Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What separates Homework Help USA from other essay writing services?

At Homework Help USA we always place the needs of the client first. Our writers are internationally recognized scholars and many of them have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. We offer extremely competitive pricing and a guaranteed grade of at least 70% on all assignments. Many of our previous clients have even complained of their grades being too high!

Is all of the writing original and how can I be sure of this?

Yes. We carefully screen all of our writers, and have a strict zero tolerance policy for any type of plagiarism. In order to provide the highest possible quality product, we provide all of our clients with an originality report from Copyscape, at no extra charge. Copyscape is a reputable plagiarism software, which will herald top quality results like Turnitin, Viper and WriteCheck. You can be 100% sure that we at Homework Help Canada take originality very seriously.

How can I be sure that I will be given a quality paper, delivered on time?

We at Homework Help make every effort to meet deadlines. When crunch time comes, you can be sure that we are able to deliver high quality papers under very short notice (even in less than 24 hours if necessary!). Our goal is to provide the highest quality work at competitive prices. See samples for a few examples of our previous work.

Are academic essay writing services prohibited by most colleges and universities?

Technically no. Though plagiarism is strictly prohibited within any academic context, we provide highly specialized writers at all levels to help our clients achieve their academic goals. This means we also help students edit their papers and provide critical and detail oriented feedback. In most cases, we aim to enable students to better understand the material and help them work through whatever circumstances and conditions they face in the classroom.

Are there any discounts for returning clients?

Yes! Please subscribe to our mailing list as we have various promotional discounts throughout the year. You can also follow us on our social media channels, as we have special contests and offers throughout the year. Many of our clients continue to utilize our writing services throughout their academic careers, so be sure to take advantage.

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