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Marxism Writing Services

Marxism, the name of the social, political, and economic doctrine of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, as well as their philosophical thought, is a popular discipline. Although Marx himself refused to call it “Marxist”, after 1880s the term became synonymous not only the ideas of Marx and Engels, but also for all their popular and controversial interpretations and successors. Therefore, Marxism includes numerous works of popularization, simplification and dogmatic interpretations.

Our experts can help you focus on any of the sub-disciplines, including but not limited to the dogmatic Marxist interpretations that reduce Marx and Engels ideas on dogma and axioms, and creative Marxism, which developed methods of analysis of society, economy and politics and has come to independent conclusions and theories, are all sub-headings of the Marxist movement. In the 1990s, after the collapse of real socialism, there was also an analytical Marxism which revalued classic Marxism and has expanded into new research areas, such as political economy, art and literature, psychology, philosophy, war and military history, natural sciences, humanities, education, etc.


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