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Plagiarism: professors and students who get caught and its importance in academia

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Plagiarism is a very important matter in today’s world of academia. Adhering to all standards of plagiarism-free work is something also required within the realms of business and society.

Plagiarism is something that must be followed by both students and educators alike. For example, in recent news the CDIO Initiative in Sweden had retracted four papers on July 1, 2015 written by a Queen’s University professor due to plagiarism. It was found by the Queen’s University investigative committee that the papers “showed elements of plagiarism”.

While the investigation is ongoing, the lesson learnt is that one must always remember to reference where appropriate. This includes but is not limited to: when presenting and using another’s published or unpublished work, theories, concepts, ideas, data, source material, methodologies or findings, and graphs and images. Therefore, every writer and researcher (i.e. students, professors, and others alike) must be aware of their referencing duties.

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