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The Importance of Copyediting

blog1_getting the most out of an academic writing service What’s copyediting anyway? And do students really need to do it?

Copyediting is the most basic type of editing, where someone checks the text for spelling and grammar mistakes, and checks facts like dates and the spellings of people’s names. In journalism and publishing it’s extremely important, but it’s also a vital step for college and university assignments.

If your teacher or professor gives you a mark for writing style, copyediting will save you marks in this section. Some profs take marks off for every spelling and grammar mistake, while others reward students who hand in papers with proper syntax and word usage. Even if your professor doesn’t take marks off for spelling and grammar mistakes, which is unlikely, having a perfectly edited paper will make a better impression and earn you a higher grade. Research shows that spelling and grammar mistakes have a huge effect on a reader and their impression of the writer’s ability.

In a study of news articles, one researcher found that copyediting affected how the reader ranked a story’s professionalism, value, and organization. Stories that were properly edited were easier to follow and assumed to be of a higher value. The study even found that when readers disagreed with an article’s purpose or politics, they still trusted it more if it was free from errors.

The same goes for essays in school—if your paper is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, the marker could get distracted from the point of the paper. With proper copyediting, your professor will be impressed by your writing skill and can pay full attention to what you’re trying to say. Clearly, copyediting is an important step for any piece of writing you’re going to hand in.

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