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Markets Writing Services

There are three basic content units that are studied in the framework of the market: theoretical and analytical framework, institutional analysis and analysis of institutions. The first analyzes the basic assumptions, definitions, concepts, and discusses the relationship between neoinstitutionalism and neoclassical economic theory, and the old institutionalism. This encompasses the concepts of bounded rationality, formal and informal rules of the game within the scope of economic, political and social organizations, as well as the types of transaction costs and the role of the state in their optimization. Furthermore, it entails absolute and relative property rights, institutional analysis of property rights, contractual arrangements, and market consequences on the economic processes.

Our experts can help you analyze case studies and practices of selected market institutions, and both through the application of institutional analysis to the legal regulation (analysis of economic rights), as well as an analysis of the most important institutions of the global market, and the pillars of international economic relations.

Our experts can help you arrive at a clear understanding of the interdependence of individual economic choices and gain insight into the basic theoretical and methodological contents for economic analysis and policy. Trust the experts at Homework Help Canada, get a quote now.


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