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Avoid Overpacking For School With This Important First-Year Guide

Female squeezing items into a suitcase Packing for university is an art form. You only have so much space in a dorm room, but if you’re travelling far from home, you’re going to have to make sure you have everything you need until Thanksgiving or Christmas break. It’s also tricky because, as a first year student, you’ve never been to university before and you likely have no idea what to expect. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

How to Pack for University Like a Pro

The key to mastering packing for university is to make sure that you take only what you need, and leave anything else at home. You’re going to be busy studying, making friends, and participating in extracurriculars to even use half the random items you bring.
Follow these important rules and you’ll be a breeze on move-in day.

Obey the University Checklist

Most universities provide students with a checklist in their residence package. This will give you an idea of some of the basic items that are provided for you, what’s prohibited from the room, and what you’ll need to bring. It’s usually a basic list, but it allows for some customization and gives you an idea of what you’re going to find when you get to your new room.

Leave Unnecessary Items at Home

In fact, follow CNBC’s guide to items you should not take to university with you. Leave these items off your list: television, your personal library of books, kitchen appliances (unless you live in an apartment style), printers, and futons. These items are either unnecessary, are already found on campus, and will not fit into your small room.

Bring a Reminder of Home

You’re going to get homesick. Every student does at some point. Bring something with you that will remind you of home, like your favourite teddy bear or a cozy blanket. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it should be something that brings you comfort when you’re feeling lonely. You won’t regret bringing it, trust us.

Coordinate With Your Future Roommates

Social media is a fantastic tool. In today’s day and age, university students are connecting with their future roommates over Facebook and getting in touch before moving in. This means no surprises on move-in day, but it also means you can coordinate to see who is bringing what item. That way, you don’t end up with 3 coffee machines.

Don’t Buy Textbooks Until You Get There

Textbooks are a pain to pack, and you won’t need them until class starts, anyway. Sometimes you can even find great deals on used books once you get your syllabus and see what books you actually need this year. Remember, syllabus outlines can often change, and sometimes you’ll buy a book only to find out you don’t really need it. It pays to wait!

Always Bring Important Documents With You

This is especially true if you’ve gone through OSAP or another student financial loan program that you’ll have to fill out paperwork for during your time at school. It’s also just as important to have these items available incase you need them for any health issues or registration forms.

You’re probably nervous as it gets closer to move-in day. It’s natural to wonder if you’ve overpacked, if your classes are going to be too hard, or if you’re going to make any friends. Homework Help Canada can help you with one of those things. If your coursework starts building up and you have nowhere to turn, count on one of our academic writers to help you out. We provide coursework writing services, custom essays, and other professional assignments ready to get you the success you deserve.

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