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An In-Depth Research Essay Makes all the Difference For Your Grades

Writing a research essay is an intellectually demanding process and typically includes the following:

● A process of investigative research

● Evaluation of quality sources

● Developing a strong, arguable thesis

● Critical thinking and analysis

● Structuring and planning, based on a strategic outline

● Academic writing

The goal of research essays and papers is not simply to provide a summary or expository interpretation of a text or topic; rather, a research essay is meant to draw on available information regarding what other sources have to say about a topic, and to engage both the sources and the reader in thought-provoking ways. It should be free from plagiarism and completely original. The essence of a research essay is the application of advanced critical thinking to provide a unique perspective or viewpoint on the issue under discussion.

Types of Research Essays You May Encounter

There are two main types of research essays:

● Argumentative essays

● Analytical essays

An argumentative essay makes a certain claim or statement about a topic and justifies that position with specific and thorough evidential support. The main distinction of the argumentative essay is persuasive reasoning, which necessitates the topic be of a controversial, or at the very least, debatable nature.

An analytical essay is an essay in which the writer puts forth a research question, but takes no stance on it, instead evaluating the different aspects of that research question and exploring the ways in which it can be answered. The one thing that all good research papers have in common, however, is the effective use of primary and secondary sources. These are critical to research papers, as they provide the backbone of the evidence which the writer uses to support their claims and investigations. Without incorporating and evaluating well-established critical sources, a research essay will not be able to back-up any of its claims and will fail to provide any sort of impartial reasoning, transforming it into simply an opinion piece.

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