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Here are 6 Instagram accounts that all students should follow

Group of students on cellphones Do you ever find yourself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram at various points during the day? If so, you’re likely one of the millions of millennials that carries a smartphone everywhere you go. If you find your feed to be a little dull or you simply want to see more useful and relatable content, here are 6 Instagram accounts that you need to follow!

1. @thegoodquote

Managing your student life can be stressful and overwhelming. With the need to juggle deadlines, finances, a social life, and missing home, a bit of positive reinforcement can go a long way. This account posts positive, inspiring quotes, messages, and stories that will help keep you motivated.

2. @buzzfeed

Do you live for relatable memes? There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a meme that perfectly describes a situation you, or someone you know, is currently facing. Buzzfeed is a hilarious account to follow and you will definitely find yourself tagging your peers in several of their epic posts.

3. @budgetbytes

You don’t need to be rich to eat well, but you do need to have some good ideas and tips on how to cook good food! Budget Bytes is a practical (and delicious-looking) account for students to follow since it provides recipe ideas that don’t carry a hefty cost.

4. @humansofny

Along with images of everyday people comes stories that are humbling, relatable, and inspiring. So, why should you follow it? Being a student means that you are meeting different people on a regular basis. You may click with some, and may not really find a common ground with others. However, it’s important to remember that everybody has their own story and this account is a constant reminder of that.


When school becomes overwhelming – as it does for many students – it can be easy to feel hopeless and like the walls are closing in. The stunning images and locations pictured via offer a visual representation that the world is much bigger than your current situation. Whether you dream of travelling the world or simply enjoy photography, this account is intricate and beautiful all at the same time.

6. @homeworkhelpglobal

Do you like reading up on the latest student tips, trends, and random facts? @homeworkhelpglobal is the ultimate student hub that offers it all. With a new livestream weekly series and links to helpful reads on our blog, we curate material that is meaningful for all students.

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