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Online Professional Editing Services

Regardless of the style of writing, the editing and revision process is a crucial step in creating a polished and naturally flowing paper. There are important distinctions between different editing services and at Homework Help USA we have writers who offer everything from basic editing and stylistic changes, to specialized revision and improvement of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. The main professional editing services offered are as follows:

● Copy editing. This stage involves a detail-oriented review of a paper for grammatical errors, improper punctuation and syntax, spelling mistakes, and verb tense correction. Copy editing also examines overall sentence structure, length of paragraphs, and flow.

● Substantive or developmental editing. Also known as structural or content editing, this phase of the editorial process involves assessing the actual written content of a paper, as opposed to its presentation. Substantive editing makes the document functional for its reader base, eliminating factual inconsistencies, internal contradictions, and other structural mistakes.

● Proofreading. Proofreading is the final stage of the editorial revision process that writers go through, ensuring the text is high quality and logical. Any errors overlooked during the writing or copy editing phases are addressed during proofreading and the text is cross-checked to ensure earlier editorial changes were made correctly.

At Homework Help USA, our team of talented, experienced writers uphold the highest standards in academic writing and editing. They come from diverse academic backgrounds, with decades of combined experience, establishing us as one of the premier academic writing and professional editing services in the industry. Contact Homework Help USA today to get started on your next writing project and see the difference a professional writer makes.


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