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EP 58: How to Begin a Sociology Essay

What’s the toughest part of writing an essay? STARTING. Here are some topic ideas to get you started.

Sociology is the study of people and their relationships within society. It touches upon a wide range of topics, from religion to communities, from different kinds of conflicts to the behavior of individuals and social groups. Join Cath Anne on Episode 58 of the Homework Help Show for sociology essay topic ideas and advice on how to start an essay.

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Cath Anne: [00:00:00] Hi guys and welcome back to our channel. My name is Cath Anne and this is episode 58 of the homework help show posted by homework help global.

Cath Anne: [00:00:12] Sociology is the study of people and their relationships. It covers a wide variety of topics ranging from religion to communities to conflicts and how people navigate these conflicts in the context of groups. Sociology is considered a science and it is related to other disciplines such as philosophy psychology economics and politics. When you are beginning to write a sociological paper it is important to understand the discipline of sociology and it is also important to draw on a multidisciplinary approach.

Cath Anne: [00:00:57] What this means is that you can draw on the breadth of topics within the sociological discipline you might consider drawing on economic research philosophical research psychology writing an essay is a necessary component of disciplines such as sociology and other related disciplines. Now while it does become second nature learning how to write a research paper can be challenging possibly the most challenging part of writing a research paper is actually getting started today on episode fifty eight. We hope to help you weed through the challenges of writing a sociological research paper and.

Cath Anne: [00:01:41] Help you to answer the question. How do I start a sociology essay. Let’s jump in. So how do you start a sociology essay. The first component of writing any strong essay is to choose the correct research topic. There is hardly a student in the world who would pass in a plagiarized poorly written or incomplete essay. Often when students pass in these types of essays it is due to constant procrastination caused by a lack of motivation or a lack of interest in the topic. You can fix this by choosing a topic that you are passionate about before you think about choosing your topic. Discover some of your interests. Ask yourself what your interests are and choose a topic that you are truly passionate about.

Cath Anne: [00:02:32] The benefit of the sociological discipline is that there is a breadth of information out there that you can draw on to fuel your research. Generally most professors are open to you exploring the breadth of topic areas that are out there. Furthermore if you write on something that you have no interest in whatsoever your professor will definitely pick up on that because it will come through in the tone of your writing as well. If you have no interest in the topic you’re writing about. I can guarantee you will find yourself procrastinating. Now you may find that after a few weeks of researching you have little to no information to put forth in an essay resulting in passing in an unenthused paper just to hand something in. Another reason to choose your topic wisely is to make sure that there is enough current research out there to back up your claims. If there is not enough current research out there you may find yourself scrounging for information and writing an essay from nothing determines something in the field that you find exciting. Ask unexpected questions. Defining unsettled questions will put you in the right direction and make you ask more questions. Further guiding your research to begin your essay you will state the problem or question that you want to resolve or discover you can reject or support some well-known hypothesis or theory or you might look at addressing a well-known social problem or issue. State a valuable question that gives food for thought and that is relevant to this sociology discipline. Here are some questions and research topics that you might want to consider.

Cath Anne: [00:04:28] When you are starting to write a sociology essay How does cross racial adoption affect children in society to what extent does parental influence have an impact on a child’s behavior. What is the correlation between race and educational level how do racial stereotypes affect self-esteem and self-consciousness. How does nationality affect a career in governmental institutions. Now here is a topic area that is completely relevant to contemporary society. Sociology and Social Media. Here are some questions. How popular are social media platforms amongst different social groups; how does social media platforms influence educational processes; effects of social media on people. These questions are gender related. How does gender impact work relationships homosexuality and nationality How do gender studies in younger grades affect self-esteem. The sex issues impacting youth under the age of 18. Proposal at college; should young students wait to get married?. And finally we have some questions on the food industry. Why is food education crucial in modern society? How do food traditions affect national identity? I hope some of those questions gave you an idea of how to begin your sociology essay. If you have any other ideas or want to expand on any of the ones we’ve provided, jump into the comments below and let us know.

Cath Anne: [00:06:20] Now a second component to consider when you are beginning your sociology research is what kind of research you are going to conduct. If you are in an undergraduate degree in sociology it is likely that you will be conducting qualitative research. Now what this means is that your professor will not likely ask you to conduct your own observational research or primary research. Rather you will be drawing on secondary research meaning that you will be looking at pre-existing studies and forming a research concept from their there may be cases where your professor may ask you to complete some observational research or primary data collection. However for the most part if you are an undergraduate you will likely be drawing on research studies that already exist writing a research topic on an interesting subject not only makes you a good student it makes you an expert in the field because you are essentially conducting research in the sociological field make sure that you consider an interesting topic that is not only interesting to you but also relevant to your audience and to the discipline. Begin your sociology essay by conducting a literature review and making sure that there is enough available research on your topic conducting a literature review will also help you to flesh out your research question and perhaps develop a new and more honed in research question. So how do you begin a sociology essay. Make sure you choose the right topic. Choose a topic that is interesting to you as well as the larger audience. It must also be relevant to the sociological discipline make certain that there is enough information out there on your topic conducting a literature review. Draw on a multidisciplinary approach and include topic areas from other disciplines like economics psychology philosophy and politics. Finally decide what kind of research you are going to conduct as mentioned if you are in a undergraduate degree it is likely that you will be conducting qualitative research. Use strong peer reviewed articles to back up your research question and conduct a solid sociological research essay.

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