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Top 5 Reasons a Daily Routine Contributes to Success

A list of routine steps to help plan your day out Too many of us simply roll out of bed and haphazardly start trying to tackle the day as best we can without a morning routine. We do some things on some days, and forget to do some things other days. The bottom line is that a disorganized, poorly planned start to your day is setting you up to underperform. Successful people have a morning routine that helps them successfully tackle the rest of their day and puts them in the right frame of mind to do so. Below are 5 routine tips to help you start your day off right.

Stretch your Body

This routine tip seems almost too simple to be useful, but stretching your muscles and ligaments when you first wake up, after having spent hours dormant and sedentary, can go a long way to improving your body’s overall performance throughout the rest of the day. These improvements include better posture, fewer aches and pains, and increased blood flow.

Start With Protein Instead of Dairy Products

Eating protein in the morning is more beneficial than eating cereals, or dairy because protein requires more effort from your body for digestion. This means that it is less likely to make you tired after eating and give you a burst of energy that you need to get a head start on your day. Eggs, and a protein shake will make you feel more energized than a bagel and a glass of fruit juice will.

Get Things Ready Beforehand

Mornings are not easy for everybody and it is often the case that the things that keep us in bed longer than they should are the things that we know we have to do once we get up, but dread doing (e.g. getting an outfit ready, packing a lunch). When you are just waking up from REM sleep, these can seem like monumental, intensely painful tasks. Help yourself out by getting an outfit, or a lunch ready the night before. Just knowing that you don’t have to go through those motions can be incredible motivation to get out of bed.

Defeat Your Mind, get rid of the “Snooze”

This is perhaps the hardest part of forming a good morning routine. Your mind and body will try and convince you, with everything they’ve got, that you need that extra ten minutes of sleep, and then another, and then another. Once you’ve woken up from REM sleep, you are already out of your natural sleep cycle and a couple extra ten minute increments is just going to disturb your body’s natural rhythm more. If you can train yourself to get out of bed that first time, it will be the best thing you can do for your day, and your mental strength.

Incorporate Music

Music speaks to the soul. The effect that music has on your emotions is powerful, and there is a reason that people go places (bars, clubs, restaurants etc.) specifically for the music: it changes their state of mind. Start your day off in a positive, relaxed state of mind by incorporating music into your morning routine. It could be in place of your alarm, or simply music playing while you shower, or make breakfast. You will feel energized, stimulated and in the right frame of mind to go about your business.

Telling yourself that you need a morning routine is one thing. Putting in the work to cultivate it and make it a habit is another. If you find yourself struggling for the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, or are wondering around aimlessly, it might be because you haven’t gotten your bodya nd mind into a steady routine to start your day off right. Incorporate the above routine tips into your day and be at the top of the pack at school, work and your personal life. If too much coursework is getting in the way of your daily routine, take a look at Homework Help USA’s services page and let us know how we can help lighten the load.

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