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High-Quality Academic Summaries and Critiques

Student writing article summaries An article summary is a paper written by students on single or multiple texts. Over the course of the semester, article summaries can count for a significant portion of your grade, as they are often used in between lectures and learning modules to ensure that you are reading the course literature.

The Purpose of an Article Summary

A properly written article summary does two things:

● Firstly, it diagnoses the author’s argument, summarizing the key points. This involves reading and absorbing the article info and putting it into your own words, or giving it your own unique perspective.

● Secondly, it adds additional context, such as other relevant course material, which is applicable to the article summary.

The reason we summarize articles is to have the student read, understand, and comment on the text using all relevant course concepts and existing course materials. Summaries are meant to draw attention to the main points and arguments of an article, taking care to avoid cluttering a paper with unimportant, or ancillary information. They are typically shorter in length, 500-750 words, and aim to convey the essence of what an author is trying to say.

An Article Summary Helps You Get the Grade

Being able to read a text, many thousands of words long, and summarize the article means being able to extract the key points and essence. It also means being able to transform that into an accurate and to-the-point paper of 500-750 words. That is a skill that takes practice. At Homework Help USA, our article summaries are written by professional writers with decades of experience, both academically and professionally, consuming large quantities of dense, complex information and condensing it into pointed, articulate summaries.

Get in touch with us today and discuss your next online article summary. We’ll show you why it pays to go with an experienced writer who knows how to read carefully, critically, and summarize effectively.


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