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The Secret to Making Friends in College and Forming Lifelong Friendships

Friends in college laughing together College is an amazing experience. You get to go out on your own, learn how to become an independent adult, and gain valuable knowledge.

Making friends in college is one of those amazing experiences, because your friends in college are going to be irreplaceable and unforgettable. These 5 key tips will help you boost your social life and create those bonds that will keep you happy and healthy over the next few years.

1. Just Be Yourself

There’s no sense in hiding who you are, because true friends will love you no matter what. It’s an age-old ideology, but it’s absolutely true. The longer you hide your true self, or worse, lie about your true self, the worse it will be when your friends find out the truth later on down the road. Plus, it just gets hard to pretend to be someone you’re not after a while. Why bother?

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get out there and try something new. Take that sushi making class, join that bobsledding team you’ve been dying to try out— heck, go skydiving if you want to. You never know who you’re going to meet along the way, and even if your plan backfires, you’re likely going to have an amazing new experience to talk about!

3. Don’t Skip Out on Less Interesting Activities

Go to events that interest you, but don’t skip out on others just because they sound lame or boring. It’s these unexpected places that you’ll find some great friends— you may even just meet someone else who is as bored as you are, which offers an amazing bonding moment when it comes down to it.

4. Open up Your Heart To Making Friends in College

This sounds pretty cheesy, but opening up to a new friend by revealing a deep aspect of your personality can help you become close to them right away. Known as the “Fast Friends Technique,” this method makes you instantly feel closer to someone because you shared this emotional, intimate experience with them.

5. Don’t Judge People by Their Appearance

We aren’t in high school anymore, so get out of that high school mentality of judging other people and putting them into a box. Just because someone is wearing a sweater you think is ugly doesn’t mean that their personality is going to be ugly as well. Give people a chance and you’ll be happy to see that they give you the chance as well.

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