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About Our Essay & Academic Writing Services


Founded in 2011, Homework Help USA is a proven and trusted custom essay and academic writing service company. With many loyal clients over the years, we have developed a unique strategy around customization and responsive customer service. Our highly passionate and performance-driven team of American writers helps to meet each of our clients’ homework-related needs such as: custom essays, research papers and reports, critical position papers, and other custom assignments.


To be the leading national provider of custom essays and all other homework-related assignment services across USA, offering high-quality original content and unparalleled customer service.


We shall be a trusted custom essay service that meets all of our client’s needs. We will accomplish this through engaging with our customers, creating the best customized solutions, and we will always be passionate about the work we do.

Academic Writing

Our academic writing services will help to provide you with a competitive edge in your studies. With us, you can rely on an industry leader with an impeccable reputation.

Creative & Original Essays

We specialize in creative and original essays, highly detailed research reports, critical position papers, covering nearly every academic field.

Commitment to Originality

At Homework Help USA, we take originality very seriously; we offer a complimentary Copyscape Originality report with every assignment completed.

We offer homework help in ALL subjects: English, history, literature, psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, geography, other social sciences, humanities, mental health, business, marketing, finance, financial accounting, managerial accounting, management, statistics, mathematics, calculus, organizational behaviour, strategic management, law, criminal studies, and more.

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