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How To Multitask While In College With Jazmyne Aquino

Knowing how to multitask while you’re in college is a skill that will come in handy. Most college students juggle not only their studies but also a part-time job on top of their passion projects, hobbies, taking care of their mental health, and more. In the 37th episode of The Homework Help Show, we interview Filipino-American, Jazmyne Aquino. She is a theater student from The University of Southern California. Jazmyne tells how successful she’s been at being a student and a content creator by honing her multitasking skills.

Jazmyne goes back to Japan where she grew up

Jazmyne Aquino’s Early Life

Jazmyne Aquino was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She grew up as a military child because of her dad so she was quite used to moving from to different countries where there were military bases. Because of college, she has since moved to California and is currently enrolled in the University of Southern California where she’s currently a sophomore. Prior to her moving to the US for school, she also recalls moving to Washington State as a child but she mostly grew up in Japan until her father retired. Jazmyne is the youngest of two children, her older sibling studies occupational therapy while she is a theater student.

At 13, Jazmyne had already started acting in high school. Her school is known for being the alma mater of famous actor, Mark Hamill who plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. She recalls that her school was “big on acting” but didn’t officially have any acting classes. While she learned all about acting as a member of her school’s drama club, that was also the start of her passion for social media. At a young age, Jazyme was already learning how to multitask in school while pursuing new passions. She has actually taken that passion with her to college as she is also in the process of doing a double major in public relations.

As a second-year student at USC, she is further learning how to develop multitasking skills as she was appointed as one of the USC Ambassadors who act as school tour guides. She is a proud student of USC because it is an institution that celebrates students’ individuality, it allows its students to apply themselves to varying passions and careers. In her own words, USC is full of multi-hyphenated students who pursue not only double majors but even triple majors. Clearly, students from USC are great multitaskers. Jazmyne herself is so multifaceted that she has even taken an interest in a geriatrics class, something that is so far removed from her theater major.

Jazmyne finally enrolls in her dream school USC after learning how to multitask

Joining Her Dream School and Finding Her Passion For Acting

Growing up, Jazmyne had memories of summers spent visiting the US and her seeing the USC campus for the first time. She even remembers growing up wearing USC merch as a child. In 2020, during the pandemic, Jazmyne was fortunate to land a full-ride scholarship for the USC Summer Military Scholarship Program. It was going to be her first time coming to California without her parents which was a pretty big deal but because of the pandemic, everything was done online. Despite the pandemic, Jazmyne was able to learn a lot while she was studying online. She recalls meeting some really cool people, being inspired by her professors, and meeting people from the entertainment industry. Funnily enough, looking back she couldn’t believe the path she was on because she had originally planned on becoming a lawyer when she was in high school.

It was that summer course experience that really solidified her decision to take up theater arts at her dream school, USC. She did, of course, still look for good law programs in different schools. She was inspired to take up family law from a show called Degrassi. In hindsight though, she was probably more so inspired by the acting than the law degree the show characters were taking up. In her sophomore year of high school, she was cast to play The Little Mermaid for a musical. This was another turning point for her that solidified her decision to pursue a career in acting. She realized how impactful that role was because she had a lot of younger students come up to her to take photos. Before her, the younger students had never seen a Filipino-American play the character Ariel, and that to her felt really fulfilling.

Jazmyne visiting Japan

The Importance of Representation in The Media

Jazmyne realized an even more important reason to become an actor as a Filipino-American when she realized she had never had a Filipino professor in her life. She realized that she wanted to make an even bigger impact on the world by representing her heritage on a larger stage. With diversity and representation of minorities in the media being highlighted in recent years, Jazmyne wanted to become a part of that movement. She had so many iconic and inspirational role models in school and it only made sense that she wanted to become one herself.

While Western media has taken a step to make sure casts and productions are more inclusive and have diversity, there is still a long way to go. “I would really love for there to come a point in time where we no longer have to say we need more diversity. In this room, there just is diversity”, says Jazymne. Media is ever-changing and we certainly need more Asian representation in the media to keep pushing the boundaries and constantly challenge the norms.

Jazmyne balances being a student and an influencer

Jazmyne and The Art of Multitasking As A Student and Digital Creator

As a college student pursuing a double major and also finding a new passion for digital media, Jazymyne has had to learn how to multitask. While it is something she never foresaw herself doing, being a content creator is something Jazmyne is thankful for. For her, creating content was only supposed to be something she did for fun. Creating content opened up new opportunities for her as she started working for a school magazine. One of her multitasking tips was to look at different tasks and “making time” in order to accomplish goals. She says, “I love making time for things that I want to do, not giving it my extra time” which truly says a lot about how to handle multitasking in a positive way.

Some of the things Jazmyne taught herself to do to be successful in the many hats she wears are making calendars and organizing her many projects. Because she was so good at managing time, she is able to balance her time working with the magazine, her work, and her personal life. She makes sure she’s able to tend to herself as well and not focus too much on work by journaling and just being thankful for all the opportunities that come her way.

Jazmyne climbs a mountain in Japan

Multitasking Vs. Time Management

The main takeaway in learning the difference between how to multitask and manage time is the compartmentalization of your tasks. Multitasking on its own is to do several things simultaneously while managing time is to make the time and organize all your goals similar to what Jazmyne does. While she does multitask in a way by juggling school, work, and taking care of herself, she does it quite well by learning how to prioritize.

In order to learn how to multitask and stay organized, it has to be balanced with time management. Yes, it’s possible to get multiple tasks done at a given time but not with proper planning. Here’s how you can hone your time management according to Southern New Hampshire University:

Jazmyne wears a cap and gown during her high school graduation

1. Understand your assignments well and know when they’re due

The key to being successful at multitasking is knowing how much time you have to complete a task. You will have plenty of different classes in college and all of them will require something different of you. The best way to keep track of all your deadlines is to write them all down. Another way to be successful, especially for more complicated assignments that require a lot of time is breaking them down into smaller tasks. This way, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to get everything done. It’s also important to have a good grasp of the instructions and to understand them well so you don’t make any mistakes. In learning how to multitask, you should realize that you won’t get anything done right by rushing. Just like Jazmyne said, make the time. Not only that, once you’ve allotted a certain amount of time for a task, you have to do it right so you don’t have to redo anything and time won’t be wasted.

2. Make a schedule you can stick to

Every student will have a different schedule that works for them. Some people have more energy during the day, while some people thrive at night. You won’t magically be able to get all your assignments done just because you create a schedule. It has to fit your lifestyle and it also has to be sustainable and realistic. You should also account for events that will be out of your hands. Regardless of how well you plan, you will inevitably run into things that aren’t part of your schedule. That means you also have to be flexible. Jazmyne swears by Google Calendar and always writes down her whole schedule for the day so she doesn’t miss anything. Find a method that works for you and stick to it no matter what.

No matter how great of a schedule you make, there will always be unexpected events that could happen. In a time pinch, you could definitely benefit from getting professional help for your assignments. Get help editing and scanning your work for plagiarism with Homework Help Global!

3. Set a time limit for certain tasks

One of Jazmyne’s favorite study hacks is the Pomodoro Method. It’s when you set a timer for 25 or 30 minutes and fully focus on the task at hand until the time runs out. Afterward, you get a five-minute break to do whatever you want. This hack can be especially useful for artists who can get eye fatigue. Sometimes, when you’re working on a task for too long, you could lose sight of your initial goals and get lost in the nitty-gritty details. Sometimes it pays to take a step back and look at the bigger picture before you continue with your work.

4. Be wise when using technology

A lot of a student’s time spent studying means looking at a computer screen and having access to the Internet. Some professors say this can be a “trap” because, at any given time, you can just abandon your tasks to do other things online. Mastering time management means you are in charge of your own time. You have full autonomy to do whatever you want essentially, even if it’s for counterproductive activities. If you truly want to know how to multitask, you need to be responsible with your time and hold yourself accountable. No one will be there for you to constantly remind you to do your assignments. It is ultimately up to you to decide what you do on your own time so be wise.

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5. Reward yourself for completing tasks

It is also not sustainable to live a life of “all work and no play”. People are not machines and we all need to take breaks. Yes, schoolwork is important to get done, but recharging is equally as important. Give yourself a reward after completing tasks so you also reinforce your good habits.

Jazmyne thriving in Los Angeles

Listen In To Jazmyne Aquino’s Full Interview On The Homework Help Show

There’s more inspiration and information in store for you once you listen to Jazmyne Aquino’s episode on The Homework Help Show. Find out more about her USC journey, what she plans to do in the future, and more ways to multitask. Watch the episode on YouTube or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

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Jazmyne [00:00:02] It’s your path, not the path of those around you. Definitely. It’s your story, not others. And that you’re the one who paves it. You’re the main character in your story, not in theirs. And so focus on your story and how you could emerge into that. And it’s all your choice.

Patricia [00:00:26] Hi, everyone, and welcome back to The Homework Help Show. I’m your host, Patricia, and this podcast is your one stop shop for advice, motivation and inspiration. So whether you’re in the journey of your educational career or have finished that season in your life, there’s always a lesson we hope to impart. Today, our guest is a theater student from USC and she’s also one of Homework Help Global newest influencers. Please welcome our guests for today, Jazmyne Aquino. Hi.

Jazmyne [00:00:54] Hi.

Patricia [00:00:55] How are you doing?

Jazmyne [00:00:56] I am doing all right. It’s pretty chilly here. How are you?

Patricia [00:01:00] Really? Where are you in the world right now? Is actually there. You’re in California, obviously, right?

Jazmyne [00:01:05] Yes, I live in Los Angeles, but it’s winter break, so I’m staying in San Diego with one of my aunts at the moment.

Patricia [00:01:11] Okay. So are you originally from San Diego and you just go to L.A. for school or have you lived anywhere else in the world?

Jazmyne [00:01:19] I am actually from Japan. I was born and raised around the Tokyo area. I grew up as a military child, so my dad is in the military. So I grew up moving throughout different military bases growing up, although I moved to Los Angeles for University.

Patricia [00:01:37] And that was how long ago that you moved to L.A.?

Jazmyne [00:01:40] I moved here just over a year ago.

Patricia [00:01:42] You’re a freshman in college, right?

Jazmyne [00:01:45] I’m actually a sophomore, so it’s my second year.

Patricia [00:01:47] So you’ve lived in Japan. You’re pretty much new to the U.S.. Pretty much like a year old there. Have you lived anywhere else in the world?

Jazmyne [00:01:56] So I actually moved to Washington State when I was younger. I don’t really recall. I was more of a baby at that time. So after being able to live there for like a little bit of my life, I ended up going back to Japan with my family and my dad served a couple more tours till he retired.

Patricia [00:02:12] Okay. So that you’re all pretty much settled there now. He’s retired. Your mom’s retired. Do you have any siblings?

Jazmyne [00:02:19] I have an older sibling and they study occupational therapy at a different university.

Patricia [00:02:24] I love that. And for you, how did you know? Because you are a theater student. Has being a theater student always been in like, the the path the goal for you? Have you always dreamt this even as a kid?

Jazmyne [00:02:35] So for theater, I really enjoy this. I started acting when I was about 13 in my high school department, or rather club was really weird. So my high school is known for Mark Hamill, the person who plays like Skywalker, etc. And I just find it so odd how we had this huge presence of acting, but we had no acting classes provided. And so I was very fortunate to be in a club. And so I joined up when I was in middle school. Actually, they let me in early, I guess next, and I just kept acting ever since. And I was really fortunate to have some very passionate mentors and faculty to guide me through that path. But I was also very fortunate to have worked in media at the same time with my high school’s youth cast. And so that’s when I found a passion for social media. And so I just recently added, I’m in the process of adding my double major in public relations now at the School School of Annenberg, USC. And so I’m really excited to see where I could intertwine the two in different ways. And I think it’s a really cool intersection.

Patricia [00:03:41] I really think so too. And you’re so lucky to have had that experience even as a younger student. And it’s it’s made you realize the path you wanted to take now. And as an adult, like everything tied in together, we’ll talk about more about your student life. But to start, if you could like tell us how student life is in USC, What’s the culture like in your school?

Jazmyne [00:04:02] I actually just got hired as a tour guide as a U.S. ambassador. Congratulations. Thank you. It’s been a really cool couple of months. I’m training and so I really get to dive into student life even more than I already have. So that’s a pretty cool thing. I’m really excited about what I can say and what I really appreciate about U.S. is how multi hyphenated our students are. Our students really have massive passions, and so USC has a huge thing about allowing its students to thrive and apply themselves into different paths of life as of careers that they’re interested in. So one cool fact would be our marching band. You would think it’s full of music students, but actually 40% engineering students know. And we just have so many multi-hyphenate students here and I’m very thankful to cross Path list. Evidently seeing something cool or researching like a really cool thing about sleep or brainwaves. We have a huge thing about students minoring in multiple things. I’ve met triple minors, I’ve met double majors, like me, I’m a double major. And so I just really am fortunate to reach for classes and things that aren’t related to my major. And for instance, I’m actually taking a gerontology class next semester, which is about the study of human aging that is nowhere near where I am.

Patricia [00:05:23] What made you want to take a class? Geriatrics. That’s really fascinating. Was it just like out of like the diversity that your school kind of, like, accommodates for? Or what made you want to take such a class of like, so far from like theater and media?

Jazmyne [00:05:39] Every school has the general education credits. And so I was trying to get one of my sciences out of the way. And I found gerontology. And most people are like, Let me take so-and-so class. But I, I found gerontology. I was quite into the study of human aging. And so we get to learn a lot about some healthy habits to get more creative as we grow, etc.. And so I thought that was really cool as I’m getting older.

Patricia [00:06:01] Yeah, I really, really.

Jazmyne [00:06:03] Want to learn how I could retrieve this information and use it in the future. And that’s the thing I really enjoy. I know some people or an aspect that might be in one’s brain is taking general education credits or just to get them out of the way so that you don’t deal with them. But I believe every general education classic teaching at USC has really formed my mindset and really attributed to what I think about and what I try to incorporate in projects I do. And so, for instance, my first TV when I entered USC was on Creating culture film, and I actually joined it because all five of my classes I had lined up all were full. And you know, you’re 17, you’re getting ready for college and you don’t get any class you want. That could be a little devastating in the moment. But I’ve learned, like every class is really like taught me things that I never would have learned if I hadn’t taken them. And so very fortunate for all the faculty that go to our school and for everyone who goes to our school, because people work hard to get into here and they’re really passionate about what they do, even if it’s small or short term or long term.

Patricia [00:07:07] It sounds like a really great institution. And that really goes into like what I wanted to ask you, which is, was USC your first choice or were there other universities that you had in mind?

Jazmyne [00:07:17] USC is actually my dream school, so I’m very fortunate to be graduate. I do that. Thank you. I actually knew about USC when I was younger just because one of my aunts actually worked at Keck School of Medicine. And so I remember when I was in America, I would visit in the summer and as a child we visit the USC campus and I had slight memories about it. I grew up wearing USC merch, not very often, but I did have it in the back of my closet every once in a while. And so my junior year came 2020. So that’s the COVID year, and I was really fortunate to be accepted for a full ride scholarship for the USC Summer Military Scholarship program. And so I was able to have an acting intensive for the year. And I was supposed to come to California for the first time and ever. I was really excited, going to be my first time so far away from my parents. It’s usually my dad’s the one who’s gone. So yeah, yeah. But then COVID happened, unfortunately. But I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue this summer intensive online. So I did it on Zoom. I met the faculty, I met some really cool folks, and I was very thankful to have been inspired by these professors in the industry who are actively working on the side of this job in entertainment, and it was just so inspiring to meet them and hear their stories and to learn their how they apply these skills to acting and beyond. And so I was really even more inspired to go to see. And then I applied and I was very fortunate to get in. It was really funny just because for a majority of my time in high school, I was very nail to the fact that I was going to become a lawyer.

Patricia [00:09:00] Oh, wow, that’s a big jump.

Jazmyne [00:09:03] Yeah. And that happened. And I think this is what was meant to be. And I’m very thankful that this is the path I followed.

Patricia [00:09:11] Was that class that you took during the summer that really tilted your choice into going to theater, because obviously you said you’ve been acting already when you were younger, but then you wanted to pursue a law. What was like the actual tipping point for you to be like, You know what? I’m just going to bite the bullet and actually take theater because this is what my passion probably is.

Jazmyne [00:09:31] We could talk about my first mock trial meeting and a little bit about what.

Patricia [00:09:35] I’d love to hear about. Yeah, okay, sure.

Jazmyne [00:09:38] So I had actually been looking into colleges since about the summer of my before my sophomore year, and I was set on a number of schools. I was looking in law programs. I was very set on focusing on it based off a television show, which maybe I was more moved by the acting than the actual law. And so I was really dedicated to a show called Degrassi The Next Generation. Okay. And so a couple of the characters were really intrigued by law and focusing on family law and helping with those kind of crises. And I was really inspired by that. But looking back, maybe I was inspired by the acting in it, and so I was really intrigued by that. I did some reading. I joined Mock Trial for a little bit at my high school, but. I remember there came a point that I was there and I was speaking on the stage we had in front of the classroom. And a lot of these people are very passionate and I thought it was really beautiful. But there was something holding me back that felt off like maybe this wasn’t meant for me. And so not too long after that, I got casted for my first lead role in high school, which I was very excited for. And I was cast for Ariel in The Little Mermaid. I’m not very musical theater girl now. I really appreciate it. But in the moment I was very thrilled to be taking on that role. We performed for elementary schools, middle schools and then our community, and it was a very fun time before COVID started. And so that was one of my turning points because I remember after my opening night, some of the children came up to me and they wanted to take photos. And usually when you’re in high school, you’re like, Oh yeah, take a photo with me. But one of them came up to me and they’d never seen Ariel portrayed by a Filipino-American who’s proud. And so that was one of the sparks that made me realize, Oh, maybe I should pursue acting and try to make even the tiniest bit of a difference. And although it’s not in Broadway, maybe my younger mind would have thought.

Patricia [00:11:47] Yet at least.

Jazmyne [00:11:48] I’m happy to make some sort of a footprint. And that is what I really want to focus on Gen Z Entertainment and focusing on how I could provide my mindset into helping and supporting artists as they grow into this field.

Patricia [00:12:05] I love that One thing that’s like a take away. I want to point out from your experience is how important it is for students to immerse themselves in different ways. Like you wouldn’t have known the law wasn’t for you had you been part of those mock trials in the past. And it’s a really important for students to try out different things and different avenues to really hone in and to what they’re really passionate about. And you found that out through being casted in a musical, even though you never probably thought of that in your path. And one thing that I wanted to ask you that you had brought up already is you being a Filipino-American who wants to pursue acting. I wanted to ask this a little later on in an interview, but since you already brought that up, I did see that on your Instagram specifically that you said you wanted to represent Asian-Americans and people of color in the entertainment industry. I wanted to ask like, when did you realize that there was this existing bias and lack of representation for people of color in the media.

Jazmyne [00:13:05] Which dating back to my summer program, that was I was fortunate to be in. I was very fortunate to have had that experience with musical theater. But what really and grinded it was one of my professors. I had a professor named Rodney Hill, and he was like in the acting industry. But he was an Easter Sunday if you watch the movie. And he told us his reason for acting was one of his closing statements before ending our time together for a month. And he talked about his experiences in acting and why he does it. And it was really a big turning point for me to realize that I was very fortunate. I never had a Filipino professor before, and I didn’t realize till that point they were talking to me. I was looking back into all my education, which I was very fortunate to meet these amazing teachers, but I’d never met someone like them. And it made me realize I want to make an impact like how you do. And so they were a really big reason as to why I do acting. They’re like one of those sparks that really inspired me to pursue this. And so as time went on, I went to college and I met very positive voices that talked about this topic. And I came to the realization of diversity is always growing, and I’m very thankful for that, especially at a school so rigorous in applying that. But I wanted to contribute to that situation rather than just checking a box that aligns with like, okay, now we have a diverse cast, let’s cut that off. We just added an equity director. Let’s check that off. I would really love for there to come a point in time where we no longer have to say we need more diversity. In this room, there just is diversity. And rather than searching for roles of ethnically ambiguous, etc., I love for there to be a day where it’s just we’re looking for this role and diversity is just common knowledge. It’s not something that we have to fight for, though we are doing that right now. I would love for there to come a day where it’s.

Patricia [00:15:11] It’s part of the norm. Yeah, absolutely. I totally get what you’re saying and that’s such a beautiful thing to aspire to. I think it’s so impactful as well, especially an example of this that I can think of at the top of my head was just like, pop culture is. When Haley was cast as the new Little Mermaid. Little Mermaid, Right. And there were so many young black children who when they saw Ariel on that trailer, that was such an impactful moment for them because they had never seen, you know, someone who represented them in media. And they think that’s something that should be the norm. Absolutely. You know, I’ve heard like casting directors, like specifically looking for people of color just to fill in, like you said, that just so they can say that there’s diversity, but it’s almost like forced you know, it’s not just like, oh, we’re looking for this role. And whoever, no matter what race they’re from, as long as they can commit to the role, then, you know, we’re willing to take them. I feel like media has changed over the years. We’re absolutely more inclusive now, but I think there’s still a lot of room to grow. And I think you will be, you know, one of the pioneers to making that happen. And I hope to see that in the future. And I really commend you for, you know, wanting to inspire other people of color more around girls and boys out there, you know, to be inspired and see someone in the media that looks like them and inspires them. And I think that’s really beautiful. Besides you being an actress, you’re also, you know, on top of being a college student, you’re also a digital creator. I wanted to ask you how you balance these two huge responsibilities while simultaneously excelling in both of them?

Jazmyne [00:16:46] I never saw myself becoming a digital creator, but I’m very thankful for it’s for the opportunity for me. I used to do it for fun. It was just a fun thing. I would make videos of my times back in Japan and the things I would do. And then I came to L.A. and I started realizing how much larger that could be, especially in relation to my double major in public relations. And so not only have I tried applying that to myself, but I learned to balance that in a way that’s not just for my personal channel, but also for different things I’m in. And so a really cool thing that I just joined the semester was a magazine, and I never saw myself working for a magazine on my campus. I don’t think I ever would have done that if I hadn’t ran into that opportunity with some really cool creatives on my campus. And so especially by making time rather than giving extra time to that, which is the big thing I’m about, I love making time for things that I want to do, not giving it my extra time. I’ve learned to make calendars, etc., organize such projects so that they could come out as beautiful as they can be. And I was able to balance that time with my magazine, with my work sort of life and my own personal life. And so through that opportunity, I’ve extended that to my own personal goals, like even just making time to journal, making time to focus on writing emails for cetera. I believe it’s really helped me in bouncing my own channel. And so that’s something I’m very thankful for.

Patricia [00:18:12] A lot of students actually aspire to do something similar to what you do, which is like balancing school and having like a side hustle or like a passion project. What advice would you give people who want to start a career in social media?

Jazmyne [00:18:27] Just do it. The algorithm. It’s not always going to be perfect. Instagram is always changing things around, but just because you upload something and it doesn’t get the engagement you want doesn’t mean you should stop. I’ve had times where I might have a video that only reaches out to like only the hundreds and then all of a sudden have a video that reaches over ten K And so I just keep doing it. Learning. Finding your niche is hard and I’m still in the middle of crossing my nieces. I’m just trying to stick to one, but try the different ways of uploading the voiceovers work for you. See if no voiceovers work for you, see fashion works of editing or just one take videos are good. Learn what your audience enjoys and focus on this and developing that. And I’m not perfect, but I’m certainly learning by every video I upload and every post make what people are interested in with my IT particular channel. And so I try to try and try the video. If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay. And sometimes the engagement on things don’t show up until later on and that’s okay because that shows that you didn’t start because one video didn’t go well. Yeah, you kept going until you found what works.

Patricia [00:19:39] I love that. Do you have any like processes for creating content? Because like, I know it’s hard to like always stay inspired and always keep up with trends. So what what works for you so far? I know you’re still trying to find your niche, but do you have a process? How do you like get inspiration and where does it come from?

Jazmyne [00:19:54] I’m starting to follow Asian fashion and beauty and I’m really excited about that and that’s what I’m focusing on for my next couple of reals. Just because Instagram started this thing about monetization of reals. And so I’m really excited about that because I’ve never been paid to make videos. And so that’s really exciting. I just make whatever aligns with me. And they said that we’ll see where it goes from there. So that’s an exciting thing to have going on. But what really get me inspired is just what makes me happy. And so I have this thing of if I get ready. In the morning, like I put my makeup on. I choose a really good outfit. It gets me going through the day, even if I don’t have a lot to do or if I have a lot to do. It really gets me motivated and I start realizing this is just for me. What if I shared it with my audience? And so then I did my first fashion video and the amount of like saves and funds actually increased compared to other videos. And I started to realize, well, maybe I should start incorporating this into what I do. And so that’s been an if I’ve been trying to follow, that has been really inspiring and really fun. I love making a good outfit in the morning and I started on makeup and I feel like a lot of people intersect. There’s a massive intersection with makeup and people who follow this kind of content, and so that is a big inspiration for me. But I’d really love to start working on content that’s related to mental health. That’s a big thing. I made one video about it and it did pretty good, and I think I want to start incorporating that a little more just because we talked about workload, and although I’m able to balance it, there are times where it’s not always going to be 100%. And so I’d really love to incorporate that in my work in the future. I didn’t want anyone that I’d really like to do more of it, especially with my magazine, just because we follow similar content too. We’re not really strangers, and the calls that they make is something I really am inspired by. I love the simplicity of it. I love how it’s straightforward on the Shot on an iPhone. I just love that because everyone has a phone. And so being able to make things with those kind of resources is something that I really admire that organization for because I feel like it connects to how related we all are as people on media.

Patricia [00:22:09] I love that you’re finally finding your knees, and I love that thing where you say, If you have a good outfit on and you feel good about yourself, that translates to the rest of the day. I feel like I’m pretty similar. It’s about like if you feel good on the outside, it reflects back and you feel good on the inside. So anyone listening out there who like, isn’t motivated, just like, wear your favorite outfit to school, see how that changes your day. I think that’ll be amazing. I wanted to ask you, has there ever been a situation where you had to prioritize work over school? This could be like your content creating. Or maybe you have like a club in school that you join some extracurriculars. Have they ever gotten in the way of each other? And how do you like fix that?

Jazmyne [00:22:52] So I can speak on probably the beginning of 2022. I had a really big break from social media. I didn’t upload as many videos as I used to. I went on a couple month hiatus of focusing on my classes just because I was thinking Double G’s to cover my double major. It was a lot on me. And so I had a focus, Julie, on my grades, and I also had to focus on writing some skits for my cultural organization because we had a performance coming up in the later months. And so I really focused all my time and effort into those things. I really wanted the products of those to come out for people, and I didn’t want to make content that was lazy and just made with my extra time. I wanted to make time for it, and so I didn’t upload as much as I used to. And it’s a little I think I was wildly upset that I wasn’t able to make time for it, but I was very thankful that I did take that time to focus on me and try to make things out of the things I had around me already. And so once I was able to get those obligations out of the way, I took a moment in the summer, especially with my job, to write down my little journal. What did I want to do? What did I need to do? And so that is why I’ve actually been working on a vision board. I never thought I’d be a vision board girl, but now I am. And I’ve talked to some friends about how a thing people say is next year is going to be my last year. But for me, I think it’s going to be my new year. It’s going to be me saying no. Is this opportunity something I want or is it something I need or is it intermingled? And I can’t decide is this follow my morals, my beliefs? Will it be positive on my end or will it stressed me out or will be stressful but fruitful at the end? And so I really want to incorporate those ideas into what I create and for the future. Although going off social media for a while was a little sad, I really love to incorporate these ideas so that I don’t do that and that I actually make content that I enjoy and am able to put my time into. And so I really hope I can continue this little content caliber I have going on and making things peaceful.

Patricia [00:25:05] I totally understand you without you were being selective, basically. I think you also don’t want to stretch yourself too thin because if you really want to apply yourself fully into something like you said, you wanted your work to become fruitful. In the end, that probably meant that you had to make some changes and. That meant that you couldn’t make content as regularly anymore. But then you also, on the bright side, got the the fruit of your labors, right? I love what you said about maybe next year becoming, you know, you’re being more selective with the stuff that you get into and just like prioritizing. I think that really goes with like growing up when you’re younger, you’re just like, yes, taking all the opportunities as they are and, you know, never saying no to a party or something like that. But then you realize it’s all about balance and learning how to prioritize. And sometimes that means saying no and not not feeling bad about that because you’re doing it for your own well-being. It’s really hard to say. And a lot of people really have difficulty with that, actually. So it’s like a real test of strength to be able to do that. And I wish you all the luck with that next year and I really hope you get to do and practice that. What about like challenges that you’ve faced in school, like in university? Has there been anything that’s really rocked your world soon as you got into USC?

Jazmyne [00:26:29] Most definitely. I think everyone who enters university has a mess and is something completely different from the lifestyle they had before. I had massive culture shock entering USC. I had to live in America on my own at all, and I had hadn’t lived in America and forever. And I’ve only heard things about it on social media and with my education. And so USC was drastically different. Even just walking around USC, you run into so many, like so many people with aspirations and big dreams, which is a really cool place to be in. But I remember going to drama school at USC and realizing everybody’s here because they work so hard, but also everybody came in with certain things behind them. Like, for instance, I’ve ran into people who have been acting professionally since they were born. I met into people who’ve been going to acting schools since they started their education, and I definitely felt behind. I definitely felt like I feel like there are times people don’t feel like they belong places, especially when you move somewhere and you’re down here and you really have any friends yet you haven’t really met your people. And so I remember coming here and being I kind of want to go back home and more familiar with that. I have my best friends there. I know I’ll do well because I think I did. But I try to think about how everybody was chosen to come here for a reason, because the people who accepted us are potential and we saw what we could do and what we can become. And so although there are times I definitely feel like I’m behind, I tried to consider that they saw something in me. And just because I don’t have that background in such skills doesn’t mean I’m not a good actor. I could still be one and I could still grow and learn. And so I feel like, for instance, my first acting teacher, they accidentally became my acting teacher again this semester. I didn’t know they’re going to be mine. It was like last minute they put them into the timeslot and at the end of the year of the semester, we had a quick talk at the end of our final our end of our final performance, and my teacher hugged me and she said, Jasmine, you’ve grown so much this year, the past year, especially in your acting, but also how to guide yourself. And that was a really big spotlight on how I’m happy I stayed. I don’t let things hold me back. And so those are the kind of things you run into, you see? Well, that just means everybody here is just so excited to do things and to grow and enter branches.

Patricia [00:28:54] Yeah, I can definitely feel you on that. When you’re just surrounded by so many talented people, you almost get like imposter syndrome. And you ask yourself like, Am I really worthy of being here? But then you have to remember you wouldn’t be there if you weren’t. So I really commend you on that and congrats on the growth. That’s amazing. Well, was being a theater student everything you expected it to be?

Jazmyne [00:29:17] So for theater. I remember thinking, Oh, wow, I’m going to become a super cool actor. I’m going to do acting all the time. And my first semester I did it land like some things, some auditions, which is part of the process. You’re going to get a bunch of no’s before you get a yes. And so I definitely looked at myself down. I was reconsidering, am I even supposed to be taking theater, etc. But it actually has been very fruitful, especially the semester last year. My first serious, they actually took one acting course and everything was about theater. It was about helping behind the scenes, which I’m very thankful for, and it was about like a writing reading. I thought I was going to have a massive intensive, but that’s what comes out of taking all the requirements at the beginning. You start getting to have those are the acting courses as you go, especially as a B.A. That’s what allows me to double as a B.A., get to learn multiple things. And so I’m very thankful that I was able to take more acting courses this semester and even be in a show, which has really helped me with my training. There are tons of professors here that I’m very thankful to have met. I really want to work with as many as I can before I graduate and not speak just to you. We have a large faculty, which I’m very thankful for, and I thought I would be meeting all of them at once. But clearly I need to take the classes one by one as I continue to rise into different courses. And so in the end, I think it’s kind of where I expected it to be, but not entirely. And it’s not exciting because you never know who you’re going to do. Like, for instance, I didn’t even know one of my professors was in Gray’s Anatomy. I was and I ran into her so many times and I didn’t come to my realization until everyone around me was freaking out. And I guess I could show what I didn’t expect. I didn’t realize that professors I had here and the resources I had were so rigorous in the entertainment industry, even outside of the school. And so I really want to get to know that and I really want to have conversations with them and see what they are, what words of wisdom they can provide.

Patricia [00:31:19] Well, on that high note, what else would you say has been your biggest accomplishment in school? And this could be in high school or now in USC. Could you tell us about that experience?

Jazmyne [00:31:30] I feel the biggest accomplishment that I’m quite proud of from this year is probably writing two scripts in two weeks that was kind of crazy

Patricia [00:31:39] separate stories, or?

Jazmyne [00:31:41] They’re together

Patricia [00:31:44] Like a two parter or something like that.

Jazmyne [00:31:46] So I was a part of my cultural group at the beginning of this year of 2022, and I was actually casted as lead four hour showcase. That would be at the beginning of April and in March. And so we’d been preparing, I memorized 120 pages of script because the director had written me in every page, which was an experience I was very thankful to be put into that environment to see like, what can I handle? Can I do? How could I learn from this? It was a lot, especially like being like freshly 18, trying to say yes, everything. And I was really happy with the experience. Unfortunately, we had to lose that script due to like, Oh, it’s it’s COVID. Many people got COVID from that performance. So we had to scratch the script and our director had to let go of it. And so fortunately, we were given a tentative date. Two weeks from then, everybody had lost to COVID field. I was fortunately in a meeting and I had the urge that I didn’t want to lose this opportunity for the actors I had around me, and to just lose all that hard work, we had to go 220 pages of scripts. And so, Oh, well, like I love performing, I love being on a stage, etc. I wanted to highlight the actors around me who had also put just as much time as me. And so I started meditating. I took lead and I wrote two scripts for them. I split the cast in half and I made a comedy and I made a drama and they performed it and I had them memorize it like was awful director mode. And it was such a fun performance to be showcased in front of everybody who had come, Although it was a little hectic trying to get all that together, it was so fruitful at the end, seeing them really proud of memorizing their lines and making people laugh and making people cry. And I didn’t see myself grading and I wrote and it was so cool. And now I have all these ideas about short films with the goal of right now.

Patricia [00:33:50] You should definitely act on them.

Jazmyne [00:33:52] One of my favorite things that came out of this year and I like how it’s incorporated into what I want to do now.

Patricia [00:33:58] How is the writing and directing process? Did you like that more than the acting, or is it still acting as number one for you?

Jazmyne [00:34:04] I feel like I’ve got a pretty cool equal. I love acting, but I really love and that’s why I want to work in Gen Z Entertainment. I really love supporting artists that are emerging and so I was really happy to highlight them and help them grow as actors and show their different sides to themselves. And so I really love to help create things. I’m shooting a film club next semester that I’m going to balance out with. I checked in with the people and I was like, What? When are y’all meeting at night? How can I add the three schedule? Fortunately, I should be able to at it, but I just.

Patricia [00:34:44] I love that. How what’s your everyday schedule like in school? Because, like, you have all these, like, extracurriculars and, and like the various classes, you have to take what works for you in terms of time management since you brought it up.

Jazmyne [00:34:58] So as of time management, I really had a big thing since my freshman year to have no classes on Friday. I really love that freedom of being able to choose my classes in college and able to and being able to make my schedule have no classes on Fridays. And so because of that, I’ve been able to add my job as a tour guide every Friday. So that’s a part of my week. So it’s not very stressful on me to do it at this. Same time throughout the week. So I have classes Monday to Thursday. A typical day. I usually have classes starting at 10 a.m. yesterday and I usually end around four. And so I’ve been fortunate to put our boxing team. I know some people don’t have books and it’s like a rush to get to the next class, so that’s a very happy thing I have. I usually try to incorporate cycling into my days, so usually I go to class cycling after. In between classes, I like to scroll through Instagram and look at any trending audios that I could say to my account for future usage. I love looking at my Pinterest boards. I like to see. I like to make boards in regards to any future projects I want to make or any posts. I just need to keep going. Like, for instance, I could literally show you my my phone screen. It’s just a bunch of things that keep me going with them. And so I usually do that in between classes and I still try to make time to cook for myself just because I’m very fresh and have a kitchen help. On my freshman year, I don’t have one, so it’s usually that. And then afterwards I have meetings at night time for any of my organizations. This semester I actually had rehearsals from 6 to 10 p.m. and so that took a massive chunk of my time this semester, every weekday and weekend for certain times. So that’s what my schedule looked like a lot this semester. But this upcoming semester is a little bit more lenient and a little more focused on classes, and so I’ll be making more time for that. But when I do do my coursework, I love to find any local cafes around L.A. and take a friend with me, maybe take the pictures with like matcha lattes or, whatever. And just study there for as long as I can until they close.

Patricia [00:37:18] I love the matcha lattes and I feel like you just have a really good grasp of like work life balance because even when you’re resting, you’re still looking for inspiration. And even if it’s like a leisurely thing, like going to a café. So make sure that you’ve, like, hit so many birds with one stone, you’ve created content, you’ve had a social interaction with a friend, plus you get to studying, which is really amazing. And I think you have you’re really good with the time management as all I can like take from all that you’ve said. Well, what about study habits? Like what are the best study habits that work for you?

Jazmyne [00:37:56] So for me, my best study habits are what’s a strategy that a couple of my friends have offered to me? It has been very fruitful for me, and when I first looked into it, I was very at odds. I said, Why would you do that? That’s so weird. But I forgot what it’s called. But it’s one you put on a timer and you study for 25 minutes, and then once that hits, you have a five minute break to do whatever you need. Use the bathroom. You scroll through your phone. And so then I alternate that for a while and it really gets me going. I actually really enjoy writing essays, and so this really helps me because I don’t store essays writing that sounds weird, but I live by outlines, I live by organizing things. And so having that when I outline the essays, I outline my entire essay before I write. It makes things go by so much faster.

Patricia [00:38:49] Yes.

Jazmyne [00:38:50] And really helps me incorporate my ideas. And usually I find myself writing over the word count, which I feel like.

Patricia [00:38:57] Okay, that’s better than, you know, less of a word count, actually.

Jazmyne [00:39:02] Yeah. So that’s an immersive study habit that I think has been incredibly helpful for me. I mean, it’d be over helpful if we talk about my word count for my essays. Yeah, but yeah, that’s a massive study habit. I live by Google calendar. I live by writing my own schedules for the day. I used to look after my notebook because my everything notebook, every all my ideas and everything is in there. But I usually write down my whole schedule for the day, the night before, even though I have Google calendar, I love having a physical attribute, but also a technology that me to switch between the two.

Patricia [00:39:40] I love that that method is actually I think it’s called Pomodoro method.

Jazmyne [00:39:45] Right? Yeah. Yeah.

Patricia [00:39:46] We also have that. You guys can check out the Homework Help blog. We talk about the Pomodoro effect all the time. We love that method and you pretty much nailed it with everything with the planners and the essays. Outlining is super, super important. Obviously you guys are ready to help with custom essays. Obviously that’s what Homework Help Global is for. But yeah, you can listen to Jasmin, just create an outline, right, and do your readings and that’s how you actually, you know, your word count for all that essay needs. I love that we’re such big fans of the Pomodoro method. I wanted to. Ask you, since you’ve been pretty much all around the globe, you’ve lived in Japan, you now live in the U.S. You’re Filipino. Have you lived in the Philippines? Have you been to the country before?

Jazmyne [00:40:34] I have visited the Philippines a number of times. I was very fortunate to live in Japan because that makes life so much cheaper. So visit maybe during winter break. So I think growing up I went there about my career and, you know, I went there about 3 to 4 times to visit family, which I really love. I was very fortunate to be raised in a household where we spoke in Tagalog, which is the language of the Philippines, one of the many dialects. And so having that family time to speak, I was able to incorporate that in the Philippines, benefited the family or whenever we’d have what’s called on on the military base. Sometimes we get we would have people moved from the Philippines and we couldn’t speak English because of their parents or etc. And so I was really fortunate to amount of to go like I know to be their translator and help them in biology, which is already not my thing. So that’s something from my time in the Philippines that I’ve incorporated into my life.

Patricia [00:41:38] I love that. And how do you think living in different countries has impacted your world view if it’s changed anything?

Jazmyne [00:41:46] So we actually just covered this in one of my favorite classes this semester. I took a theater class called Performing Identities, and we talk about the intersectionality of identity, how it’s more than just one definition and how performance is more than one thing. And so we talked about third culture kids. I didn’t know that was a term the movie. Now we know these are people who don’t live in their homeland or their country, a passport growing up and they suddenly come and that is me. I’m suddenly living in America. I’ve always been an American citizen, but have I felt like one? That’s another story. And so being a third culture kid has really developed me into the person I am today. Going abroad in Japan, where I actually don’t speak Japanese, which I wish I did. I want. I’m gonna work on that one that has really like taught me to appreciate the culture around me, my host country. I was surrounded by Japanese culture my whole life, but I was also surrounded by social media which showed me what was going on. America. That was my growth. And then also the military basically will be I had around me, it was either I was moving or people around me were moving. And these were multiple different lengths of time. And either this person lived on our military base for like a year or three years or a couple of months, or they moved in the local school year. And so it was just a constant changing of environment, changing of people around me. And this has really helped me in university life just because there are so many different people here and you always meet somebody different line. I’m an avid person, my friend, and close to me for being very notorious, for talking to people. I don’t know, just wanting to be their friend. I love meeting people. I feel like they always have something different and really political story to say. I feel like everyone has a fun story and so that’s why I love being in social events, to meet people like this and with being a military child and that aspect, I had a military base. I’m just always surrounded by changing environments, changing people, and especially in a different country, things are always on the move and I feel like that’s who I am. I always try to be on the move. I always try to find new things going on in L.A., even though I may have never gone there before. I love looking for flea markets. I love looking for different clubs or any organizations holding things, even if I don’t know anything. For instance, I went to my first dance performance in this really cool setting, not too far from campus, and they had student artists who danced and were selling their small business goods. And I just started talking to people and I’m friends with a couple of them, which is really fun. I don’t think if I had not had this environment, I don’t know if I’d be the person I am today. And so I know some people live in one place their whole life and they develop from that, and I’m sure it’s a great opportunity. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if I had done that. But I’m very thankful for this unique lifestyle was able to have. It just has really been fruitful and let me meet people from backgrounds and cultures and stories.

Patricia [00:44:55] Yeah, and it’s made you more adaptable and more open to learning about other cultures. It’s it’s definitely fascinating being able. It’s a privilege, honestly, to get to live in all these different countries. If you had to choose one, what would you choose anywhere else in the world to live? Could be from the places you’ve already lived, or maybe somewhere a completely different.

Jazmyne [00:45:16] Amazing thing that’s been on my mind lately. Just because I’ve been talking to some rising graduates. I’m writing undergrad. Is New York. Oh, my gosh. City of Dreams. I say that just because I’ve learned about the acting community there and how tight knit it is, just there’s always a difference in how entertainment is pursued in different areas in the world. And so I had a friend who entered there over the summer, and Zella told me all about it and how so drastically different it is compared to how entertainment is perceived in L.A. And I just really love to throw myself into that environment and see where it goes when I grow up. I think I have already grown up, but I always think I’m growing up. I like having that mindset. I was just having this conversation with my parents about how when I have a career and wherever I have it, I’d really love for it to be something that allows me to move and maybe live in places for a short period of time and explore different places around the world. I’d love to just be on the go, and that’s why I was talking to them when I was like, I’m not sure I’d want to live in a house because I have to be there. I love to live in like an apartment and just be on the girl. Like, yeah, I remember when I moved again in Japan to a different place. I was moving to a new apartment before moving to college, and so I packed everything I owned into two suitcases, and that’s what I brought back to college. And so now those two suitcases live with me everywhere I go. And I just. I feel like I’d be very aligned with a lifestyle that allows me to put myself in different climates all the time and different people.

Patricia [00:46:52] I love that. You got to put that on your vision board, like it’s just a photo of NYC and really manifest that I believe you can do that when you have this like goal getter energy. And I think you’re just like not afraid to take opportunities and you don’t just want to settle for like actors. It’s either, you know, L.A. or New York. So I hope that’s really in the cards for you, and I don’t doubt that that it is. Well, if it wasn’t for your university life path right now, what else do you think you would be possibly doing if you weren’t like in theater or in USC?

Jazmyne [00:47:23] If I wasn’t doing theater, if I wasn’t at USC, I actually had a little plan set up. I talked about it with my English teacher, but by the end of my senior year, I had done a showcase just for fun online for the Thespian Festival, which is one of the educational troupes in the country for theater. And I did a little monologue about having my first kiss with a boy with a bag and then grinded my heart. I know those lines, and I got scouted by a Nickelodeon casting director for voice acting, and she reached out to me, which I didn’t think I was going to happen. I was. I was just doing it for fun because I wanted to tell my troupe about it and have them do it the following year without me. When I graduate. She reached out to me. She sent me a script. We had an individual call just one on one outside of the festival, and she told me about how she wanted to work with me and she wanted me to audition for some Nickelodeon show. And I was like, Oh, okay, somebody likes me. But now looking back again, I’m like, Oh, she was just so excited to do stuff. She was like 17. And so I like, I pursued that for a little bit, although things didn’t work out. I was very fortunate for the opportunity, but I did. I had my eyes set on going to the Academy, which is acting school based in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway went there, some cool people, and so I really had my eyes set on that school because not too long after that I got accepted for winter 2022. That would be right now. And so my mindset was I’m going to focus on if this works out, I’m going to take a gap year, which I don’t really need to get accepted to winter 2022. And I would focus on acting. I would focus on possibly working for Nickelodeon. That was a big thing I had going on for me. I’d emailed her a couple of times. That was a mindset I had for a while, but then I got NTSB and I was like, This is my dream school Opportunities will come. I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by rising individuals and our film school around school, etc., who are really trying to reach that way, like peering into Hollywood’s backyard. And so I ended up going here, but that would have been cool. Who knows what would have happened? But if I had entered either path, I think something would have happened.

Patricia [00:49:35] So if it’s not you theater and USC, it was still acting just elsewhere, basically.

Jazmyne [00:49:42] Elsewhere. Yeah.

Patricia [00:49:43] I love that you’re just released that on on acting and that’s that It’s really nice to see that sort of passing. Well, people say college can be really draining at times. What can you say to students who experience this, Maybe something that has worked for you in the past when you were low on motivation or just like felt overwhelmed in school?

Jazmyne [00:50:04] So I’ve definitely been overwhelmed with school, especially with like classes and social life and my own mental health. And so I definitely recommend, as I said, say, no, it’s hard, but once you start doing it, it gets easier. I guess it gets better. I definitely look into notation part. I never thought I’d be a polka girl, but I am. And so I started listening to podcasts like how to be a better Human. There’s some other things down there on Spotify, and they really helped with my mindset and like, thinking about. It doesn’t teach you how to be a human. It teaches you like what’s like the perfect person and how can you become more considerate and think in a better mindset. And so I definitely recommend like looking into those are some really cool, positive cuts that focus on mental health, which I really enjoy. I’ve been a big journal person this last year. I used to follow prompts, but honestly, it’s just whatever you’re feeling in the moment. I feel like writing it down. Then give me it out loud really is a little bit more healthier and very considerate of your own mental health. I think that’s been very powerful for me and so I hope that’s for other people. But I definitely, especially with my students that I’ve had over the summer, I was orientation advisor. A big thing I, I told these rising freshmen was you have so many resources at school that you’re paying for with use them. For instance, there’s like therapists on campus class go to use them, but they’re there and they want to help you. And for instance, I tell them, like every floor in the student union has an organization that has mental health providers who align with that certain identity, like for the LGBT Center or for like the Asian Pacific American Student Services. They have resources there and they want to help you. And it’s all under tuition. So you should definitely take. That is something I try incorporating in myself and I feel like you see a lot of people who you think are doing so amazing, but they’re also looking for help and they’re also taking advantage of those resources. So definitely like look into what resources do you have in your educational institution and how can you apply that to yourself?

Patricia [00:52:09] That’s a really good advice. And because mental health, I think it’s like really important to talk about. A lot of people don’t like to seek help. A lot of people compare themselves with other people. And like you said, it doesn’t look like people can be struggling, but they are so, you know, always remember to just be kind to everyone. You never know what kind of battle they are facing. And the podcasts. I mean, I love listening to podcasts as well. Like, you know, to better yourself, you know, the Homework Help Global podcast is always here, guys. And we realize now that you’re not only just a podcast girl, now you’re actually one of those guests to get to impart knowledge and wisdom to the listeners. And I feel like a lot of students are really going to relate to all the stuff that you’re saying today. So I just wanted to say, you know, thank you again for being here. I did also want to ask like, what does the dream life look for you?

Jazmyne [00:52:58] The dream life for me? For me, it’s highlighting emerging people I feel like around me, especially in L.A., there’s someone who wants you so much and has so many dreams and aspirations. I want to help them get there. I want to help them. Whether that be like with work or with their own mental health, I’d love to be someone to support them. And so that’s why I really want to help with emerging gen-z artists in entertainment, whether that be in music, whether that be in journalism, whether that be in acting. I really want to help them. I was very fortunate to work on a recent project just last week with some really cool creatives externally from my university, and I helped them with casting some really cool people that I knew were going to do great things in the future and I was really happy to get them and a part of that project and help them build the rest that I help them build the acting role. I was fortunate to be in it too. I didn’t know I was going to be in it. I thought they just needed help. But that was like one of the big things that made me realize, Oh, this is what I want to do. I want to help actors find rising artists in different fields and work together. And I want to do this in different ways, not just actors, but maybe do things like, for instance, my magazine, we’re called Scene Magazine because the SC sounds so cool for our university. SC and our phrases. We tell your stories, you set the scene. SC So the school there, we really have a massive storytelling in regards to writing and creating multimedia projects for rising student artists in different fields. We cover people in business, people in architecture, people in acting, in film, etc. We did a piece on my friend Dove and I actually got to work on her multimedia piece, which was a little short I made with my team, and I just really hope that this helps her in regards to what she wants in the future as a film and as of that sort of writing. So that’s just a small step, but I hope I could incorporate that into anything else that I do in the future and expand on how else I could do this, whether that be writing, filming.

Patricia [00:55:08] Etc. I love that. In terms of content creation, what tips can you share for your content to be relatable?

Jazmyne [00:55:15] I feel to make your content relatable for yourself. I feel like it’s really simple, but like. For instance. Like. I know I used to, like, write small captions. I try to copy like big celebrities, but that’s because that’s where they are and they don’t really need to strategize how they upload. Like if someone has a bajillion followers, their strategy is definitely going to be different from me as a small creator. And so just to really be yourself, they captions are fine. The things you create, find people up knowing about what you want to do and just to do what aligns with your book, aligns with your goals and your mindset, your creative mindset. For instance, I started doing fashion, as I mentioned earlier, and although that was a little scary to enter, I started realizing what works for me, What am I comfortable with, what am I capable with, and what aligns with my audience, and do they want to see this? And so just to focus on who is your audience, what are you creating and how to align with them.

Patricia [00:56:14] So you did say that your niche is becoming fashion. Is there any fashion advice they can impart with us today?

Jazmyne [00:56:22] Oh my goodness, I am guilty. I’m very guilty of shopping fast fashion all the time before I still do it. A big thing that I’ve added to my own closet is focusing on essentials and long term clothing that I know last me for a long time. Even past trends. I love trends. I think they’re really cool. I like being on trend, but I think there’s a difference between trend and fashion. And I think fashion is so multifaceted and so emerging and long term. And so I still shop in fast fashion, but I’ve really found myself looking at small businesses that incorporate like thrifting, flea market, etc. I really appreciate the hard work that they do on these things to create beautiful pieces of clothing and do them at such a price that is affordable or etc. For instance, I’m literally wearing something from a small business right now. This is from Anita’s Box L.A. and this is like it’s been a home. And we talk about thank you.

Patricia [00:57:24] They look like the sun from the Philippine flag.

Jazmyne [00:57:27] Yeah, it’s supposed to be they called our earrings. And a lot of my love, I like to incorporate my culture into things. I do like reaching out to small businesses sometimes, but definitely, like, look around you. What small businesses are around you? How could you support them and maybe incorporate that into your own content? But yeah, I definitely say like solid pieces of super cool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop you from grabbing really bright colors, etc. Like I don’t stop, but I love having my essentials, I love having my jeans, I love having my gold jewelry that lasts forever. These ones, you know. Yeah, that’s.

Patricia [00:58:05] Really good and really good advice that I personally follow as well. Building on the essentials, not being afraid to indulge or splurge and really good quality items instead of, you know, piling on a bunch of fast fashion items that are going to break in a few months or even after one wear. So that’s really good advice. Just going back to acting before we ended a little, what’s one role that is your favorite, a role you’ve had to act in?

Jazmyne [00:58:30] Yeah, one, probably the role of Maria. So I have some really creative, cool friends that focus a lot on activism and film. And so my phone, my friend emails, makes a ton of cool things like that. And I was casted for the film called Maria, and it was in regards to East Asian, Southeast Asian representation in the Asian community. And so the word trickle doesn’t come out yet. Like I can talk a little bit about it, but it’s in regards to stop Asian hate. That’s what it was called in like 20, 2021. It’s still ongoing, it’s still happening. It’s in regards to how Asian representation and how it’s primarily East Asian and Southeast Asian. South Asian really isn’t in the picture, but it’s growing. It’s trying to. And so in this film, everyone is East Asian except for Maria. I am South Asian. I played as a maid with a child. I’ve never worked in that age, but I did. I had some really cool creatives that made me feel comfortable on set and exploring with this different type of acting. It’s a film on activism and that sort of representation, and there’s a part where we enter the mind of Maria that’s very, very strong and I’m really excited for that to come out. And I think it’s a piece people should see, and not just because it was a cool acting opportunity, but because of the story behind it.

Patricia [00:59:46] And I think it really aligns with, you know, your original goal of being that representation for people of color and Asian people. I think that’s like really inspiring. And I love the as it’s going to come out anytime soon. Can people like watch this or.

Jazmyne [01:00:02] I think it’s going to be coming out in couple of months. If anything, I’ll upload it on my Instagram or whatever. That’s a big project I’m excited about and some other things.

Patricia [01:00:10] Oh, we’re really excited for you as well. We’ll keep an eye out on that and, you know, let our viewers know when that comes out. So again, support. I have only a few questions left. I hope you don’t mind. This is something I. Always like to ask our guests if you could tell yourself your younger self anything. What would it be?

Jazmyne [01:00:28] If I could tell my younger self anything, I would tell them it’s okay. It’s your path, not the path of those around you. Definitely. It’s your story, not others, and that you’re the one who paves it. I feel like growing up I tried to do the things that other people were doing so that they like me. And I think now that I’ve grown, I’ve learned that I don’t need to make everyone align with my goals and my mindset. Everybody is thinking about their goals, too, and so that just you’re the main character in your story, not in there. Everybody has something going on with their side of their story. And so focus on your story and how you could emerge into that and it’s all your choice.

Patricia [01:01:05] I love that. Yeah, I feel like what you were trying to say is like not to think too much about what others think. Like you might think people always like, you know, notice those little things that only you do, but really everyone’s stuck in their own head worrying about their own problems, and they’re not out here worrying about you. So just like, stick to your path, right? I love that. Do you have a favorite motivational quote that you’d like to share?

Jazmyne [01:01:31] Let me ook at my moodboard

Patricia [01:01:34] Yeah. What’s the best one out of there?

Jazmyne [01:01:37] Okay, I have one. Stop punishing yourself. It’s behind you now. Look forward. And I think that’s a big thing that I incorporate in my life. There’s definitely things that have happened, positive or negative, and no matter what the outcome, I push it forward and stuff like it positively in my life and learn from it rather than burden from it.

Patricia [01:01:58] What about a social media platform? Which is your favorite?

Jazmyne [01:02:01] I love my Instagram. I love Instagram, I love the my explore page, and the all the new content that’s related to what I am interested in. Always there. I really appreciate that algorithm, really love how it functions, like where it’s going. I know they just added a notes thing on your DMs

Patricia [01:02:21] Oh yeah the status thing

Jazmyne [01:02:23] That’s like kind of fun

Patricia [01:02:24] Yeah. Have you been using it? It’s really fun.

Jazmyne [01:02:27] I kind of. I’ve been using it. It’s really cool to just like, like “oh”

Patricia [01:02:31] Send your thoughts out

Jazmyne [01:02:34] And then respond and talk to people. It’s so fun and I really love the function of reels. Started making reels like my junior year of high school and just seeing how they develop that as a platform. For now, I, I think it’s been so cool and I think that’s why I really, really enjoy making tiny videos on it.

Patricia [01:02:54] Love Instagram. You know what I did want to ask you? Like how was school like when you were in high school and it was the pandemic? Like, what year were you in basically when you had to like, stop going to school face to face?

Jazmyne [01:03:07] I think it was a what was it, March 13th, 2020, the date everyone that was I remember being in Spanish class and getting that announcement on the show and everybody was recording each other and laughing. And then suddenly we were online lockdown.

Patricia [01:03:24] Was that your junior year, or?

Jazmyne [01:03:26] Yes. It was the end of my junior year, so I don’t know, I, I got to the finals.

Patricia [01:03:30] Yeah. You basically spend your whole senior year of high school at home. That’s what it was like.

Jazmyne [01:03:37] Yeah, to a certain extent. I was really fortunate to be attending today Schools, which are the schools military children take abroad and American military bases. And with that also came I actually got to go back in person to school late September, October. And so I get this. I got to spend the rest of it in person with mask, which I’m very happy about. Very thankful to have that because I know not everybody does and the people, but the whole thing around our house is.

Patricia [01:04:05] So you had that edge. Okay.

Jazmyne [01:04:07] Yeah, that is very fortunate. But I am fortunate for having the ability to attend school in person. I didn’t realize that. You don’t realize what you have until gone. Yeah, absolutely. Very happy to do that. For my senior to still, like, meet all these people, do all these things in high school before I graduated. But that’s why school looked for me. That was fun. I was very thankful for the things that the military allowed me to do with my education. We were able to attend festivals and drama competitions in Korea and it wasn’t the case in Japan, so we were allowed to travel, etc..

Patricia [01:04:43] And this was all during COVID times. Still, this was like 2020 or.

Jazmyne [01:04:48] 2020 was right before right before.

Patricia [01:04:51] Oh alright, okay

Jazmyne [01:04:51] Traveling for work for school. When I came online, we switched digitally, but I was really happy to be able to meet all these people, even if it was on Zoom calls or from a distance.

Patricia [01:05:02] Oh yeah, I remember seeing you went to you did go to Korea. That was a school event. What did you guys do there?

Jazmyne [01:05:07] I had a drama festival there. So basically we had over a hundred people represent their high schools from today, schools in Korea, Guam and Japan. So we all met up in there and we had a festival and every school. Form their own one act average is called booby trap. And without serious that story, it’s about a man who’s in the army and he accidentally sits on a stump of a tree which has a grenade on it. And so the whole story is about his life passing by before or after. I played his son growing up in high school with his first date. And it was just like all his life passing by and is a very sad story, but that was really cool. The rewards. He got the second most prestigious award, which I’m very happy. That was really cool, especially being 15 and just acting like, Whoa, we did that. And then also every single person performed for judges to see if they make it to the stage with like monologues or scenes. And I was fortunate to get on set and we got a quite prestigious award for me and this other person seen it performance. One of my favorite things doing there. Let’s explore the country for a week. It’s really cool. And I did the same thing for a music festival. Kind of the same.

Patricia [01:06:28] That sounds like a really cool experience. So what is next for you? Do you have any like goals that are in the nearby future or just like something you want to achieve any time soon?

Jazmyne [01:06:41] My goals. This is the thing I was having with some friends there. Talk about our 2023 vision I really, really want to work for. We’re not really strangers. I’ve been looking at their internship opportunities, trying to see how I can build my portfolio for that.

Patricia [01:06:54] Is that the card game?

Jazmyne [01:06:55] The card game? The red and white cards? I really want to work for them one day. That was one of my really big, big goals. Another thing is I want to help create a short film, at least one. I would be so excited I’ve been in them. It’s been a great opportunity, but I want to make one and put my creative mindset out there. And so I’m really excited for the team. I’m happy that in the future, whatever that may be, I’m really excited to start my public relations classes. It’s going to be hard. I have to start taking 20 units of semester after semester so we should have at it. So we’re really grinding, but I’m very excited about it. It is. I’m excited for the fruit of that labor that’s going to be like about three years from now, but I’m excited to put that time in and I’m going to make the time for it, not give it my time, I’m going to organize it. So it’s definitely going to be a bit stressful, but I’m super excited for that upcoming future because I just started guiding people that are to help rising spirits until you see. And I just hope I can continue doing that with my own platform. That’s a big thing I really want to start incorporating. I have a couple college videos, but I want to expand on that in aligning with fashion as well.

Patricia [01:08:09] I love that. I really hope you continue to guide and inspire people around you. I feel like that is like your true calling. You just love helping people. You set your goals. One of them is to help everyone like succeed around you and help them with their paths. And I think that’s really amazing and inspiring. I hope you continue to do that more as you flourish in your academic career. Is there anything else you would love to share? Our audience. You have this platform, you can say anything and part anything the stage is yours is.

Jazmyne [01:08:43] A quote from one of my friends told me was Surround yourself with people who are good for your mental health and I is bright. People will speak your name in a room of opportunity and I hope to be the right people and be able to provide and help bring those opportunities to my creative friends who are trying to enter the industry. That’s it.

Patricia [01:09:03] You know, honestly, it’s been such a joy talking to you. Thank you so much. You have this like an optimistic spirit to you and you just like love to help. And I really feel like that’s in the future for you. Thank you so much for taking the time, being here on our podcast. Do you want to plug in your social, social media platforms? Do you want to share them with the audience so they can follow you?

Jazmyne [01:09:24] If y’all want to see some of the things I make? My username on Instagram is Jasmine Aquino. It’s spelled really funky because my mom likes unique selling. It’s Jay-Z and NY, and if you know who you know and just be looking forward to the future, I hope you all enjoy this little podcast and things that will come up soon.

Patricia [01:09:43] Thank you so much, Jasmine, and thank you again to our amazing listeners. We will be sharing the link to Jasmine social media and the description follow us as well on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. That’s at Homework Help Global. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe and of course, subscribe to Jasmine on all her social media platforms. And thank you for joining us today on another episode of The Homework Help Show. Thank you again, Jasmine, for being here and I hope you have an amazing holiday season and good luck on everything and we hope to see you soon on the big screen as a really amazing actress.

Jazmyne [01:10:18] Likewise.

Patricia [01:10:19] Thank you so much for being here. Have an amazing day ahead.

Jazmyne [01:10:22] You as well. Oh.