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Student writing a term paper A term paper is a researched academic paper written over during your academic term. Often accounting for a large portion of your grade, it generally provides an analysis of all your course material from throughout the semester and brings together the elements you have learned. Those concepts come together to describe an event, a concept, or argue a point within your paper.

The point of a term paper is to show your professor how well you have absorbed and utilized the elements learned in class throughout the semester or the year. It is more than just regurgitating information- it is all about application and analysis.

The Right Term Paper Format

A term paper is an original academic paper discussing a topic in detail and is several typed pages in length. Both primary and secondary sources are often required for term papers. Students are asked to demonstrate their knowledge of, or provide their opinion on an important course topic.

Your term paper format may require you to:

● Take the ideas, arguments, and topics written by experts in the field, such as historians or scientists, and compare and contrast them with one another.

● Incorporate your own understanding and education to explain or analyze the core elements of an idea or topic. Generally, professors will look for your application of the course materials and lessons within an academic paper.

● Select from a list of course concepts, or paper topics covered during the semester and conduct your own research to prove a point. The goal is to come to an original conclusion about its importance to the field of study.

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