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How to Impress a New Boss Without Overdoing it

Young man trying to impress a new boss on his first day at work Congratulations, you’ve made it! You landed your first job in the working world and are ready to take your new career by storm.

Now, it’s time to ace your first few weeks of work and make the perfect impression on your new boss, and even some of your new coworkers. However, this can be intimidating if you’re just starting out on a new career path.

If this is your first real gig, there are a few things you should know that can really make a difference and help you make the right impression on not only your boss, but your new coworkers and clients as well.

Here are some tricks to try out that will impress your new boss and help confirm to them that they made the right choice in hiring you.

1. Ask Your New Boss a Lot of Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions during your first term in the new job. This shows that you are interested in learning everything you can. You may feel that asking too many questions might annoy your new coworkers, but rest assured they aren’t thinking like that. This also helps you be proactive in problem solving in case there are any issues that come up in the future.

2. Be Yourself

When starting a new job, it’s tempting to try to fit in by adapting to your coworkers’ personalities. However, as LinkedIn influencer Brad Smith points out, your employer would not have hired you if they didn’t like who you were and had faith that you were the right fit. So stop worrying, be the amazing person you are, and your coworkers will love you.

3. Don’t Try to be Perfect

As a new hire, especially someone entering the working world, you aren’t expected to know everything. In fact, the more you pretend to know everything, the more people will expect from you, which makes it easy to overextend yourself. Mistakes are how you learn, and you can only get better as time goes on.

4. Figure Out the “Unwritten Rules”

Sure, every office has its company policies, but there are always those unwritten rules that you have to learn as you go. Jenna Goudreau, of Business Insider, suggests that one of the first things you should do in your new office is learn where the coffee is. This will lead to figuring out the office routines, such as who is responsible for doing the dishes or cleaning up at the end of the day. It will also help you make new friends as you gather around the machine for your daily cup of java.

5. Consider This a Fresh Start

This is your fresh start. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. It’s time to get organized, be proactive, set goals, and stick to them. Do whatever it takes to stay on track for the rest of the year and ace your new role.

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