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Biosocial Theories Writing Services

Biosocial criminology is an interdisciplinary field which examines crime and deviant or otherwise antisocial behaviour with respect to both biological and environmental influences. Biosocial theories of criminology recognize not only the importance of sociology within contemporary criminology, but also fields such as genetics, neuropsychology, and evolutionary psychology. It is designed to integrate information from a variety of diverse fields for the purpose of establishing a unified and coherent framework by which to study criminal activity. Biosocial theory represented a departure from mainstream criminological modes of thought by investigating genetic processes and personality factors, such as neurotic behaviour, obsessive compulsive tendencies, self-regulating deficiencies, and mental disorders, affect genetic functioning and predisposition toward deviant behaviour. Biosocial theories within criminology account for why individuals growing up in or exposed to similar environmental stressors can develop along different trajectories.

Highlighting the interdependence between genetic and environmental factors in the emergence and practice of criminal or antisocial behaviour, our experts at Homework Help Canada can provide an integrated perspective on the development of criminal conduct and analysis within the realm of biosocial theories. They are also capable of providing critically sound and empirically supported essays which link biological factors to criminal behaviour and illustrate how biological aspects can augment or supplement criminological traditions and theories. Trust the experts at Homework Help Canada – get a quote now!


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