Anchor site and stay tuned for future episodes.


Cath Anne [00:00:00] Hi, there my name is Cath Anne. And welcome back to the student influencers podcast. Today we are lucky to have Manvika Reddy joining us all the way from South India. During the school year Manvika is a student at University at Buffalo New York. She grew up in a business family and she made the bold move to pursue her passion in business by transferring from an engineering major to international business. Imagine that! Today on the podcast we talk about Mavika’s love of fashion, how she is working on growing her personal brand and her advice for students on how to stay positive. Join me on this episode of the Student Influencers podcast as we explore Manvika’s life as a student.

Cath Anne [00:00:49] Hi everyone and welcome back to the Student Influencers podcast. Today we are fortunate to have Manvika here with us. Welcome Manvika. Thank you so much for joining me.

Manvika [00:01:01] Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Cath Anne [00:01:05] We’re really excited to have you here today.

Manvika [00:01:08] Thank you.

Cath Anne [00:01:10] So, let’s start by getting to know a little bit about you. Now, where are you currently living?

Manvika [00:01:18] Oh I’m currently located in Buffalo, New York.

Cath Anne [00:01:23] In Buffalo New York. And where were you born?

Manvika [00:01:26] Oh I’m born in India.

Cath Anne [00:01:27] And I heard that you were on summer vacation right now.

Manvika [00:01:34] Yeah I am. Yeah I am in India for summer vacation.

Cath Anne [00:01:37] For summer and it’s pretty warm there you say.

Manvika [00:01:41] Yeah. It gets so hot in here. Mostly in South India where I live it gets so hot in here.

Cath Anne [00:01:49] Like how hot?

Manvika [00:01:51] It goes around like 35 to 40 degrees.

Cath Anne [00:01:55] Oh my goodness. I can’t even imagine how that must be so warm.

Cath Anne [00:02:03] So what. So you’re at your currently in the school year. You live in Buffalo New York. And so what college or university do you go to?

Manvika [00:02:11] Oh I go to University at Buffalo.

Cath Anne [00:02:16] And what is your concentration or your major?

Manvika [00:02:19] I go for a marketing and international business.

Manvika [00:02:23] Business of administration. Yeah, I’m a junior.

Cath Anne [00:02:27] Cool. And so what what drew you to that field of study?

Manvika [00:02:33] I am always passionate about business because being born in the business family it’s all about business. From my childhood like knowing all the accounts and all the finance stuff. So, I always wanted to be like related to business or like so.

Manvika [00:02:51] So, I was in the engineering major in the beginning actually I’m a transfer student from India.

Cath Anne [00:02:58] So. Oh wow.

Manvika [00:03:00] So I did like two years of my engineering in Manipal in India and then I took a transfer to University at Buffalo.

Manvika [00:03:09] So even after going there for one semester I was in the engineering major. And then on it was like a really crucial period at that time but I still changed my major to marketing and international business. Yeah. I’m so happy I did change my major.

Cath Anne [00:03:27] That is a huge change. But, so what made you want to make that change?

Manvika [00:03:37] Yeah. As I told you I never liked engineering in the very first place. Oh, I just went with the flow and then joining the engineering college, but there was like nothing or opportunities for me in India to change to business or so. So, as soon as I got there, I was always passionate about business and all that. So then I changed my major to marketing and international business.

Cath Anne [00:04:06] So, can I ask you a quick question? How did you decide to go to Buffalo New York?

Manvika [00:04:14] OK. So my college was like the course it says in India it was like two years, like I’ll have to study in India and then two years I can study in the rest of the world anywhere you want.

Cath Anne [00:04:26] Oh OK.

Manvika [00:04:27] Yeah. So I’ve applied to I’ve always go it wanted to go to the United States. So I’ve applied for a few colleges. Oh but then I chose Buffalo because like I think that was the first college I got into. Yeah, I think many of my grades were transferred.

Manvika [00:04:48] That was again one more reason.

Cath Anne [00:04:51] Well that’s great. I know a lot of times with international students come even to Canada it can be difficult. Yeah. For their courses to transfer.

Cath Anne [00:05:04] Oh well, that’s great that a lot of your courses transferred. So are you liking the university are you liking Buffalo university I know they do have a good business program.

Manvika [00:05:16] Yes a lot. The university has taught me a lot. Like, basically generally in business major I’ve met like many companies, I’ve made with many managers, many heads and then I thought like, I myself learned a lot from the university. The program is like really good. There you get a learn a lot. All the professors and the courses are good. The schedule is like very good there.

Cath Anne [00:05:46] Nice. Yeah. I’ve heard really really good things about that program actually. I think we had a couple of other students that we’ve interviewed who actually go to Buffalo as well which is neat. Yeah. Yeah. So, Manvika can I can you tell us how do you think high school is different from university?

Manvika [00:06:06] High school is all about. I would say like I was like a frog in the well, like very closed and one mind. Only the teachers used to teach me in the school and then I was only like school, home. And then the homeworks and the exams. Exams was like the only thing there and there was no other opportunities no other outside world is only like exams and our lab only study. But university is like being more open like being more open to all the other opportunities and seeing the world around you and then seeing the different cultures. Again after coming to University at Buffalo it was like a vast change for me. There’s so many cultures and then so many people are there. High school is like, I would say it was like a very closed circle.

Manvika [00:06:59] University teaches you everything and you don’t know that until you go out of the university. University, when you are in university, you feel like “Oh, I’m studying nothing, I’m knowing nothing, I’m learning nothing.” But once you step out of the university and see the outside world and something you face a challenge then you know, oh yes, you have taught me so much.

Cath Anne [00:07:23] Right. So would you say that going to university it sounds like it inspired you a little bit, or opened your eyes.

Manvika [00:07:32] Yeah a lot.

Cath Anne [00:07:34] That’s awesome. Yeah. So would you say, was there a big difference when you actually came to the U.S. instead of staying at home?

Manvika [00:07:46] Yeah, there’s a lot. Yeah. The university made me go into marketing which I’m passionate about. That changed my entire life.

Cath Anne [00:07:55] So, wow really? Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. How would you say it’s changed your entire life?

Manvika [00:08:03] Yeah. That’s where like I started my blog and all my Instagram influencing thing and that’s when I started my YouTube. I was always passionate about fashion, makeup and beauty all that and then I changed my major into marketing which will definitely help me building my brand, which I’m doing right now. So, yes I would feel like it changed completely.

Cath Anne [00:08:29] That’s amazing and, I have to say I have checked out some of your stuff. I watched your YouTube video when you were vlogging in Toronto.

Manvika [00:08:37] Oh thank you! Toronto was amazing though. That trip was so good. Toronto was so big. Definitely I would saw the culture in Toronto is like completely different than Buffalo because even Buffalo doesn’t have as many cultures and people but I’ve experienced lots of nice people in Toronto. And yeah, there was like a lot many cultures. Yeah I love Toronto.

Cath Anne [00:09:03] Toronto is very diverse. There are it is very nice. Yeah, yeah from all over the world it’s a really cool city.

Manvika [00:09:10] I definitely want to live in some city there, like in Toronto. Really. Yeah. I love the city.

Cath Anne [00:09:16] Like a big city. It is really, really cool and it’s kind of neat because I think I was telling you before we started that I’m from the East Coast of Canada. So not very diverse at all. We don’t have very many people from different. We have some people from different parts of the world but but not really. So it’s, yeah it is nice to go to a big city like Toronto and kind of get a taste of diversity. Yeah. Just on that, what is one of your favourite memories so far from university?

Manvika [00:09:54] All my favourite memories are again related to travelling with my friends. When I was in the university like when I was in Manipal I used to travel all over India and then, so when I came again to University at Buffalo I went to Chicago, I went to Toronto we went to like Pittsburgh or places around. And yeah, like all the travelling was like my favourite memories in the university.

Cath Anne [00:10:24] You went to Pittsburg? No Toronto.

Cath Anne [00:10:27] Oh. Oh, you went to Toronto. And so you said you went to Chicago though? Yeah, I was a can you tell me a little bit about that?

Manvika [00:10:37] Yes sure. I was in Chicago last November for my Thanksgiving break. Some of my friends like back from my university in India, Manipal, were there. So, we met them. Toronto, I mean Chicago is already a big city again. Because being from Buffalo, Buffalo is a very small city and not that many cultures there. And Chicago is already huge and the city life, the nightlife was amazing in Chicago. Oh yeah. We got to know like many people there. Then the city culture, the skyscrapers, the landscapes and the Chicago tower what is it again I forgot that was so good.

Cath Anne [00:11:30] That sounds incredible and so busy I bet. Yeah.

Manvika [00:11:36] And it was so cold when we went there. Chicago was so cold.

Manvika [00:11:40] Yeah, I like that. We were so cold and even wearing a huge jacket when we were there, it gets so cold there.

Cath Anne [00:11:50] I guess. Well, when is that? What October? November and November. Right. Right. Yeah. So that would have been cold. And I think. Chicago is notoriously cold. Yeah. So yeah. So you love travelling and you love to document it on your vlog and Instagram. Yeah.

Manvika [00:12:11] I love like vlogging and talking on camera. I love travelling alone, travelling talking to the camera and people keep staring at me and them being like what is she doing talking to camera walking around the streets? I love doing that. And then coming back home, seeing the footage and then editing it and then putting it out and then you just like my world. Which I’m passionate about and then yeah I love getting clicked. So yeah I’ve been posting them on Instagram telling the world like what this place is, how it is.

Cath Anne [00:12:55] So cool. And you. I have to say when I was watching your vlog I loved your editing style.

Manvika [00:13:01] Oh thank you. I just have to learn more of the editing skills. Yeah.

Cath Anne [00:13:09] No, you’re doing really well with it. It’s very unique. I love. It’s really interesting I find to watch vlogs because you really get to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Manvika [00:13:19] Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah.

Cath Anne [00:13:21] And I liked to be able to watch that because it was it was a unique perspective of Toronto that I didn’t really. I’ve never really seen before. So it was really cool to see that. Yeah. Awesome. So just kind of switching gears a little bit. What if any struggles or challenges have you experienced as a student in university.

Manvika [00:13:46] Oh. When I came from like you know like India, first of all, like in the university I was always like a day scholar student like I always used to go to school from home. So like going away from home was one big challenge when in Manipal. Again oh going away like a far away from home. Like other side of the globe going to the University at Buffalo was one very big challenge for me. Like right in front of me, like oh I struggled a lot of fitting myself into the university. I feel there is different people, different cultures, different course schedule you it was never like in Manipal it was always like your own codes and then it fit into a schedule but it was completely different when going away from high school.

Manvika [00:14:33] Oh so you have to choose your own courses and you have to make them fit in your own schedule and managing your social life and all that was a very, very big struggle for me. But then yeah, it just took me like a good 15 to 20 days to get used to that new environment and Buffalo get so cold. And that was one big struggle again. Oh yeah. Commuting to school was again one big struggle but yeah like it was all like good yeah you get used to like everything like humans getting used to anything. So, it took me like good time but still yeah I got used to everything there and then now it became my second home.

Cath Anne [00:15:13] Nice yeah. It sounds like the way you talk about it it seems like your second home. For sure. Yeah. And I would say like just talking to you over the phone you seem like a very social person.

Manvika [00:15:25] So many people who talk to me say that. I am not a social person, I am not an extrovert. I am a very good introvert like I have like a very closed circle. I would say selectively extroverted. But no yeah like when I came on like social media or like, all my friends and everyone including me were surprised. How did this girl go out and then put herself in the social media and put herself socially outside? But yeah. I am not a social person. But, during like meetings like in university the ring of managers and all the companies come. I get that in that way like in the formal social meetings I am good, but I’m not an extrovert.

Cath Anne [00:16:18] So, yeah I like that word you used selective extrovert. I think that’s what I am too. But I must say, just talking to you over the phone, you’re very positive and your voice is very kind. I bet you have no problem making friends.

Manvika [00:16:44] But then yeah I don’t have a really big problem.

Cath Anne [00:16:50] You’re just a selective extrovert. Yeah. Yeah. We both. So, for people who are looking to go to college or university would you say it’s beneficial Manvika?

Manvika [00:17:07] Yeah. It is really beneficial like because of staying home and then oh. I would say it has both pros and cons. Going to university, you get to be more open and you get to know yourself. Because when you are out or when you’re out with someone or in a group of people then the true self comes out. Right. Like when you’re with yourself in your own room like you are only with yourself and whatever you will say will happen. But when you’re with a group of people when you’re in university you get to adjust yourself. You get to know yourself. So that’s how university, and also university teaches you a lot. But right now in this present world, there are so many professions out there so like the video editing. It’s like a very small thing which you do not learn from something, you just practice, you get to know. I learned video editing by myself watching YouTube videos. There’s so much out there that you can learn without going to university. So the tuition fees are wasted in that case.

Manvika [00:18:17] Right. So you get like you can save more of that money. So it’s again like going to university, is about how you perceive it. What are passionate about?

Cath Anne [00:18:32] Sure. I think that’s great advice. And like you say there are so many opportunities out there for kind of self-education. Yeah. However, college and university education is still important. Depending on what you want to pursue. Yeah sure. Yeah yeah. No, I totally agree with that. So this is something that we always ask all of our influencers that we interview about how do you manage your responsibilities as a student: paying for tuition, studying, managing a social life and working?

Manvika [00:19:05] Yes, I did work as a part-time student. I used to walk in campus, I worked in a bakery. It was an on campus job. I used to work 15 hours a week. In India, the course load was way heavier, way too much compared to the U.S. Studies so in that way, I am like I think I’m fortunate enough to come to the U.S. because the course load is very light. You can make your own schedule and the courses you can choose on your own, it’s all again. But oh my parents pay for my tuition so. Yeah studying and all that is like, I think yeah.

Manvika [00:19:57] But for whoever is in high school and who was in the U.S. from the beginning, for them I think the university course load may be high because no one can tell you like do that do this. You have to do all your own, like choose your own goals and then fit it in your schedule, and then do a part-time job, manage your social life, all that.

Manvika [00:20:19] But yeah. But I think I feel like university teaches you everything. Just don’t be lazy. Oh and know your passion and then walk towards the long term goal. Just don’t be like oh there’s my goal and then leave it. Walk every day towards your long term goals. And then whenever you feel like you feel low, just know that you have a long term goal to achieve.

Cath Anne [00:20:43] Definitely. So look to the future. Yeah. I love that. That’s great advice. Yeah. And so just to go a little bit back, sorry, I kind of ask you a two-part question. So you did work part-time through school and I’m just wondering, is that something you would recommend to other students?

Manvika [00:21:01] Yes, I would definitely recommend doing a part-time job because. Because you’ll have so much free time when you’re in university. You’ll get more lazy. You get to know what it is like doing a work under a manager, with the co-workers, like being there on time, all that. You learn from a very small age, which will help you know a lot further like when you were actually doing a job then you’ll get to know like because you’ve already done a job so. But it’s not like a proper professional job. It is just part time but it will also help you with your expenses. Like I suppose mine has helped in paying my house rent today and all the little expenses you’ll have which won’t be like such a burden on our parents.

Cath Anne [00:21:52] Right, that is nice. Allows you to do some more travelling.

Manvika [00:21:56] Yes.

Cath Anne [00:21:58] Yeah, exactly. Oh that’s great. Yeah. No I totally agree. It’s important too to work part time and, you know depending on the person. Yeah. So Manvika, this is one of my favorite questions that we ask, if you could go back and talk to your 15 year old self what would you say and what advice would you give to her?

Manvika [00:22:24] I would tell her, be more open. Don’t just go and be like grade-specific because when I was 15 I had one goal, just get 99 percent and you’re done. So, I didn’t see all the other opportunities around me. I see anything other than grades. Getting A-grade was my only task there. So, I would just say to her, be more open to all the other opportunities around you.

Cath Anne [00:22:53] Sure. Yeah. No, I love that. It sounds like you’ve really grown a lot since this early transition from going to high school. That’s awesome. That’s wonderful and it’s great that you can kind of look back and reflect on that too.

Cath Anne [00:23:11] Definitely. Yeah. So if you this is a similar question but a little bit different. So if you had the opportunity to go back to your high school or to students and you’re in high school and provide value what tips would you give?

Manvika [00:23:29] I would definitely say, know your passion by then. By the time you finish high school just know your passion by then. Just know what you want to pursue, what you want to become. Just don’t be lazy or don’t delay what your passion is like “Oh I can do that after my university.” No, because I didn’t do that and when I was in high school, I just went for the flow did engineering but I always wanted to do business. But I couldn’t do it. Just don’t go with the flow. Don’t be like that. Don’t go with the flow, know your passion. Just be open and know what you want to pursue in the future and what you want to become like how you want to be and work toward that.

Cath Anne [00:24:11] Yeah and no I think that’s great advice. Do you, if you don’t it that’s OK. But do you have any thoughts about how you might go about discovering what your passion is, like following your heart?

Manvika [00:24:26] Yeah I think its just like, see that’s why when you be open you get to see a lot of the world like what is out there. Because when I was in high school I only knew like engineering and medicine. Like honestly I only knew engineering and medicine, nothing other than that.

Manvika [00:24:46] But I was always passionate about business, though I didn’t know that there was a business course out there. Also my family’s into business so I will I’ve always wanted to do like something a related to finance, something related to numbers. But yeah but I didn’t even know like there was a business course.

Manvika [00:25:10] But I was passionate so I think of discovering passion, you will discover when you get to know like more stuff and be more open and talk to many people. Even Instagram nowadays is giving you so much outside world, like what is on the other side of the world, what other people are doing.

Cath Anne [00:25:35] Yeah. I think that’s a really good advice. Just kind of be open to different experiences. And yeah I love that. Yeah. Thank you. So to finish off the interview. Oh no. Sorry, we’re not finished yet. Do you have any current short term or long term goals that you’re working on?

Manvika [00:26:01] Yeah. My long term goal is, I want to have like a brand of my own. I want to have a brand like related to makeup and beauty because that’s where I started in the beginning. My short terms goals are again developing my editing skills and then doing more YouTube videos and then doing more blogs and giving more information interviews to my followers. That’s like my long term and short terms goals. All again related to what I’m passionate about.

Cath Anne [00:26:35] That’s amazing and I’m loving what you’re doing so keep going with what you’re doing. I think your your your style is very unique and yeah. I love it. So, if you had to summarize your life story what would you say?

Manvika [00:26:54] Yeah. So as I told you when I was in the middle school I was in the town, not a city, so I always went to school, came home, that routine every day. Right. Again when I went to high school I was in a city, though, but I didn’t have like so many outside cultures. I was never open. So yeah, I was more introverted than I am now. When I went to university I started knowing my passion and then growing up going towards my passion and then when I came to Buffalo I actually changed my major. Though it was like already a crucial period, it was like my junior year and then I changed my major. It was a really crucial step for me but I took it. I’ve always wanted to do something in order to do business, I was never interested in engineering though I took that. So yeah. My life story was kind of ups and downs.

Cath Anne [00:28:05] I love from your story, you know, it’s a little bit about taking a risk. So even though you were an introvert and even though you were coming from from India to the U.S., like those are big decisions.

Manvika [00:28:18] Did I did come out on the social media being an introvert and then changing my major in the crucial step.

Cath Anne [00:28:23] Exactly. Yeah. Oh yeah. Like lots of big life choices that you’ve made. So congratulations.

Manvika [00:28:30] Thank you.

Cath Anne [00:28:31] You’re welcome. So to finish off this interview Manvika, please share one of your favourite motivational quotes.

Manvika [00:28:41] I don’t have a motivational quote as such. But, I’ve always believed in what my Mom used to tell me from my childhood. Everything happens for a reason.

Cath Anne [00:28:50] Oh wow. Yes.

Manvika [00:28:51] Yeah, I believe in that because I think life is all about believing in something or belief in something. So whenever I feel low or whenever I fail in something I do feel low but I feel like there’s something good happening and there’s something positive coming your way. That’s the reason something bad happened to you.

Manvika [00:29:13] Everything or anything that happens in your life, everything happens for a reason.

Manvika [00:29:19] Don’t go to the ground because you failed once because that’s not the end. There’s so much again coming on your way, there’s so much positive. So just don’t be like that.

Cath Anne [00:29:29] Just keep going. Look for the light. Yeah. Yes. Moms always have the best advice.

Manvika [00:29:36] I know they do.

Cath Anne [00:29:40] You don’t want to think that when they’re younger. Yeah. Yeah exactly. They know, they know. Yep. So finally what advice would you give to a student just entering college or university?

Manvika [00:29:58] Work towards your passion, just know what you want to become. Just picture yourself how you want to be, like how you want to be looked at in the future and work towards that. Just don’t be lazy. Or just again be open. Just don’t be like in a closed mindset. Whenever someone says something negative about you, just ask, why are they saying that, instead of going low because they say something negative, no. Also, always think in a positive way because whenever you feel that it is happening, it is happening. It will happen. Whenever you say, “Oh no, oh no it won’t happen.” So, just be like : Oh yeah it will happen, it will happen, it will happen or I will do that, I will do that.” I believe certainly, definitely the secret coming your way.

Cath Anne [00:30:56] Yeah, I oh I love that. Oh, you were gonna say something.

Manvika [00:31:01] Yeah. I do believe like the secret. Do you know that book The Secret?

Cath Anne [00:31:06] Yes.

Manvika [00:31:07] Yeah, I believe in that book. Like I so love that book because it always says attract the universe towards yourself.

Cath Anne [00:31:18] Right. Yeah. And it’s just it’s like that idea of manifesting your goal. Yeah.

Manvika [00:31:25] This is the magic around you.

Cath Anne [00:31:26] Yeah. Yeah definitely. I love that too and I love that mindset. Very important. Because it’s so easy to get down or you know hard on yourself.

Manvika [00:31:39] Yeah because university is not only studying, not only getting grades or only getting like nine point five GPA or something like that. Not only that because improving your personality, developing your personality because whenever someone sees you, no one asks you for your grade. They will be like, this is your personality and they like you.

Cath Anne [00:32:00] So, yes 100 percent. Yep I totally agree with you.

Manvika [00:32:05] So, I believe that students should focus on improving their personality in general.

Cath Anne [00:32:13] No, I love that. Great advice. Great life advice.

Cath Anne [00:32:19] So, finally sorry just one more question. What what is your favorite social media platform.

Manvika [00:32:27] Instagram. Definitely I love Instagram. Just like surfing around. Like there are so many fashions. Seeing many people. Many people we keep content on Instagram like looking all over through it. Oh, my favorite platform is Instagram.

Cath Anne [00:32:49] I love it too. Do you find like you got a lot of inspiration from Instagram?

Manvika [00:32:55] Yeah a lot. I think we definitely get like many many inspirations from Instagram. Seeing other people’s content and how they create it. Seeing the nature of it and seeing other side of the world because you can’t go to each and every place, right there and there. So, you get to know what’s happening there and what’s happening on the other side of the world.

Cath Anne [00:33:19] Yeah. No. And I think I think you’re smart to get into the marketing and the international business. Yes. That’s going to tie right into your Instagram. Yeah definitely. Yeah. And so can people follow you on social media. Yes.

Manvika [00:33:36] Yes sure. My Instagram and my YouTube. My Instagram is @manvikareddya and please definitely follow me on my YouTube and check out my videos.

Cath Anne [00:33:48] Awesome. We will post your links with this interview so people can follow along.

Cath Anne [00:33:53] Yeah. And I’m definitely going to follow YouTube because I love your style. So thank you. Awesome. Yes. Cool. So is there anything else you wanted to end off with, Manvika before we end this.

Manvika [00:34:05] Yes, definitely my hashtag is #letsspreadlove.

Manvika [00:34:09] So if you don’t have anything to say good at all, just say it at all. Just say, just only spread love around you. Just be positive and attract everyone towards you and everything to you. Just don’t spread hate, just don’t hate anyone or anything just spread love.

Cath Anne [00:34:28] I love it. Oh and it comes through with your your kind personality. You talking just is spreading love. So thank you so much.

Manvika [00:34:38] Thank you.

Cath Anne [00:34:40] Thank you so much for joining me and this has been a great interview. I’m so happy we had the opportunity to interview despite the time difference.

Manvika [00:34:49] Oh it was very nice meeting you. Thank you so much.

Cath Anne [00:34:54] So great to meet you too. And good luck with everything. And we will definitely be following along. Yes. Yes. I’ll keep in touch.

Cath Anne [00:35:03] Awesome. Sounds good. Take care.

Manvika [00:35:05] Bye.

Cath Anne [00:35:06] Bye bye.