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Dealing with Anxiety While in School

blog1_getting the most out of an academic writing service Going back to school or entering a new education program can be exciting and anxiety provoking. The pressure of taking classes and managing to complete required coursework can take a toll on students’ mental wellness. Coping with anxiety at university is a common experience. According to Statistics Canada, people aged 15 to 24 are most likely to experience anxiety disorders. If you are experiencing anxiety throughout the school year, know that you are not alone. While anxiety is a natural reaction to stress, for some it can be a serious struggle with mental health.

Michael Van Ameringen, a professor in the department of psychiatry at McMaster University, is cited as saying that university students are at the peak age for developing mental health issues if they have the predisposition. Students’ age combined with the stresses of school can create the perfect storm for the onset of mental health challenges.

It is important to address stress and anxiety as they can exacerbate and become bigger problems over the long-term. Experts suggest accessing on-campus support from the school counsellor. Counselling can offer strategies for managing stress and anxiety. Professionals also note that it is important not to isolate yourself. Draw on family, friend, and community supports to validate your experience of anxiety and stress. Spending time with peers can help you feel less alone.

Procrastination can be a factor that causes undue stress and anxiety. Attempt to evade procrastination and avoid deadlines building up. Procrastination is often a difficult habit to change though, so if you find yourself strapped for time and feeling the pressure, services such as those offered by Homework Help USA can offer support. Using resources like essay outlines or editing services as offered by Homework Help USA can help you save time and assist you to stress less!

Anxiety can be a serious mental health issue for some people. Without the proper support and acknowledgement of the problem it can worsen over time and lead to burnout. Accessing the proper supports such as student counsellors, peer connections, and academic writing services offered by organizations such as Homework Help USA can assist you in addressing the issue and having a successful school career.

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