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How to Keep Friends After College, Even if There’s Distance Between You

Group of friends taking picture together You’ve made some amazing friendships so far, but sadly, the toughest part is to keep friendships alive after college.

Many people come to college from around the country, and even from other parts of the world. Once your time is over, the reality will set in that you are all going to go back home, or to new cities where new jobs await you.

However, there’s no need to feel sad because there are plenty of ways to stay in touch and stay just as close with your friends as you are now.

1. Schedule Regular Skype Hangouts

Everyone says that they’ll keep in touch, but sometimes we get busy with new life changes and forget to make time for our friends because we know they’ll always be there. However, you should treat your friendships like a regular appointment, and work hard to make the time to talk regularly on Skype or another video chat system. This will keep you in touch with each others’ lives and make you feel as if there isn’t any distance between you at all.

2. Send Random Photos to One Another

Sending random photos to one another will help you share your daily moments as if you are actually together. Even if it’s just that amazing brunch you’re eating or a picture of your cat doing something cute, the shared moments will help you bridge the distance and feel closer to one another.

3. Send Each Other Care Packages

One of the biggest ways to keep friends after college is to look back on those things that remind you of that other person. Send each other a regular “care package” filled with some of the things you’re enjoying right now. Include that amazing book you just finished, your new favourite snack, or even some clothes you don’t want anymore. This will help you remind each other of the reasons you became friends in the first place.

4. Write Handwritten Letters

Ditch the technology for a little while and write handwritten letters to one another. It might seem unnecessary when you could just send an email, but handwritten letters are extremely personal and intimate and feel more genuine. You can include photographs or postcards in your letter as well to add that extra touch.

5. Make That Road Trip

If your friend lives an unrealistic distance away, plan a trip where you both meet in the middle and explore a new city together. Each trip you could meet up in a completely new place. Even if you only do this once a year, or once every other year, you’ll look forward to this regular vacation and it will become a special bonding experience for both of you.

Clear up More Time For Your Friends

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