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Dorm Room Decor: How to Make Your Dorm/Student Housing Feel Like Home

Young female studying in student house A house is the shell of a living space but a home provides the feeling of comfort in a space that truly feels like your own. When you live in a dorm room or in student housing, it can be overwhelming; you’re living with strangers or by yourself for the first time in a place that is brand new to you, and you’re expected to experience all new things while being in this setting. But, while you may not have a lot of space or the financial means for a complete renovation, here are some dorm room décor tips to make your student house or dorm room feel more like home.

1. Hang a Tapestry

Most residence and student housing landlords will not allow students to paint their rooms. This means blank, off-white walls with no added details – not so cozy, right? A tapestry can add a lot of flare and character to a room and really is a statement piece. The best part about tapestries is that there are so many different ones that you are sure to find one that fits your style and unique personality.

2. Frame It

What’s more homey than seeing your family every day? Even though it’s certainly not the same thing as spending time with your family in person, framing your favourite photos will offer some comfort to your living space. Not to mention, there are so many cool and affordable frames out there that can add some style to your room.

3. Lighten Up

Beyond being quite practical, good lighting can completely alter the vibe that a room gives off. If you’re looking to make your space feel more cozy, you’re going to want more dim and warm lighting. A great option is to buy a string of white holiday lights. These can be strung around your bed frame or hung in a cool design on the wall. Once you light these up you’ll be feeling at ease in no time.

4. Give Your Room Some Life

Pets can be a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some life into your room. Plants are a colourful way to brighten up any room by adding some freshness. It also allows you to find some decorative pots for the plants to live in making for a very simple yet sophisticated décor option.

Living in a new place doesn’t mean you can’t feel at home. Finding simple and affordable ways to make your space feel more like you is a gigantic step forward in feeling like you really own the place (even if you’re only renting!) What’s your favourite cost-conscious décor item? Share your best tips for student housing style below.