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Objective-C Programming Services

Objective-C is a programming language whose name is exactly what it implies: an object oriented extension of C. It is a pre-processor layer to the C-compiler, inspired by Smalltalk and developed by Brad Cox and Tom Love in the early 1980s. Consequently, like Smalltalk, Objective-C is dynamically typed, but offers the option of optional static typing. As a form of “C with objects”, it differs primarily to C++, in that objects operate on the principle of message passing, rather than the invocation of methods (known as Simula-style programming model).

In industry, Objective-C is the language for development in Mac OS X & iOS. Apple’s present-day Cocoa API is currently the most significant Objective-C environment in use for active development. Subsequently, Apple’s next generation programming language, Swift, is designed to work with the existing body of Objective-C code written for Apple products. Many computer science, software engineering will inevitably have to develop applications for the Apple environment as part of their coursework. At Homework Help, we have fluent programmers waiting to help you with the process.

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