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Theory Writing Services

Theory is the study of observation, a set of principles, views, and systematic and reasoned explanation of phenomena. Our experts can apply theory In social sciences, based on the study of phenomena, logical generalization of cause/effect relationships between phenomena, setting up hypotheses about their relationships, checking the hypotheses, and the setting up of general principles of explanation.

More specifically, our experts can apply their research in economic theory, the content of the theory which concerns generality, validity and credibility of explanations. It is empirical, or in a such a way that phenomenon can be verified as facts; the very fact can be natural or social, material or immaterial (eg. linguistic, mathematical, theological, etc.). Theories may include appearance at the microstructure and macrostructure; might comprise of a cluster of other theories (meta-theory).

As a rule, a scientific theory is considered to be better than others when explaining an increasing number of cases, ie. when there is more empirical content. Trust the experts at Homework Help Canada, get a quote now.


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