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The Official Pocket Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Thesis Statements


All The Information You Need To Build A Great Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a very important piece of an academic essay. Whether it’s an argumentative essay, a reflection paper, an analysis, or even an article summary, you are always going to need an effective thesis statement to tie your work together. The thesis statement guides the flow of your paper, tells your reader what they are going to be reading, and creates structure in your writing.

In this pocket ebook, we give you all the tools and information you need to create a powerful and effective thesis statement for any type of academic paper. We’ll walk you through all the steps that will guide you through your writing. Keep this guide handy for all of your university or college assignments, and even beyond, to make sure you score top marks every single time.

A Detailed & Informative Guide

Provides Structure for Your Essay

Written by academic writers & scholars

Explains a direct & to the point thesis

University & College Level

Samples & Examples You Can Steal

Helpful Tips & Tricks

30 Pages of Information


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Get Your Copy of Our Thesis Statements eBook

In this official guide, you’ll learn everything that comes with writing a great thesis statement. You’ll get information on what a thesis statement is, how to narrow a topic down, sample thesis statements you can use, guides for specific types of essays, tips and tricks to remember, and so much more. Keep this book on hand for all your future papers and write with confidence!

Here at Homework Help Global, we know how stressful the student life can be. When it comes to learning how to write academic assignments, it’s definitely not an easy task. You’re expected to jump in and know how to write as soon as you start university, but for many students, this can lead to feelings of frustration, overwhelming anxiety, and stress. Writing a thesis statement is a major source of that frustration for so many students out there. That’s why we’ve put together this detailed, informative pocket guide to help you come up with amazing thesis statements you can tailor for any assignment you have to complete.

The academic writers on our team have put together this helpful guide using their own expertise, high levels of education, and experience to help you get ahead with your grades and classes. We have studied at accredited universities and institutions across North America and have collected years of research, studying, writing, and publishing in our respective fields. Now, we’re putting our knowledge to work and helping you with your own career and academic life.

Whether you’re trying to argue a point to your reader or reflecting on something in a personal paper, our thesis statement guide gives you the tools and resources you need to get that A. Keep it handy from now until the end of your academic career and even beyond!

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