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Here is an open letter to new students entering their first year

Young female studying in student house Dear First Year Student,

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you’re about to take your first steps into the world of post-secondary education. Whether you’ve been dreaming of college or university since before you can remember, or you just chose a school and program on a whim, this is an exciting time that will be filled with many firsts.

With new experiences comes new anxieties; unfamiliar settings can bring along many uncertainties which may leave you with feelings of doubt. Although this may be overwhelming, please do not fret – this is completely normal! Like you, other first-year students have the same questions: Where is my next class? Who will I connect with if I need help? Will anyone want to be friends with me? While we cannot offer a one-size-fits-all answer, we can say this: everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. We’ve all been there, and this transition that you are about to experience will be life-changing.

University and college is a stepping stone into adulthood. While this may seem scary, it is actually very freeing. You are finally responsible and accountable for your own decisions that you get to make without needing to ask for permission. No curfew, no constant nagging, and no one to answer to. At the same time, this means you need to consider all consequences for your actions which should come naturally once you’ve gotten into the swing of things. Finally, you get to live life the way you choose to. This means your attitude goes a long way as well.

While there are thousands of students on campus, you tend to see the same faces on a regular basis – after all, you’re going to the same classes at the same time every single week. With this in mind, it is crucial to treat every interaction in a kind and considerate way. This will help you form connections and friendships with classmates. Whether you need a favour one day such as someone sending you their class notes, or if you have an actual emergency you need help with, these interactions will determine who has your back.

First and foremost, you’re beginning your post-secondary education in the hopes of just that – getting educated! Classes will be thought-provoking, deadlines will be firm, and projects will be intense. At times, you will likely be overwhelmed but don’t worry – with the guidance you can receive from your academic advisor, the feedback you will gain from your teaching assistants, and any assignment help you may need from us, you will be well on your way to earning your degree or diploma, just like you intend to! After all, we’ve been there before, and now it is your turn.

Yours Truly,
The Homework Help Global Team

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